Video Distribution

The Best Video Distribution Platform Guide For Everyone

Watching videos is not just a trending human activity today. It is becoming an everybody’s obsession. Experts continue to study this worldwide online phenomenon and the results show clear facts.

Do you know that 3.25 billion total number of hours of video watched on YouTube each month? Yes, that is true! And that is unquestionably a huge number to consider.

Therefore it makes us conclude that people are so getting crazy over these videos circulating online.

However, despite the popularity rate of online video views, not all videos are getting the same recognition. And the video distribution percentage has a lot to do with it. 

What is Everybody Talking About?

Online Video Mania

People are becoming so independent on online videos. There is clear evidence for that claim. Here are some examples that we all witness every day. These are the things that people do which they cannot do without watching a video first: 

  1. Buying different kinds of things, from home to office stuff.
  2. Availing a service.
  3. Hiring a contractor.
  4. Eating at a new restaurant.
  5. Drinking newly introduced beverages.

Those are some examples but there are more of people’s daily activities that are being affected by watching online videos. There is nothing bad about it.

As long as an individual is being functional in his everyday life, watching videos online can be fun all the time. 

The Reality Behind Trending Videos

Essential Facts About Video Distribution 

A video can be trending overnight after it is being posted. But what the viewers do not know is that in every brilliant product video is an even more brilliant marketing strategy.

Behind the scenes are experts who master the online video distribution tactic. These people spend weeks, months or even years of hard work just to create a video that will surely become a big hit.

They are the ones responsible for the success of today’s most innovative means of promotional and information campaigns.

Video Distribution Scheme

Before we proceed with introducing you the best video distribution techniques, you need to understand what a viral video really is.

A viral video is any footage of any length, that becomes popular via social networking and Internet sharing. There are two types of viral videos.

First are the videos that people create have the purpose of making it trending. And second are the videos that shockingly and unexpectedly become very popular.

Creating a viral video does not have any specific formula. However, the videos that have gone viral have several common similarities. 

What Is In a Viral Video?

When you are watching a video with more than a thousand shares, you can already consider that a viral video. Today, more and more videos are popularly circulating online. Experts revealed that these videos have these commonalities:

  1. Humor. Whether the video shows an intentional or unintentional humor, a funny video is what most of the people love to watch. Majority of the viral videos are the videos that are for laughs. Well, as the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine. People are wanting to see something nice that will have a positive impact on their lives.    
  2. Shock. Unexpected and downright shocking moments caught on cam easily catches the attention of the viewers as well. Despite the possible graphic contents, people are interested in watching these kinds of videos. That is why even advertisements use scenes with crude, obscene or graphic production to get the viewers attention. 
  3. Topicality. Videos that show current events and latest issues easily become a hit as well. 
  4. Idea. You don’t need a lot of money to get your video viral. But your idea can. Thinking of the best ideas can be one very effective means of creating a video that will catch the attention of millions of viewers. Therefore, spending the time to think matters more than spending a lot of money.
  5. High-Quality Animation. Sometimes, even if a video has good sense, but the quality of the animation is poor, the appeal is lesser. On the contrary, even if the video is a little senseless but it showing high-quality animation, it can go viral. 
  6. Education. When a video tries to teach ways on how to live a better and healthy, people easily share it. Spreading good vibes is what many people are looking up to. 

Video Production

Creating a Video Made Easy

One of the reasons why videos are very popular today is the fact that making a video is made easy. Video creation becomes so simple and free that is why the media landscape is flooded with millions of videos.

There are software’s which enable people to easily create a video for free. More people are encouraged to do so and that’s another factor why many people become interested in video creation job. 

More About Video Creation

When you create a video, the animation is not the only thing. It will become more effective if it has a great content. The video content distribution these days is another success in the video marketing industry.

A video becomes more clear and perceivable because of its content. Great minds create great ideas. Great ideas result to great contents.

You need to work your left and right brains out to make sure that you are pulling the right trigger when you aim for success. Video creation can lead to a successful video which can bring great success to anybody’s business. 

Video Marketing on Businesses

Strategy and Effort

One of the most common reasons why people want to get their videos viral is for business promotion. When you create a video for your product or service, you can describe your trade in the easiest way.

You do not have to spend millions of dollars. All you need is to create an amazing video that will surely catch the viewers attention easily. However, you are aiming for something that needs the right strategy and enough effort.

You need to work it out. There are many ways to achieve that business goal. And do not worry if you are not an expert video creator. Help is available.

Amazing Videos

Effective Video Distribution with the Help of Video Experts

Whether you are creating an explainer video or animated video, there is a real difference between a professional’s work from an amateur or DIY work. Do not waste your time and effort. It is best to directly ask the expert’s services.

You will never regret it.

No more hesitations as at this stage in the process, you can benefit from the expertise of a professional in multiple ways. These talented individuals have the experience of knowing which visuals are best to help you push your brand forward.

Professional video designers can professionally edit and create mind-blowing static graphics that will surely catch your attention first. Even tailor-made transition between scenes and objects are very easy to them.  

Video Distribution

The Help of Video Distribution Company

Before you even produce your video, you need a clear plan. And that includes the video distribution company that will be servicing you. Here’s a very important fact that everybody should know.

Not all videos that are amazingly created can go viral that easy. BUT, with the help of a professional and trusted video distribution company, success not miles away.

Yes, you are going to need some traffic sources through Facebook, Twitter, AdWords, Pinterest, and other platforms. However, do you have the time?

Hire the Best Video Distribution Company

These video distribution companies can give you what you want. All you need is your full trust on them. Tell them all your ideas and expectations. You need to work as a perfect team for the success of the project.

Areas of Video Analytics

So once you already have an amazing video, it is time to know who can distribute your video on a maximum reach. A great distribution strategy will be covering all major channels.

It will have you sharing your videos like how viral celebrity videos do. Your video will surely get the attention that it deserves. 

Choose the Right Platforms

A video well crafted is not an assurance of getting viewed. Here is a tip for you. Know what video distribution platforms to use. For example, today people embrace Facebook ads, television, trade shows and pre-roll slots across video ad networks.

Why not use them as the medium to get your videos millions of views. But, you need to choose the right platforms ahead of time. The channel distribution will be as simple as plugging into different networks if you begin in the best way.

Single Distribution Factor: A Sure Way

Because videos are everywhere, marketers feel that they need to create multiple videos for the various distribution channels. And that rarely leads to success.

It is best to focus on one distribution platform. The marketing landscape is evolving quickly, therefore, it makes video more versatile. Chances of changes in the trend are still possible. 

Explore New Ways

Never Stop Testing

Today, video distribution companies are constantly looking for new ways to bring new opportunities for brands. Their aim is to reach their target audiences faster than their competitors.

Always keep your eye out for new channels. Find those that specialize in connecting brands with your desired customer base because it is one sure way. Additionally, when you experiment, do not spend much money. 

Use Organic Opportunities

You do not have to spend money all the time. There are organic methods online. More opportunities for online distribution are available today. All you need is to spend the time to explore. 

There are low-budget experiments that can be very effective. By doing that, you can prospect for new opportunities on ad network directory websites.

The Importance of a Clear ‘Call to Action‘ 

A perfect call to action statement has the power to boost conversion rate of any product or service being promoted. Every businessman knows that call to action is a key ingredient to any effective marketing program.

35 increase in conversion

Here is a very simple rule. If you have a business, you need to have a website. If you have a website, you need to have a call to action. Conversions, revenue, business, and profit will depend on the video, video distribution and your website’s call to action.

It is important to know where you exactly to set new tagets if some areas failed or are failing. Your business needs to stand out by all means.  And yes, you can.

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