Cartoon Marketing Video

7 Reasons Why You Should Use A Cartoon Marketing Video

A video content has the amazing power of engagement. It’s the main reason why the popularity of video marketing continues to increase. There are different types of video marketing tools. Cartoon marketing video is one.

In this article, you will learn why it is best to use cartoon videos.

Essential Facts

What is Cartoon Marketing Video?

Cartoon marketing video is using cartoon animated video to introduce or promote a brand, product or service.

What is Cartoon Marketing VideoIt is a business marketing strategy anyone can use for any purpose.

Cartoonized characters in videos are very effective in getting someone’s attention.

Therefore, with cartoon animated characters, you are going to give your brand a more personal and human touch.

It gives positive impact to the viewers as they find these cartoon animated characters entertaining and fun to watch.

No viewer age requirement.  

As a result, you can make a cartoon marketing video for any age or gender.

What matters most is that you know what type of audience you need to target as your viewers.

You Need a Cartoon Marketing Video Plan

When you invest in any type of video marketing tool, you need to have a plan.

Cartoon Marketing Video PlanYou have to answer the three big questions, WHY, WHO and HOW?

Why are you creating the video?

For whom is the video?

How are you going to get your viewers?

These are three critical questions that you need to get the answers.

Knowing your exact purpose will help you.

Top  7 Reasons

Why Use Cartoon Marketing Video

  1. It quickly delivers the message

    Cartoon animation is a very effective multimedia tool.

    It can replace boring and heavy texts to simpler yet powerful video characters with an amazing audio.

    The audience will be more inclined to watch the entire video.

    The video characters are unique.

    They can easily distill and impart the message of the video.

    Thanks to these cartoon animation videos, we can send messages to people without clearly blunting it.

  2. Clever animation

    Cartoon animated characters that we watch in a cartoon marketing video can make the complex simple.

    It can communicate its core principles to its viewers within seconds. 

    Cartoons arouse positive, carefree associations from our childhood which is why we find this type of video an interesting visual communication tool to watch.

    The aim is to get the audiences into their ‘more basic, innocent understanding.

  3. Customization

    Unlike other video characters, cartoon animated characters are easy to customize to meet your marketing goals.

    You can design the characters to a person’s image.

    With that, your video can have an emotional contact with its viewers.

  4. Shareable and easy to consume

    A cartoon marketing video is a short but very informative video clip.

    It is ideal to watch because it makes complicated matters simple.

    People will share to others because they will find it informative and useful.

    Therefore, promotional videos using cartoons can be very saleable to people.

  5. It is flexible

    You can use a cartoon marketing video for B2C and B2B companies.

    Whatever your purpose in creating such video, you can be open to the higher possibility of success and increased productivity.

    To enhance a personal connection with your audience is going to be easy.

    When you are able to deliver your message well, you will have the great chances of selling and buying activities.

  6. For everyone

    Cartoon animated videos do not have any age and gender barrier.

    It’s versatile.You can create a video for any type of target audience that you have.

    Everyone can relate just make sure that you hit the right storyline.

    It’s never hard to create a script for cartoon explainer videos.

  7. Cost-Effective

    Explainer videos like cartoon marketing videos are affordable.

    Simple animations are the most cost-effective of all types of videos.

    On the other hand, branded videos are expensive.

    Not all people can afford it.

    The set design, location shoots, production costs, and paying models or spokespersons need a high budget.

Determine Your Goal

If the video is all about a product, to connect the cartoon animated characters to the script is important. You should present every information clearly as an explainer video is short in length.

Do not bore your viewers. In a limited time, you must be able to state the problem and show the solution so the viewers will understand what your video is all about.

Don’t leave them with questions in mind. That will not work.

Boost Your Viewing Percentage

Cartoon Marketing Video Viewing Rate

A video is not going to be a hit all the time.

That’s the reason why you need to pick the right video for your needs.

Choosing cartoon marketing video is a smart decision to make.


Because a cartoon animated video has the fast capacity of boosting your viewer’s number.

It is very important that you gain enough number of viewers and make sure that your video is high in quality and message clarity.

Additionally, if your video is great, people will start liking, commenting and sharing it.

How to Make A Cartoon Marketing Video More Effective

You have to learn how to get the best out of your cartoon marketing video.

There are several important things that you have to remember.

  • High-quality – The video quality is a very important aspect of a video. It’s the first thing that an audience sees that will attract or disappoint the person. Who will watch an unclear video? It is best to initially give importance to the quality of the video.
  • Colors – Although it is going to be a cartoon marketing video, do not overdo it. When it comes to colors, still there should be limitations. It is best to use the color of your brand palette. It will let people recognize and remember your brand easily.
  • Customization – A 100% custom video is going to be great. The best thing about a cartoon marketing video is that it is easy to customize according to the type of audience that you have.
  • Length – The ideal length of a cartoon marketing video is 60-90 seconds. Explainer videos are relatively short. Keep it short but concise.
  • Voice-over – The quality and clarity of the voice-over should be given high importance. A good script will be wasted if the voice-over is bad. Also, choose a voice-over that speaks the language of the audience that you are aiming to. A message a clear when there is no language barrier.

People Responds to Cartoon Marketing Video

Out in the market are different types of video styles.

Hence, after learning all the above information, it is safe to say that a cartoon marketing video is one of the top and best video marketing tools.

The unique features that are very useful in B2C and B2B companies.

Yes, they simply work! There are many fantastic benefits and you too should experience it. 

Indeed, cartoons are one of the most powerful involvement devices on the planet.

Professional Cartoon Marketing Video Companies

If you don’t consider yourself an expert, that should not be a problem.

There are many professional cartoon marketing video companies out there who have experts in creating amazing cartoon animated videos.

You can always make your inquiry before you make your final decision.

The most important thing is, you end up with the right cartoon marketing video expert.

They will offer you services that are beyond your expectations.

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