8 Things to Keep in Mind While Creating Landing Pages

It is hard to find campaigns in today’s predominantly online world which do not have an online marketing component. If we talk about Landing pages that help organizations in formulating marketing strategies to promote their products and services effectively.

Having a well-designed landing page is a crucial piece of the puzzle when enticing visitors to push them deeper into the conversion process.

Your landing page should be perfect, and that is the goal of this article. Let us explore the top eight things you should keep in mind when designing your landing pages, so they can effectively convert your visitors and lure them into purchasing or subscribing.

1. Highlight your UVP

Your content page should focus on your unique value proposition. Remember, you have a very short time to convince your visitors to pursue the offer. Excessive information will overwhelm them, and they will leave immediately. Engage with your audience in simple language and show them how you are going to improve their life.

These are the top 5 text components that result in the highest conversion, so make effective use of them:

2. Use a simple layout

Ensure your landing page uses an attractive yet minimalist design to present the information in a non-intrusive way. Avoid sidetracking your users with unnecessary visual elements. Stick to a clean and simple design, with enough white space – so your users stay focused on your product or service and the “call to action”.

Make it easy for your visitors to read and digest the crux of your landing page. And do not lose sight of page loading time; most internet users are short on patience.

3. Serve luring multimedia

Images and videos enhance the experience of your users as they explore your offer. Their visual reasoning skills allow them to process and decipher the value of what they see. Multimedia can be used to deliver additional information to impress your users.

Providing high-quality stills and movies helps your visitors see the best aspects of your offering. Make sure you are working with professionals who have a solid grasp on the use of visual techniques to boost conversions.

4. Secure your landing page using SSL

Security is one of the most critical things on the minds of internet users nowadays. Install an SSL certificate on your web server, so all transmission between your visitors and the server is secured by the end to end encryption offered by the HTTPS protocol.

The grey padlock that comes as an added advantage of using SSL assures your customers that they can trust your website.

Also, a successful campaign needs as many eyeballs as possible, and SEO is a crucial ingredient in making it possible. Not having SSL will push you down on the SERPs (Search engine result pages), which means you will be losing out on free organic traffic.

And here is a money-saving tip. If you have multiple domains to protect, you can make it cheaper and also ease management by getting a multi domain SSL certificate. It will ease the certificate management burden for you.

5. Stress on reliability

Make ample use of badges, trust marks and testimonials to show visitors that they can rely on your brand and offer. Testimonials are considered to be classic trust indicators to reassure your potential customers.

Trust badges include logos of well-known brands who you have engaged with, any recognition and endorsements you have collected, and your membership in relevant coalitions and groups.

All the stamps of approval your landing page shows will boost your visitor’s trust in your brand and move them further along the conversion funnel.

6. Make use A/B testing

Creating a good landing page is not enough. How do you know if it is working effectively? To check how well your landing page is performing towards the goals of driving conversions, you must perform A/B testing, so you get a better understanding of how your visitors are interacting with your landing page.

Make use of tools like Hotjar and Google Analytics to see if your landing page is converting. These are the elements you should include when performing the A/B testing:

  • Headings
  • Buttons (their looks, textual content, and position)
  • CTAs
  • Graphics and images
  • Navigation links
  • Press quotes
  • Trust signals
  • Page elements placement (a.k.a. blocks)

7. Enforce mobile-first principles

Given the increase in the use of mobile devices, you can be sure that the majority of traffic coming to your landing page is going to originate from cell phones and other handheld/wearable devices.

Make sure that your landing page adopts responsive design principles, so you do not lose out on potential conversions from mobile traffic. A landing page that renders beautifully on mobile devices, loads quickly and promotes CTAs is more effective in delivering the results you expect.

8. Ease social sharing

Make it easy for your potential customers to spread the word regarding your offer and brand by including “easy to access” social sharing icons on your landing page. Social sharing is one of the most effective forms of publicity as it works kind of like the good old word-of-mouth promotion campaigns.

To prevent cluttering, do not include buttons targeting social platforms that your target audience is not likely to use. Also, make sure you provide an option to forward the offer in emails – though not apparent to many, it still remains the preferred way of sharing such information for most internet users.

Everyone, including entrepreneurs and industries, appreciates the value of having an online presence for connecting with their potential customers. Landing pages are a different breed compared to your typical home pages. They offer you a unique opportunity to launch customer-oriented and targeted marketing campaigns.

Conclusion: The key to success is designing your landing pages professionally. Remember, having technically sound landing pages is necessary but not enough – you must provide content that is structured and tuned for better conversion rates.

Every minute detail matters, as it makes an impact on the people visiting your landing page. The more attention you pay to the tips shared in this article, the better chance you have of converting your visitors into leads and paying customers.

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