5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Animated Explainer Video

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Animated Explainer Video

As businesses fight their way up the search rankings ladder, online explainer videos continue to experience phenomenal growth owing to their unparalleled effectiveness and affordability in enhancing a business’s brand image and improving its visibility.

Explainer videos have recently been attributed as an excellent marketing tool that can lead to higher conversion rates and better business prospects.

Read on to find out why your business needs to start using animated explainer videos in its marketing campaigns.

1 – Animated videos liven up your sales pitch

An effective sales pitch can potentially make or break the brand image of a company.

Gone are the days when content-based pamphlets, promotional brochures and bulleted PowerPoint slides with pie charts and histograms managed to leave an impact on the audience.

Today, the concrete script and attractive visuals of a well-produced explainer video can effectively captivate the minds of a company’s target audience.

Companies with complicated products or highly technical services can particularly liven up their sales pitches by using animated explainer videos.

2 – They easily grab attention and help the audience retain information

Your target audience is more likely to retain what they see than what they hear, and this could potentially translate into word-of-mouth advertising for your business.

Once a customer likes your product idea, they’ll share your explainer video making it available to a wider spectrum of potential consumers.

So, forge the traditional web content studded with flashy animations and pictures, and compile all of your cool ideas in a captivating video.

Not only will it make your business website look less crowded, but will also provide enough material to keep your audience engaged.

3 – Websites with videos rank better in Google search results

Statistics suggest that verbose websites tend to scare customers away and therefore, they rank low in Google universal searches, consequently providing less exposure to the business.

Let’s face it; customers tend to buy a product they quickly understand instead of going through endless pages of instructions and product objectives.

Having an explainer video will not only grab attention immediately but also optimize your website’s visibility in search engine results and augment your brand’s reach within the targeted market.

4 – Animated Explainer video clarify the purpose of your product

Prospects get a better picture of your product when it involves human voice and interactive visuals. On the other hand, descriptive text can be tricky as it can hold multiple interpretations by different people, thus compromising the clarity of the product’s usefulness.

Animated visuals help you connect with your target audience in a better manner by clarifying the basic functions of your product, your business objectives and what sets you apart from other competing businesses.

5 – Track progress and increase conversion rates

Keeping track of conversion rates is the most crucial element of determining the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Explainer videos help businesses keep an account of the number of views on each video, establish their best-selling products, and determine the number of views that can translate into actual sales.

A recent survey further suggests that around 85% of the consumers decide to buy a product after watching a supplementary explainer video.

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