Best Video Distribution Strategy

A Comprehensive Guide To The Best Video Distribution Strategy

It’s unarguable that videos are the most powerful marketing tools in today’s highly digital world. They are very appealing to businesses because they provide a good return on investment. But, not all videos are successful. And, successful videos don’t just happen overnight. If you want a sure-success on your video marketing campaign, you need to put more work into its video distribution strategy. Here’s why.

The Importance of Video Distribution

Other people think that quality is enough to put a video on Google’s first page. That’s wrong. Your online video distribution platform is as important as the quality of your video production.

So no matter how awesome your video is, if it does not get noticed, it’s going to be less worthy.

Your video’s online presence is highly crucial. Remember that there are so many great videos out there already.

Yes, video marketing is a major trend, but you have to harness its benefit to use it correctly. So do it right or else you’ll be wasting your time, money and effort.

But wait! What is video distribution by the way? Video distribution is also referred to as the audio-visual content delivery using multiple digital devices for public viewing.

Its primary target is to get more views and shares to increase brand awareness, lead generation, and conversion rate. From its description alone, you know that video distribution is a process that can trigger your business’s marketing success.

Investing In A Video Distribution Strategy

Videos don’t go viral on their own. Virality takes effort. Even the most amazing video content needs a clear plan for driving visibility.

And that’s why you need to invest in a platform-specific video distribution strategy. Hence, your video can provide a significant boost to your company in general if it’s in the right place.

However, not every business owner is an expert. Some have this question in mind; ‘Where to share videos for maximum reach?’

It’s an important query to answer because people tend to get confused. There are so many video distribution sites today, and they’re not created equal.

So what’s the best network for your video campaign material?

Choosing A Video Host

Your videos can’t be just on your website. It needs to be everywhere. However, uploading your video to every video hosting platform you find on the internet is going to take you forever.

Also, it is a wrong way to do it. FYI, video hosting sites can make or break a video. Here’s something crucial to remember.

There are performance indicators and overall objectives when choosing the right platform for your video.

It’s essential that you learn how video distribution platform works. Fortunately, we are here to help. Here are some tips on how to find the right distribution platform for your video.

It’s the ultimate way of creating the best video distribution strategy.

Effective Ways On How to Pick the Right Video Platform

1. Figure out exactly who you want your videos to reach.

This is all about one of the most important factors that contribute to successful marketing, your target audience. People are always on the Internet for facts, news or entertainment.

And statistics show that most of them are looking for videos. However, the online community doesn’t settle in one single video hosting platform. They can be anywhere.

What you need is to identify the type of audience for your target market. By doing that, you will know where to find your potential customers.

There are popular and non-popular video hosts. Your goal is to go where there is a lot of people to maximize video visibility.

Categorizing your target audience according to their age, gender, likes, and dislikes can help you find the best platform for your video campaign.

2. Consider the range of activities in a video platform community.

How much interaction is there with the viewers and the platform?

One of the best characteristics of a good video hosting site is its ability to cater the needs, demands, and expectations of its members.

The level of activities that are happening on a platform is a good indicator whether or not a platform is engaging or not.

Interaction is significant because it is where a successful conversion could start. It is when you can expect a good amount of likes, comments, and possibly shares.

If a platform fails to provide a fully-functional digital environment, a very few people would be interested in it.

Videos aren’t just tools. They are mediums for effective communication.

3. A user-friendly navigational experience.

A video platform’s navigation system is what a viewer seeks to check first. Why? Because it acts as a roadmap to all the different areas and information contained within the platform.

An easy functionality has a huge impact on results. People prefer a fully-controllable viewing experience. So it’s one important consideration to make.

Avoid video hosting sites with complex and complicated features. It drives potential viewers away. Choose a platform that is easy to maneuver.

Always use user-friendly images, user-friendly language, primary navigation and a button that links back to the homepage.

4. Findability and SEO

After uploading your video on its hosting platform, it’s not the end yet. It’s the beginning of a longer but vital process.

It does not mean that if you choose a popular video hosting platform like YouTube, your video instantly goes viral. It works the opposite way.

Because a lot of videos are being uploaded to YouTube every day, it becomes a great challenge for you to stand out.

Things could be easy with an effective SEO. But the question is, does your platform helps videos get found?

This makes this process important. Be sure to choose a video platform that helps videos become highly visible on the Internet.

There are video distribution sites that do SEO for their videos which is a big plus for marketers like you.

5. With high speed and great scalability.

Speedy video distribution sites are very attractive to video owners. It hustles up daily video streaming activities which is what people want.

Uploading and downloading videos is one of the most common issues for viewers. If you’re in that kind of service, you’ll never expect growing traffic.

Hosting your videos externally is ideal. It is one way to ensure your site remains speedy and you don’t run into bandwidth issues.

The modern people have low viewing retention. It’s crucial that you choose the system that will never bore your visitors.

Impress your audience with high-quality and speedy video viewing experience.

Top 5 Best Video Hosting Platforms

The best video hosting to choose is the platform where you could just upload your video to the web, sit back and let the views roll in. Is that even possible?

Yes, it is. However, not all video distribution sites are fully-functional.

You need to select the video platform that can consolidate and streamline your video workflow and publish videos in under 10 seconds.

That’s one successful marketing asset for you. Your choice depends on your goals. But we are giving you some of the best video hosting platforms to give you the idea.

1. Wistia

Many people say that Wistia is the number one best video hosting platform today. Some might be raising your eyebrows because they’re thinking about YouTube.

Well, video hosting is not just about popularity and the number of videos being downloaded on that platform every day. There are criteria and standard as bases.

Wistia has been around for a long time now. What makes them very popular with many businesses and video creators is that they give their viewers the full viewing control.

This platform allows viewers to search within a video. Hence, individuals can search and explore within your embedded video which is not possible in other video distribution sites.

If you produce videos for your business, Wistia is the best for you. Your video can go international in a short period.

This fantastic video host will help you market your goods or services giving you advanced tools and detailed analytics.

Opportunities such as social sharing options, clickable calls to action, and collecting viewer’s emails are also available. With Wistia, your video skills are easy to grow.

2. YouTube

It’s undeniable that YouTube is a very famous video hosting site because it has a tremendous community. That makes it one of our top 5 best video hosting platforms.

Anyone can easily upload and download videos on YouTube because of its user-friendly environment.

More and more people are using this platform to create their vlog which is a sure hit to many people.

When it comes to business, YouTube is one very powerful digital place to be. It hosts advertising and promotional videos which can be free.

Although they have paid features, the free ones are already great for your startup. So if you want people to find your newest video easily, upload it to YouTube. It also has a great SEO potential.

YouTube has a built-in community. This feature allows people to subscribe to your channel for updates on when you post videos. It’s a big plus for your brand awareness campaign.

YouTube’s Ad platform can surely bring you a lot of money if you know how to use it correctly.

3. Vimeo

Although Vimeo is a smaller digital community compared to Wistia and YouTube, it’s a video hosting platform that has everything your video needs.

Yes, and that sounds exciting. Vimeo offers free video uploads. But their paid accounts are for unlimited video length. They are popular for short films and professional documentaries like wedding and corporate events.

Also, Vimeo is a user-friendly platform. Its navigational features are easy even for beginners and non-video experts. They have cool video analytics on their dashboard tool.

It is where you can see and track your video statistics.

However, Vimeo has lower searchability and exposure than YouTube. But it’s not something that you have to worry.

Vimeo offers a higher quality of videos, and it is best for hosting online conferences and summits. Its cost starts at $7/month for a Plus account with 5 GB/week which is truly affordable.

Additionally, on Vimeo, you can privately collaborate on videos with your team.

4. Sprout Video

Sprout is another great video hosting platform to add to our list. It helps you have the best video distribution strategy.

You can start for free for unlimited access to all of their features for 14 days. So you don’t need a credit card to start exploring their platform.

You can easily customize, publish, and track your videos online in Sprout. They have their security, marketing, and analytical tools that will help your video projects become a success.

Sprout is one of the favorites of many video enthusiasts because it’s not bombarded with poor quality videos.

Unlike other video distribution sites that have a lot of bad videos being uploaded.

If you want a simple and good reputation for your video, Sprout could be a great choice. Here, you can also customize your video player and the page itself.

Hence, you’ll be getting a more effective brand awareness tool. You don’t have to worry. Sprout will keep your videos safe and private.

5. Vidyard

If you’re into business and you use videos to promote your products and services, this is another great place to be.

Vidyard is a video distribution site that aims to boost your engagement, generate more leads and track your video performance. They cut through the noise.

They want your videos to accelerate deal cycles to successfully get more conversions.

Vidyard has common features with Wistia and YouTube. But it also has cool and unique services to offer. That makes it an ideal addition to your video distribution strategy.

Just imagine creating and managing your video content at the same time. It also allows you to collect emails from the viewers to be able to reach them out for follow up.

Moreover, Vidyard has a CRM system that gets the intelligence on audience interest. Yes, it will surely keep your audience’s attention and interest easier.

They aim to make your every video genuinely memorable for each person. Vidyard is designed to put ease on the video marketing of each business leader who hopes to succeed using videos.

Types Of Videos That Are Easy To Promote

Every business leader who aims to use video marketing to skyrocket their business’s growth must remember that not all types of videos are effective.

Not all types of videos are easy to promote. Quality is not only the factor that contributes to the success of your video.

If you want a smooth-sailing video production advertising and promotion, these are the types of video that you must create.

  • Videos that educate.

People love learning new things. So in your video, be sure to inform. Give real and honest to goodness details.

You can promote your brand while providing your viewers new and fresh information. By doing that, you are making your video content worth sharing.

  • Videos that entertain.

Humor is always an effective motivator. It’s best if your video has a funny and entertaining sense to easily capture your viewer’s attention.

But be careful. There are good and bad jokes. Don’t ruin your video’s reputation by giving above-the-belt punch lines.

That will not help. You aim to bring positive emotions while help others learn more.


If you want your video marketing campaign to be in the right place, find the right video distribution site. It is the only way to have the best video distribution strategy.

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