Animation vs Live Action

Animation vs Live Action: Which One Can Take Your Brand to the Next Level?

A video promoting your brand is often the first chance that you can make a good impression on your target audience.

However, be careful not to fall into the trap of believing that all types of videos will work for your brand.

Therefore, it is important that when your company decides to release a video, it must reflect your brand as you intend.

Choosing the right video production is crucial if you want to easily achieve your marketing goals.

Today, many people who want to invest in video marketing to promote their business ask this question.

‘Which is better when it comes to taking your brand to the next level?’

The top two choices are animation vs live action. Which is which?

To avoid confusion and come up with the right answer, we are here to help.

Different Types of Video Production

Video popularity continues to grow proportionally with its easy accessibility and high quality.

Today, there are different types of video production. They range from entertainment to compelling a person to act.

There are some individuals who find the situation confusing. Especially if it’s their first time in video marketing. They just don’t know how to decide.

So before you make your selection, it’s best to know what your choices are.

Videos are Valuable for Your Brand

Make StrategyRemember, a video doesn’t merely tell a message. Instead, it displays an in-depth meaning of your business and showcases the personality of your brand.

Marketing your company’s video is just as important as producing it. 

Help boost online traffic and engage visitors looking for information about your company by creating the perfect video for your brand.

It’s time to decide between the two, ‘animation vs live action.’

Why Choose Between Animation vs Live Action?

Animation vs live action! They’re two of the most popular types of video production today.

They’re creating the buzz when it comes to the popularity of brand promotion and advertising.

Proven effective in boosting engagement and conversion, more and more marketing enthusiasts are investing in videos to promote their brands as well.

If your business isn’t growing, there’s no reason to stick with your old plan.

It’s time to alter your marketing strategies. All you have to do is determine which is best for your brand type, animation vs live action.

What is Animation?

The Basics of Video Animation

Animation is a way of making a movie from a simultaneous movement of still images.

It’s a digital artwork displaying a series of pictures or frames that are put together one after another.

The playtime is at a fast speed to give the illusion of movement that allows a continuous motion for a better picture.

Cartoons that we see on television is one good example.

But today, there are a lot of cool animated movies that we see on TV, cinemas and short video clips.


  • Can bring any concept to life.

Video animation allows you to bend the law of nature. You can slide scales effortlessly.  Animated characters show people a more reliable result for better motivational processes.

  • Gives a simple application yet amazing digital art result.

Animation is simple. It’s what many experts say. When it comes to the complexity of digital art in videos, an animation process is easier to apply.

  • Abstract ideas can have a visual representation.

There are contexts that are difficult to convert into life. But with animating, you can switch complicated actions to simpler executions. Hence, it allows you to visually capture abstract ideas. So the hard-to-represent ideas are easier to present on screen without constraints.

  • Easier management of the entire video production.

When it comes to shooting live-action videos, it’s a fact that things can be very challenging sometimes. Just imagine climbing a tree just to get a shot of an important scene. With animation, you don’t need to do that. You will not worry about the location, actors, props, equipment, sets, and even the weather. You can create anything under your roof.

  • Cover difficult subjects effectively.

Using animation helps you strike the right tone to any scene or setting. There will be times when real action mistakenly portrays the right emotion because of the sensitivity of the topic. Sometimes, a delicate emotion is overdone. But with video animation, you can address complex topics to moderate setup.

  • It’s possible to do edition and revision anytime.

Animated videos can be edited and revised any time. There’s no limit. Unless if there’s a deadline. One can remove or add a scene fast and conveniently. When it comes to live-action, that is undeniably a difficult or sometimes an impossible action to take.


It’s an honest and credible statement from experts; video animation does not have any disadvantage.

What is Live Action Video?

The Basic of Live Action Videos

Live action is a type of video production that uses the normal setup of movie making.

It involves real people acting in actual settings.

Live action videos feature real human faces that convey real emotion which sometimes is more effective than animation.

There are viewers who prefer to see and feel real events to gain their trust and attention.

There are three common types of live action videos.

These are; explainer video, testimonial video, screencast video.


  • Has more emotion.

It’s undeniable that a live action video can depict more emotion. It’s because there are real people portraying a particular scene. Which also means, the connection of the feelings from the video to the viewer is much more being felt. Consequently, the human face naturally emotes better than animation.

  • Can tell a personal story with real human expression.

Using real people allows you to capture actual and authentic facial expressions which are some of the most important factors of the viewer’s engagement.

  • Easier for humor, sarcasm, and comedy.

Live action videos can easily play a funny, humorous or sarcastic scenes. Unlike animation, you have to exert more effort to make people smile or laugh when trying to portray funny situations.

  • More authentic for tangible products.

When promoting a physical product, your target audience would want to see them in actual. Using real people allows you to create real situations while a product or brand is being used.


  • Can be more expensive.

Yes, most live-action videos are costly because you will have to spend on everything. From the settings to the people who will act. Unless if you do all the roles. But of course, that is something that will not work.

  • Harder to make edits or modifications.

When a live action is done, it’s hard to edit or modify. Because you have to redo the acting which means to redo the entire scene. And that’s not easy. You have to spend another day, money and more effort. Compared to animation which one can edit and modify within minutes or even seconds.

  • Poorly produced videos look cheap.

If you lack the budget, it means low-quality video tools and setup. Poorly produced live-action videos are easy to recognize. And they look cheap at first glance. Poor quality drives viewers away. So how can you grab people’s attention if your video showcases cheap result? It’s not worth your audiences time.

Animation vs Live Action

Top 5 Reasons Why Animation Is The Right Choice For Your Brand

Promoting your brand amidst all the marketing efforts of your business competitors can be very challenging.

Especially if you’re still a small or medium-sized business, it’s overwhelming to see how huge companies sell and market their brand.

But, since you’re in the race track, there’s no more turning back.

Using video animation can significantly help you.

Here are some essential tips that you need to see.

1. Psychologically appealing.

Animation is not for kids only. Even adults enjoy this kind of digital artwork.

When it comes to appearance, animated videos are genuinely more appealing.

It’s because a live-action video is already a familiar preference for people, nothing new to look forward to.

But, animated characters are proven to quickly grab people’s attention.

Using it to promote your brand can increase your engagement rate.

2. More visual.

A lot of people would agree that animation is more visual than live action videos.

From the color alone, animated characters are better in this aspect.

Let’s not forget that videos are more of images which make every picture a critical component.

Especially when it comes to showcasing a brand’s personality.

3. Easy to update.

Video animation can be updated.

Therefore, if there are new trends which people will look up to, you can do modifications and apply what’s new on your video to attract more viewers.

You will not need to set up a new production just to go with what’s the latest in the online community.

4. For all types of people.

Animation has no age or gender bracket. It can be for anybody who can buy or use your product or service.

If you have a target audience for your brand, it’s easier for you to reach them because anyone will enjoy watching an animated product video.

5. Cost-efficiency.

One of the best things about animation is its cost-efficiency. Animated videos are less expensive.

In fact, there is free video editing software that we can access on the internet.

Which means you can create your animation video without the need to spend even a single dollar.

Consequently, it’s best for start-up businesses.

Professional Animation Services

There are Experts Who Can Help

There is much to think about before investing in video marketing.

Having no talent in videography does not mean you cannot have your video animation.

If you believe that animation videos can help you boost your brand awareness for higher conversion in the future, there are people who can help.

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