Why You Should Hop On The Trend Of Training Customers

“All of your customers are partners in your mission” Shep Hyken

In today’s environment, a business needs to have top-notch customer service and support to be able to sustain itself in the industry. This is because customers are the key drivers of your business’ success. This has given rise to the need for training customers to turn them into company advocates.

Customer training programs exist to help not just your customers, but also partners and resellers to learn how to use your products/services optimally. The major reason for the popularity of this trend is that it allows customers to improve their own performance and deal with any possible issues with the help of the training.

And the best part is, training customers is just as easy as training employees! With the help of learning management systems like Academy of mine or AOM, you can provide customized learning solutions based on customer needs. What makes AOM a great option is that it provides blended learning support along with self-paced eLearning courses.

If you’re still new to this concept of training customers and partners, here’s why you should consider jumping on the bandwagon :

  • Lesser customer support requests:

When you train customers to be able to use a product/service to its full capacity, it leads to a reduction in the number of customer support requests. It obviously won’t stop them completely, but there is a significant decline.

By providing the training you make customers and partners proficient to deal with any issues even before they arise, which reduces the burden on your customer service reps. This also reduces customer support costs.

  • Convert your customers into brand loyalists:

A loyal customer is a major asset and it is crucial to ensure that they receive good service. When you provide them with a means to make better decisions, they are far more likely to stay loyal for the long term.

An LMS not just helps you train customers and partners, it also helps you identify star performers. To build stronger connections with such customers, you can reward them and boost customer loyalty.

  • Higher engagement:

At the end of the day, all you want is for your product/service to be opted for by a customer amongst a host of competitors. With customer training programs, you can stand out from the rest as it gives customers a rich learning experience.

Not only does it get every detail about your products and services, but also boosts engagement with these products. They tend to spend more on your services and are able to create more value out of them.

  • Increased retention of customers:

By now we have established that customer training makes customers proactive in utilizing a product to its full potential. This keeps them satisfied and allows them to tackle all possible barriers.

Over time they become more well-informed and see more value in your products. Well-informed customers stay with a brand longer as they know the best way to engage with your services. 

  • Increased business revenue:

When customers are engaging well with your products and services, they will become advocates and encourage others to opt for them. They become capable of showing off what you have to offer.

This expands your customer base and increases business revenue. When customers recognize the potential of your product, it encourages them to become investors. 


Over time, customer training ensures a customer has enough knowledge and experience to become a successful brand promoter. They can even help others struggling to get the most out of your products. This positively influences your sales and helps you to build a strong reputation in the industry.

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