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Dominant Explainer Videos: What traits do they have in common?

Once you receive a final product or the result of a project, you often want to know if it’s good. Does this product meet or even exceed the normal standard in this relevant industry?

Of course, marketers and business owners have this question in mind whenever they invest or transact whether business to business or just a simple purchase. This is totally normal because who would want a half-baked or below average product, right?

This will be our topic for the day. Now when it comes to explainer videos, we only want the best. So, these dominant explainer videos, what do they have in common? I will try and give you a list that will give you an idea as such.

So my main goal for this article is to help business owners and marketers. This list can be a reference whenever they availed of a professional service or even just made a video themselves.

If they ask the question: will this video be great or even watchable? Then they refer to this list, they will have a definite answer after they finished reading. Dominant explainer videos always have something in common because they are at the very top already.

Marketers can also refer to this list if they want to invest and they want to know first what to expect. What should the outcome of your explainer video be? If your videos match most of the sub-topics included in this list, then you have one of the most dominant explainer videos out there.

Dominant explainer videos tend to really get your viewers attention more than the others so it’s really overpowering.

Overall, you should see a huge boost in your traffic and conversions. This is one of the biggest benefits of dominant explainer videos but there are still a lot more. Like a much more professional landing page or website where people can stay and watch your videos at ease.

Dominant Explainer Videos: What traits do they have in common?

1 – Overall Cost-Efficiency


In every investment or even purchase you will make as a marketer, you must allot a certain budget to create a video. As you know, videos are not that easy to produce, not to mention if you really want to create one of the most dominant explainer videos out there.

But a top-notch explainer video doesn’t really mean that you will use a really big budget. Because one of the common traits of dominant explainer videos is that they are cost-efficient. Meaning they do cost some money to make but all-in-all, you have achieved full potential and that you got your investment’s worth.

So it doesn’t matter if your videos really look great like it’s a movie already if it costs tens of thousands of dollars. Remember, your main goal is to attract viewers and make them as leads.

Which means that videos are investments wherein you still need to achieve an equal return of your capital, even more than that. It’s up to you to negotiate about the prices but the usual price of a great explainer video will fall under three to five thousand dollars only.

Which is totally understandable if you see the process on how to create an explainer video. Also, it will depend on how long your video will be but let’s talk more about that later.

In relevance to cost-efficiency, the main reason for the “cost” is that most dominant explainer videos are really made by professionals. So if you want to create one, it’s really best to consult or have a professional do it for you.

Plus, you shouldn’t burden yourself with this production because it will really take a lot of effort. Time is also a deciding factor here because most businesses won’t have time.

2 – The Right Duration

Right Duration

That’s right, the most dominant explainer videos out there have the right duration. This is not specific to your explainer video being only one or two minutes. But instead, it should depend on your message.

The more you are able to clearly state your message, the better. This is a common mistake for video marketers out there. Because a common understanding about the duration is that it should stick to one or two minutes only. Rather, it’s really based on the message.

In addition to the message, your goal is to not bore your customers. Hence, the common understanding of the video must only be one minute. But if you really were to acquire a great service, then you will be able to catch the attention of your customers even if your videos take three minutes to watch.

It should, however, probably not exceed the four to five-minute mark because that’s too long already. So making a good impression to your viewers in the first few seconds plays a very important role in making your viewers stay.

If they really like your videos, there is a high chance that they will watch it until the end. Dominant explainer videos and their common traits are the duration and the message that you want to tell.

3 – Compatibility and Accessibility

social media channelA common trait in top-notch explainer videos is that they can be watched everywhere and anytime. Videos should reach a lot of people in order to get a lot of views. So it should be watchable on all devices, especially mobile phones.

 Almost everybody on our modern age has smartphones, and they use it to search for keywords 80% of the time which is really a huge number.

In addition to accessibility and compatibility is its originality. These factors are in sync with each other because if a lot of people see your videos are not original, then you will have major problems. Like plagiarism and copyright infringement complaints.

This goes for your audio, your script and your video as a whole.

Also, another trait that is common to dominant explainer videos is that they are shareable to any social media channel out there. This means that the format is universal, which is really not that hard to achieve.

But it can be an overlooked mistake so just be sure that the format is okay, then your video will surely reach a lot of people.

4 – A Fantastic Script

Fantastic Script

Your script plays a key factor as the foundation of your explainer video. It will set the flow of the storyboard and will determine the duration of the video as well. But the dominant explainer videos always have a very good script.

The writer focuses on telling the story and gives out amazing situations that will affect the viewers’ perception of your brand. Basically, the script will be the main ingredient in capturing your viewers’ attention in a way that they are engaged as soon as they watch the first few seconds of the video.

The script mainly contains your brand’s story. So it can be versatile as to a point where you can only showcase one certain aspect of your brand or even generally tell the viewers what you do.

It’s up to you to write it or have a professional write it for you. As long as you are satisfied with the message, that’s the most important thing. You must give a lot of time to develop the script because it’s a crucial part of your explainer video. Although some videos don’t have scripts in them, it depends on what the video is for.

5 – Engaging Voice Over

Like the script, the voice over is just as important too. Because the voice over will narrate your story. It’s also a direct reading of your script and they are so close that one can’t exist without the other. Basically, a great voice will attract a lot of viewers.

The easier it is to understand, the more people will want to stay and watch your video until the end. This is a proven study already because most people don’t want to read walls of text. Instead, they like to listen to speeches and informative messages only while on the go.

Plus having a voice over is convenient because it will make sure that the visuals are explained thoroughly all throughout the explainer video. This also goes for the music in your video, the background music kinda tells your story too so it’s like a voice over as well.

You have to sync the voice and background music to the mood of the video to maximize viewer engagement. Because it will surely liven up your explainer video and no one wants to watch a bland and plain video that has no sound at all.

6 – It fits right in your Brand

An explainer really is great if it fits right in your brand. This is the reason why you want to hire a professional. To really achieve this, you need someone who knows what they are doing.

To match the colors, idea, the tone. and even the mood of your brand. If those four factors are achieved, then your video fits right in. This doesn’t mean that the video itself doesn’t make sense, rather, it’s more of an aesthetic issue about the way your video looks and how the people perceive your message.

7 – Top-Notch Quality of Animation

The best quality of dominant explainer videos is, of course, the level of animation. I’m talking about the way the artist draw and developed your project. Usually, the higher the price, the better the quality of the video.

Most websites have portfolio pages so might want to refer to that area first before you decide whether or not to go with this company.

The quality of the animation also reflects the dedication and commitment of the artist. So you sure have a great video if your animation looks really good. Although, different clients might have a different opinion when it comes to the quality of the animation.

Because some might just want a simple and professional video so it really depends on the client’s request sometimes. But most of the time, a really good video with good animation will capture the eyes of the viewer and put them in a state where they are convinced to buy or take the next step.

8 – The videos clearly identify you

When I say that the explainer video identifies you, it can clearly show how you can help and people can relate to that. It doesn’t only focus on selling but it presents situations where you can help.

So people gain a new level of understanding which makes them want to buy or avail your service on their own. This is sort of similar to brand positioning. Where it means that you will be the go to and you are always in the customers’ mind whenever they think of that relevant challenge or problem that they have in mind.

This is really great because it will really help you when it comes to promoting your brand. This is really difficult for marketers, especially for start-ups.

But it means that you really have one of those dominant explainer videos since you have captured the position you want in your viewer’s minds.

9 – Irresistible call-to-action

What really makes your video great is that if it contains a convincing call-to-action. This is also a measurable data where you can track the number of clicks or views. Or when people will actually take the action you want them to make based on the video.

Basically, you have one of the most dominant explainer videos out there if you have a call-to-action that’s making the viewer really want to take the next step. It’s so convincing that it’s hard not to say yes. This is one of the main goals in creating a video so you know you got a good one if it’s like this.

The reason why your video is so irresistible is because of your message. Your viewers have fully understood your brand in a way that they already know what they want. So they gained an in-depth view of your work and they don’t have any more questions.

This also means that you have significantly lowered down support inquiries because of your explainer videos.

10 – The videos targets the right viewers

To put it simply, you have one of the most dominant explainer videos if it knows who to target specifically. Even if it doesn’t actually do anything, its messages should go through the most relevant people you want to attract.

So your videos actually relate to your audience on a different level. This is also for brand positioning where you customers will always have you top-of-mind.

But the greatest thing about targeting the right viewers is that you will always have quality leads. This means that you will have a higher chance of conversions too. Which is really great for any kind of business.

The videos should know what challenges the leads face and how you can help them regarding that challenge. Mostly, the videos are showing that as a business, you have been in their shoes and you perfectly understand the solution to their problem.

And once everything fits, it means they really are the right customers for you.

You still have to make your video go viral but there are lots of ways you can do that. Just don’t quit and keep on sharing your videos in all channels, if it’s really a good video, then you will attract the right customers in no time.

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