Basic Video Productions

Basic Video Productions Tips to Ensure a Successful Video Project

Video creators must always adhere to the basic video productions tips when making a video project.

It’s an effective way to capture the target audience and optimize the outcome of streaming efficiency.

However, any filmmaking or video creation job is never easy.

So how can you ensure a fantastic video quality result?

Here are some important keys that you need to integrate to get flawless video production.

The Video Pre-Production

Pre-production is the process that takes place before the camera starts rolling.

It’s actually the most crucial part of video production.

Why? Because this is when the planning or logistics phase of a video project happens.

In this stage, you will be molding your plan.

There are four crucial points that you need to consider. These are the following:

  • Be original. Although originality does not automatically equal a good film, it is still vital. A video needs to be unique to grab somebody’s attention. However, there are millions of other videos circulating online. So for the large public to notice your video, it has to stand out.
  • Be selective. You need this when choosing video subjects. The subject must be appealing, attractive and interesting for easy recognition, especially among your target audience.
  • Careful consideration. This applies when you’re thinking about your video production set. It’s a part of the basic video productions at all times. So you have to carefully check every detail not to miss any single requirement in the video setting.
  • Draft it. Do not finalize it yet. Therefore, write down your plan. It will help you formulate or change your ideas to achieve a better decision. Keep your draft brief to make the revisions or add-ons easier.

Before the principle videography begins, here are what you are going to need.

The pre-production can include the storyboards, graphic concepts, project kickoff, location scouting, production schedule, script development and prop and wardrobe preparation.

The Video Production

The Video ProductionThe production stage is the ‘Action!’ Stage. It is when the camera starts rolling, and the real fun begins.

The script and all other pre-production requirements come together. This is another crucial part of any basic video productions.

It is when the entire video production staff makes use of their talent and skills to create an amazing video that is going to have value to the target audience afterward.

From the props to the actors and actresses, everything must go well to achieve the result that everyone is looking forward.

The Post-Production

Post-production is also known as the editing stage.

It is when the production team reviews the recorded video and audio footage to make every detail flawless.

Also, it’s the time when the staff and artists add more graphics, music, sound effects, and visual effects to make the video more fascinating.

Plus, the color correction, audio sweetening, and sound design works happen as well.

Basic Video Productions Tips

Basic Video Productions Tips1. Putting the storyboard and shooting script together.

If you want to have the best marketing video, put the storyboard and shooting script together.

It will help you figure out exactly what shots you need before you start filming.

On the other hand, the shooting script acts as the screenplay for your video.

Therefore, you don’t have to draw a stunning masterpiece for your storyboard anymore. You can simply use series of still photographs as a storyboard.

2. Well-prepared subjects or presenters.

Nothing beats a well-prepared cast and crew. It saves you so much time from repeated scene takes.

So make sure all your subjects or presenters know what’s exactly they’re going to do. Beforehand, let them rehearse.

It can help minimize mistakes on the day of the shoot. Also, don’t force your actors and actresses to stick to your script.

Give them the freedom to express the dialogue on their own. Besides, they might do it better, and natural is more convincing.

3. Leverage your b-roll.

When you hire a basic video productions company, you might hear the phrase b-roll.

What is b-roll and why is it important?

B-roll is one of the many technical lingos in the film and video industry that confuses business professionals.

But the truth is, B-roll is not a complicated terminology. B-roll is the secondary shots used that do not show the main subject which is the A-roll. B-roll is highly important.

They add beauty and interest to a specific scene. It also helps people understand what the entire context is all about.

B-roll works as a support to the message. It would be beneficial to leverage the b-roll to make the video project more appealing.

4. Obey and use the ‘rule of thirds.’

The ‘rule of thirds’ is considered the Golden Rule in photography, cinematography, and videography.

It is the process of aligning a subject with the guidelines and their intersection points.

It places the horizon on the top or bottom line. Also, it allows linear features in the image to flow from section to section.

The main purpose is to achieve clarity in the camera focus. There is a positive effect on the person viewing the image or video.

So it’s essential to make use of this rule to ensure good viewing experience especially if the subject of the video is your brand or product.

5. Prevent natural and artificial light conflict.

Videographers use different kinds of light when lighting in a video. These lights have different colors and measure.

Which means that the right weight of light should be used to prevent unevenly lit shot.

Too doom or too bright will negatively affect a particular scene.

So don’t forget to ensure that the lighting source is even and consistent. It’s one of the most basic video productions tips you must never forget.

6. Avoid spotlighting your subject.

Do not make it obvious. Placing your subject in bright pools of direct light is overdoing it. Use the right lighting technique.

Spotlighting your subject is not a good way to promote it. That does not work that way.

Lights should be balanced from start to finish.

7. Shooting multiple takes is fine.

Even experienced presenters make mistakes.

So do not assume that every ‘take’ will only take one camera roll. It’s actually best to run through multiple takes and compare.

Determine the best take and use it.

8. Use appropriate background soundtracks.

Choose your music carefully. It does not mean that when music is popular, you can use it as a part of your basic video productions to attract viewers.

Your background soundtrack must match the atmosphere of your video message. Use a tone that releases an emotion.

Aside from visual effects, the sound effects can captivate your viewer’s attention. It can also serve as their deciding factor, to whether or not continue watching your video.

For royalty-free stock soundtracks, there are websites that offer them. Therefore, it’s not going to be a huge addition to your budget.

9. Do not overdo the video effects and transitions.

Don’t confuse your viewers. Too many effects and transitions might affect the message that you are trying to relay.

Keep it simple. As long as you assure clarity and quality, you are on the right track.

For sure, it’s going to be an amazing and compelling video project.

10. Use the standard videography equipment.

Let’s accept the fact that today, videography is more modern and advance.

People have become reluctant and judicious when it comes to what they watch or listen.

If you want a video that can compete, you need to consider the equipment and devices that you need to use.

It’s one great way to make sure that you are on the right track of your video marketing journey.

All you have to do is to check around. There is affordable equipment for your basic video productions needs.

Optimize Your Video

Basic Video Productions Practice

Basic Video Productions Practices

  • Optimize video text. Use the right keywords. They are crucial to online visual content. Make the target keyword appear in the title, meta, and tags.
  • Use a thumbnail. It will help your target audience identify your brand easily. Custom thumbnails are available which means you can design it according to your preferences.
  • A killer CTA. Your call to action must be an effective encouragement and motivation to all your viewers. It should move the person watching towards taking action of buying your product or availing your service.
  • Use the right video platform. We have many video platforms today. However, not all of them can be a good place for your video. Remember, uploading your video to the wrong platform may affect its credibility. So, be sure to use the right video platform to maximize your video’s viewing efficiency.

Help is Available!

Today, we have videography experts who can help you create a high-quality video that generates more leads, moves people to action and increases profit. All you need to do is to determine what works best for you.

If you have questions about any of the points raised or anything else video-related, contact us today.

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