How to Write Web Copy

How To Write Web Copy?

You may experience blank stares when you tell people that you write web copy! It happens because web copy is slowly pacing in the world of technology. It is a new word, even those who have an Internet presence barely recognize this term.

Web copy is the words that make visitors on your webpages pull out their credit cards and buy your promoted product or service via the words present on the website.

Why is web copywriting important?

Many people have ideas to sell their product or service, but the medium to sell it is less known to them. Others have their websites, but they say that it is not doing an excellent job of selling.all can be done with the sheer power of words.

There are people present in the internet world who have sold everything from books to hair products, anger management programs, seminars, and membership clubs, etc. on the web. It can only happen when they know how to take a casual website visitor and turn that reader into a prospect and ultimately, a customer with the magic of words they provided on these websites.

Words are the actual currency of the web these days, and you can sell almost everything to anything that hits your mind with the right words used. The single and most important ingredient of this process is the web copy. Web copy is quite different from other content writing.

In the world of advertising, the words through which communication occurs in an ad are known as advertising copy. The people writing these words are copywriters. Similarly, the website copy is the text written to communicate a message to sell, and the people writing these words are called web copywriters.

words have powerThe web copy generates leads, sales, customers, and benefits for websites. One of the most exciting professions is web copywriting in which one uses their talent of putting the words in the right place to grab the attention of the reader and compel him/her to take action.

It is equally the same as alchemy, where web copywriting turns words into hard cash. The best part is that one can do this on a shoestring budget as the internet is market freely available for the potential copywriters to sell their product/service.

This article will provide you the tools to the powerful principles underlying website copy, and you will learn the craft of website copywriting.

Whatever writing skills you possess, stay calm. Practically anyone with good skills in writing can craft a web copy and learn the way to do it. One of the competent copywriters almost dropped out English in school-Joe Sugarman-who made millions of dollars by the talent he possessed.

So, let’s get started with your journey towards writing a website copy!

Any process that you follow, before you move ahead, the first thing you should be well aware of are the rules to follow for success. Yes, web copy that vends also has rules.

 Rule 1: Never present your website as an Ad!

content is kingA person on average experiences 1500 to 5000 Ads in a day on the internet, TV, billboards, or radio. Practically everywhere you turn you will see an Ad, so people prefer not to see an Ad when he/she lands on a website.

Most of the websites fail to understand the fact and fall into the trap of turning their web copy into an Ad. You should always provide substantial information about your product, and it should contain the editorial feel in it. People surf to look for information about their interests, that is why the world of the internet is called the information superhighway.

You should draft a web copy that is irresistible to slide smoothly into sales to pitch your product or service. People avoid anything that gives the image of marketing fuzz or hyped language. They desire authentic information that drives their interest and turn the regular surfer into a customer. Remember, people generally spurn ads and hark to information that is genuine and interesting.

Rule 2: Bring Surfers to a standstill.

The businesses that are available online expend a lot of time and money to bring traffic to their websites. This traffic is useless unless you create captivating web copy that will bring the readers to a standstill and make them take action to buy the product you are trying to sell.

For the magical words to yield their power in the information-flooded internet, the web copy must be modified specifically for the product to get the attention. If a website gives an impression of an online pamphlet, then it has fragile selling tools. You should always write a web copy that sounds more like a piece of news information than an advertisement. 

Rule 3: Capture the email address of your visitor

There is a 95 percent chance that a visitor may land on your website and buy nothing you are selling. People buy when they have trust in the company, and they get the information needed for the product they are interested in.

For the success of your website, it is necessary to add compelling unswerving-response web copy that prompts to take action from the first visit. One way to do that is by asking for their emails where they can further communicate with you and get a hold of your service/product.

What is the use of having cutting edge graphics or sophisticated framework if you are not able to coax your visitor to do what you wish them to do? Capturing contact information is the initial step to develop a rapport with your visitors and turn them into your trusted customers.

Once the rules mentioned above are understood, the next step is to write an awesome website copy!

 Before writing a website copy, you must know three basic things! 

 1: Know your objective: 

not a dreamAlways keep thinking about the questions that bring you closer to your purpose. Questions like what you want to accomplish or what responses are you expecting from your visitors?

Once you know the questions thoroughly, the answers will be imprinted in your website copy. 

2: Know your target audience:

The audience is your aim. Knowing the audience will make it easier for you to sell your product. The more you know your target, the closer you are to obtain it. You should always write a web copy that focuses on the genre of your audience

3: Know your product or service: 

Uncover everything about your product. Keeping in mine five Ws of journalism will be useful for you. You should know the what, when, where, why, and who of your product. After which the how will act as icing on the cake for you for your web copy. Immerse yourself in the product or service you are trying to sell to your visitors.

By far you know your aim, so let’s move on to the blueprint!

Answering the following questions will let you craft a blueprint of web copy that catches the attention of the reader.

Question 1: What is the problem?

The problem here is not your but of your audience that you have targeted. This is where you play a doctor and diagnose the problem of your potential customers so that when they go through your website, they think you read them like a book.

Question 2: Why has not the problem been solved?

As a doctor, this is the history of the diagnosis you made. Talk about the previous remedies that failed and gave your visitors no satisfaction.

Question 3: What is possible?

You try to prepare the stage for the entry of your product here. You tell the readers that what it will sound like or look like once their never-ending problem is solved. Paint a picture of the things that will happen when the problem your readers are facing is gone.

Question 4: What is different now? 

This point is where your product dives in and gives astonishing results to ease the problem of your readers. It is your unique selling proposition, a point where you tell how unique your product or service is as compared to other competitors.

Question 5: What should you do now?

This is your call to action. It’s the point where you will expect your readers to turn into customers and do what brought them to your website-buy your product! 

 If you have answered these questions and made a draft, the blueprint is ready, and your web copy is crafted in a way that will catch the attention! 

Add more emotions to your web copy. A reader communicated with feelings has more likelihood to turn into a customer. Another essential part of copywriting is to present your product and service in such a way that people can trust it. But trust is a difficult thing to gain.

One of the most effective ways to increase the trust factor between customer and product/service is to add experiences of other customers who have used your product/service. Therefore, adding testimonies, comments, and feedback can be instrumental in gaining customer confidence and increasing the credibility of your products/services. 

Reading this article is what it takes to write a killer website copy! Have a great web copy and customers! 

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