Decrease Support Inquiries with Animated Videos

How to Significantly Decrease Support Inquiries with Animated Videos

What are support inquiries or queries?

Before a customer buys a product or avails a service, they have a lot of questions. This is because they don’t want something that they will eventually regret. And answering those questions diligently and correctly will boost their confidence a lot.

We call these questions, support inquiries.  So, when a person asks about your company and how stuff works and other things, they are inquiring. If you answer them correctly, they might become loyal and quality customers.

For this article, I will tell you how to significantly decrease support inquiries with animated videos.

Answering all the questions of your customers is fine. It’s actually very good if you can answer all of it correctly. But for a big company, this will take a lot of time. Imagine if you are a telephone company and you have about ten million customers.

Or maybe you have ten million potential leads that might need some clarification before deciding. Having a customer service is the best way to reach out to your customers on a personal level.

But there is also another great way. This way might even save you time and money.

I’m talking about creating an explainer video or animated video. Not only are they cost efficient compared to live-recorded videos, they will also promote your brand, give them a call-to-action and of course, the best part is, you can answer the questions of your customers. 

You will definitely lessen support inquiries with animated videos. So, for this article, I will tell you how to significantly decrease support inquiries with animated videos. There are certain steps you must take in order to successfully achieve this goal, so I will try my best and give you all based on my experience.

How to Significantly Decrease Support Inquiries with Animated Videos

There are certain tips here that might give you an idea on how to create an explainer video. But rather, I have a very detailed article about the process of creating an animated video. So, there is a difference.

You will in that article what makes an animated video expensive and what is the process that transpires along the way. But let’s not talk about that here.

Create a script that targets the most common questions.

importance of storytelling

Usually, you must hire a professional writer. Even avail a service of a business that creates great animated videos. If you plan to create the script yourself, then there are guides that you can read just to put you on the right track.

The script is 40% of the Explainer Video because this will determine the story, the flow, and duration of the video. Think of a strategy that will make the script answer the questions that you think will usually come up when customers look at your brand.

Like for a gas company, customer’s might ask how much is that gas, or how long that the gas last. Something like that I mean, it’s just an example.

This is one way to use animated videos to reduce support questions. The point is, you have to come up with a great strategy, it’s not just about promoting your brand. You must show your strengths while answering the questions.

So. that’s two birds with one stone. And this will significantly decrease support inquiries with animated videos.

Use answers from direct customer feedback and experience.

If you are a business start-up, you won’t have the answers right away at first. But give it some time and you will eventually get experience and gain insight into the challenges ahead.

But another way to decrease support queries with animated videos is to gather experience and in that experience, get the answers you need. I always say that everything takes time.

Well to get the answers you need, you have to give it time too. Don’t forget about that. And once you got some answers that you need, incorporate that into your script. Don’t invent answers to a question that might not come up at all.

Because that will totally waste your time and effort in creating the script and the animated video. This will surely decrease support inquiries with animated videos.

Make the graphics tell a relevant story.

improve customer satisfaction

If a picture says a thousand words, then the graphics of a video will say a billion words. Make sure to utilize it to its full potential. If you hire a professional, then you might not have to worry about this anymore.

But just in case, You must make sure that everything makes sense with your animation production. Your video will definitely be the most important factor to keep your leads or customers hooked.

And if everything worked out just fine, this will create hype even further and that’s the best thing that can happen.

Talk about a constant flow of quality leads and a boost in conversion. All because you have made the graphics amazing and relevant to the script. A simple yet mostly overlooked factor for video marketers.

And you what happens when everybody is satisfied with the script and the graphics. It will surely decrease support inquiries with animated videos.

Choose the best voice artist you think will fit your video.

Voiceovers to an Explainer Video

First, I want to say that this has a lot to do with answering the queries of your customers. Just hear me out. If your customers look your video and find it boring, will they watch it?

And if your customers don’t watch the videos, how will they know the answers to the questions that they have in mind. You can have your boring FAQs, or you can have them call you.

But the main goal is to decrease support queries. And this is one of the best ways to decrease support inquiries with animated videos. Choosing a great and engaging voice artist will give your leads or customers a good first impression and will get hooked.

The more they get hooked, the more they will watch your videos. And they will certainly get the answers you need. See, you don’t need to force them to watch your videos. Instead, make them interested enough that they want to watch the videos on their own.

Monitor video views and see if they reaching everyone.

This has quite the same concept as choosing a great voice artist. Because if your video reaches no one, then you won’t be able to answer their questions. You will just have a constant flow of inquiries and you might get piled up on.

So, make sure your video is really accessible and searchable on the internet. Even on TV ads and offline, but the internet is really where you should give high priority.

Videos have SEO, so make sure that your SEO(Search Engine Optimization) meets the standards and checklist so that whenever someone types and search, you will come up. Another is to monitor your views.

This way, you will know where to best put your video. Check the page visits and clicks on every page of your website, so that you will know where to embed the video. This is a sure way to decrease support inquiries with animated videos.

Upload your videos everywhere you can.

To fully utilize your video and answer all the questions of your customers, you have to upload your videos everywhere. This goes for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkdIn and all the social media websites.

You can even have bloggers to feature your video depending on rich and relevant your content is to what they write about.

Not only will you attract a lot of leads, you will also get to give them confidence by answering their questions. So, that’s already a lot of great benefits. But also, by uploading your videos everywhere, you will become popular.

Of course, it will be up to you to deliver quality service or products. But I won’t talk about that. Instead, make sure you upload your videos everywhere. The more social media website you upload to, the more visitors and leads you will get.

Furthermore, the more questions you will get answered. And this will significantly decrease support inquiries with animated videos.

Create different videos that focus on a certain aspect.

Video marketers and everyone else always tend to forget that you can create multiple videos for your company. Well, simply because of the budget. But having different videos that target a different aspect of your business will give you a lot of boosts.

Not to mention that this will save you a lot of time and effort in answering your customer queries. So even if it will cost some more compared to just one video, you will still save money.

With regards to hiring a BPO for customer service. Or hiring customer service reps in-house. Either way, this is really a win-win situation.

Plus, this will avoid a common mistake where your animated explainer video is cramped and has information overload. So keep this in mind because this will surely decrease support inquiries with animated videos.

Leave something that you only want to answer personally.

Lastly, leave something for the customers to call you and ask a question you want to answer personally. This will allow you to push them to the finish line. This is somewhat an additional strategy to keep in mind.

Although this won’t decrease your number of inquiries. But if you have tried to follow the guide and tips above, you will significantly decrease the number of support inquiries so all you have to do is give them a little push for conversions and selling. And that is a very good strategy.

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