Top 3 Companies using Facebook Live

Top 3 Industries using Facebook Live for Their Video Marketing

Mark Zuckerberg introduced Facebook Live to the world on April 6, 2016. As a result, Facebook Live opened a lot of opportunities. So, brands use this feature for video marketing.

During that time until now, we can notice some industries that use this feature effectively. This article will talk about them. In addition, you might get some ideas on how to use Facebook Live as well.

Since the integration of Facebook into our daily lives, features like these will certainly shine in different aspects.

Something to keep in mind while reading this is that we won’t discuss specific companies. Rather, let’s categorize them into different industries. So,

Who Uses Facebook Live for Video Marketing?

Top 3: Music Industry

Music Industry

For various artists, creating hype has become a lot easier. Music Artists and Producers use this feature to do just that. They can stream teasers and get feedback right away. With Live, they can get instant info on whether people will like what they’re doing.

Furthermore, they can answer questions right there while streaming. So, they use this as a tool for video marketing. Not only can it promote them, it can also build their fan base.

Top 2: Food Industries

Food Industries

For an enthusiast of food and cooking, this is best for featuring menus and dishes. You can even start tutorials and answer questions about food at the same time. How cool is that? You can even start a brainstorming session and experiment on different dishes.

As a cook, that’s a convenient way to showcase your brand. You will have an instant measurable way to know whether your customers will like your food or not. This is perfect for the food industries for video marketing and I noticed this during my research.

Top 1: News Companies from T.V and Radio

TV and Radio

How perfect can this be, put the live news on an application that has millions of users? Nothing can beat that. It is the epitome of giving news to the world. With regards to marketing, advertisers can put their brand as a footer or signage on descriptions and other convenient locations in the video.

Everyone can be updated quickly about what is happening. AND everyone can be marketed here. Different brands from different industries utilize this. This is what I have dominantly noticed during my research.

Other industries like fashion and sports can definitely hold a spot here but I only based my results on the Facebook Livemap and Google.

How I got this info

I have based my Top 3 from the Facebook Livemap page where you can see streams from all over the world. I saw different streams while I was searching that has thousands of different viewers as soon as a stream comes up.

In addition, it accumulates to a couple hundred thousand if you give it time even if videos are no longer live. Also, it even gets a couple million views after days or weeks.


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