Video Marketing Goal

6 Simple Recommendations in Establishing a Video Marketing Goal

Video marketing has been taking over the trends ever since the continuous modernization of technology. Hence, everybody is on their mobile phones, tablets and other smart gadgets out there.

As a result, this opened a lot of opportunities for marketers to utilize this developing habit and incorporate it into videos. As you have noticed, videos and visuals are convenient.

A study states that videos are understood sixty times better than text and I’m sure you get that. But as a marketer, starting a plan is hard. So for this article, we will look at great recommendations in establishing a video marketing goal

Video Marketing refers to a marketing strategy where your focus is, of course, videos. You can create and use a lot of different types of videos.

Categorized as Explainer Videos, Animated Videos, White Board Videos and lastly, Live-Recoded Videos. All of which have strengths and weaknesses and it will be up to you to understand the different qualities they possess.

The best trait as an example would be: videos are key to brand positioning.

In addition, the versatility of one video is very good. They can be uploaded anywhere nowadays because of our technology. For example, we have Facebook now and YouTube. You can also use the videos for TV ads or just simple attach it to emails.

So there are lots of benefits when talking about videos. Plus, you can perfectly incorporate this with inbound marketing. With that said, let’s go over some tips to get started in your top-notch video marketing.

Here in this article, you will see some recommendations in establishing a video marketing goal. As well as some suggestions in starting a video marketing strategy.

6 Simple Recommendations in Establishing a Video Marketing Goal

For this article, let us aim for simplicity because I think that most of the readers will be new marketers. And I think that these marketers will be for business start-ups. So most of the recommendations in establishing a video marketing goal will be direct and easy to execute.

But aside from video marketing, I would also like to advise some of the other marketing systems that you can fully utilize with video marketing. Like content marketing and social media marketing.

It really is the best to use all of them for the best marketing strategy as a whole for your brand.

Talk it over with the whole team.

As a marketer, your greatest resource will be your whole team. Collaboration and brainstorming sessions are still the best when coming up with the best goal or plan. This is because you will have external criticisms and other constructive inputs from the members.

And that is the best advice in organizing a video marketing plan. Also, you will have an opportunity to further refine your strategy if you have a team to talk to.

Remember, that this goal will be hard to achieve if you only do it alone. Although some will do it depending on how big the brand or business is.

With that said, the whole team must put their complete trust in their leader. In this case, they are mostly referred to as senior marketers. Because an organized team will be a fully functional team.

Like in the military, a chain of command is always incorporated in the system. It’s a perfect example to compare with making a marketing strategy. Because no single person can accomplish the tasks and challenges in the future.

It’s also best to look at some of the great and established companies with video marketing. While talking this over with the whole team, look for a reference together. So you will have a lot of amazing ideas.

Therefore, it will be up to your senior marketer to organize the team and the ideas of the team and make it a reality. Planning is only the first part of the long and rigorous process.

It’s great to have ideas and all, but you must make it into reality. Never set a goal with your team that you will not be able to accomplish. Otherwise, it will defeat the whole purpose of brainstorming. Right?

Start by thinking what the story of the videos will tell.

For every brand as a whole, there is always a story to tell. As a marketer, it will be up to you to determine what that story will tell your visitors. In my experience, you can create a story by asking yourself some key questions.

Based on the answers to those questions, you will be able to get some valuable ideas for your videos. Okay, so the questions are as follows. First, ask yourself, why do people need us?

What are the different features and aspects that are most popular that we have? With those initial questions, you will be able to tell what to put on a video already.

There are lots and lots of questions you must ask yourself. But focus on helping your customers with their challenges and you will create a great video for your marketing.

Also, telling a story is only the first part. Everything that follows will be a lot easier. It’s like you are now setting a theme for your brand. So a theme is like a story but this now refers to more of the aesthetics and design of your videos and your brand as a whole.

Generally speaking, a theme refers to the colors, mood, and setting of your videos. As you notice all big companies have themes like Apple which is black, white and gray.

This is a really good strategy that you must apply for your own brand as well. So it’s not just referring to your videos anymore but to your whole business or company.

This is one of the best recommendations in establishing a video marketing goal.

Because videos are moving graphics and that mostly relies on wonderful colors.

Create a series of videos for different aspects.

Before we dive into this sub-topic, you still have to allot a budget for video marketing. It can be big or small depending on how you want. Especially since we will be talking about creating a lot of videos.

Which by the way si the best when explaining your product or service to the public. Well, it will still be up to you. But most companies as you will notice has hundreds if not, thousands of explainer videos and all other types.

Although, like I said, it will be limited to how much your budget is. Just so you know, an explainer video will usually cost around two to three thousand dollars.

But a live-recorded video will normally be around ten times than that. So there is a really big difference.

Since we have now talked briefly about the budget, let’s move on to the videos. Creating different videos like a series will surely cover all the important topics you want.

The reason why this is necessary is because people hate to watch long explanations that are simply promotions. And keep in mind that they are just discovering at first.

So it’s really preferable to make the videos short.

As a marketer, the challenge there is that you won’t be able to explain anything to the potential customer if the videos are long. So the solution is to break it down into a series.

This is where your story must come in too. You must be consistent with everything you create and you should base that on your story.

So, remember that it’s best to create different videos to cover all the topics. Also, make the videos show the different strengths or pros of your brand.

Lastly, since it is a video that will mostly explain your brand for you, think of the place where you will put it. For example, there is a specific part of your website that only covers one feature.

Then put a video that will match that and people will appreciate you doing that.

Always incorporate a call-to-action.

call to action

A call-to-action is the perfect thing that can put on all types of videos. The convenience combined with videos are great in convincing people. So, if they are convinced, they may a portion of them will want to take the next step already.

That is why you must always put a call-to-action in all of your videos. This is very direct but one of the best recommendations in establishing a video marketing goal. It is actually even crucial for those who are starting to build they strategies.

Because you might overlook this detail. The reason for that is because videos are thought to plainly advertise only and people forget that we are now mostly on the internet.

A call-to-action can come in different forms on a video. But the main purpose is to increase your conversions significantly. This type of strategy is often used for inbound marketing.

Some might put a clickable button at the end of the video. Others will use a visual and put their contact details. And some will only use the voice artist to send the message.

All of which are effective depending on how you will do it. For me, it’s just best to hire a professional to be sure. It’s just a matter of where you will upload the video. Because some web hosts don’t accommodate a clickable button.

So to be on the safe side, marketers will resort to just simply putting the call-to-action as visual.

Determine how you will publish the videos.

Picking a website that will host your videos is a crucial part of building your marketing plan. This is one of the best recommendations in establishing a video marketing goal.

Because different websites will have different pros and cons. Especially if you will target a specific category of audience. I actually created an article that will help you pick a website that might be the best fit.

But it’s not good to only pick one. Of course, for maximum views, you must try to utilize all of them. If not, at least three or four.

This way, you will have a diverse database of potential leads which will lead to higher chance of conversions.

Most marketers will just upload their video on YouTube. It’s totally understandable since YouTube is the number one video hosting website out there because of google. So, make sure you upload it there too.

But there are a lot of ways where you can still utilize multiple web hosting websites. If you have uploaded it on YouTube, make you that you share your videos to the other platforms.

You have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vimeo, and other hosting websites that are not solely for videos only.

With that said, social media is the most prominent partner of video web hosting sites. Actually, these social media sites, almost all of them are already video web hosts already.

Like for facebook, where live streaming is the top trend right now, videos are perfect there. So one of the best recommendations in establishing a video marketing goal is to talk it over with your team and determine where you will put your videos.

Create a concrete plan where you will upload them and move from there. Now that’s a great start.

Use the power of analytics and measurable data.

One of the best recommendations in establishing a video marketing goal is to always acquire data. Data is what will drive you and your business forward. As for your video marketing approach, this is will be really helpful too.

Analytics and measurable data are always 100% correct and they don’t lie. Because the results are from real time situations and events.

For your video, there are KPIs which are crucial in order for you to use it to its full potential. I noticed two that are really dominant among the others. There is the number of views.

If you know how much people are reaching your video. Then you can strategically place it on another part of your website or push it up your Facebook page timeline. If the views are fewer than expected, then you can maybe adjust the video or change a certain part.

Secondly, there is the number of clicks. This will also allow you to understand if the video is working or not. The number of clicks is almost equal to the number leads you will get.

So that’s very important to remember.

All these data are key to making your video go viral across the internet. And there are lots of tools you can use.

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