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10 Startups with Best Company Intro Videos

Do you own a website? Are you using your website to promote your business? If you give ‘yes’ as the answer, well that is a brilliant marketing strategy that you have there.

You are lucky! At this very moment, you are about to gather more essential facts and helpful tips to help you grow your website. Which is, a great advantage to your business.

Also, you will be learning about company intro videos and how they can help you boost your engagement and conversion rates.

So please continue reading.

What is a Company Intro Video?

A company intro video is a very short video clip showcasing your company’s logo and brand. Despite its very short length, company intro videos can be very compelling.

It has the power to relay people messages without using a lot of words nor visuals. Indeed, an intro video can have a great impact not only on your website but on your business as well.

Always remember that important you consistently reminding your viewers about you and your business is what will make them ask more from you.

Practicality and Right Knowledge

Not all websites get high engagement and conversion ratings. There are several reasons why that could happen. On the top of the list is the website itself. Yes, you read it right.

One very common cause of a poor website response is the website itself. Come on, you cannot deny it! You see them every day as you surf the web and do your thing online. These are the websites that lack in color, content, and life.

Worse, it could be your website too.

Perfect Company Intro Videos

The best way to grab a person ‘s attention is to provide entertainment, thrill, and excitement. You can apply this principle when it comes to encouraging people to check and see what your website is all about. How? By simply making perfect company intro videos for your target audience, you will be on the right track. These questions could be lingering in your mind right now.

  • What is an app intro video?
  • What is the specifics of this product intro video?
  • How to make the best intro video?

Again, as what we have mentioned above, you are lucky enough. We will be providing you with the right information you need to add up to your knowledge. Hence, we will also be giving you examples of startups that have the best company intro videos. Therefore, continue reading to reveal more overwhelming facts.

10 Startups with Best Company Intro Videos

# 1 Encircle

Encircle is a mobile and web documentation tool. It allows a person to gather visual and textual information, put them together and create an amazing video tactic.

Also, it is easy to use. So whether you are an ordinary person or an expert videographer, you will never find difficulty in using Encircle.

This app is well-known in making spinning techniques which were already proven to be effective and appealing to the viewers. Indeed, it can really be fun to watch.

Please cite the video below as one good example.

# 2 Thumb

Thumb is an online social polling app. This app aims to get real-time feedback on any question. What’s the best with Thumb is it allows people to get instant feedback on virtually anything.

So if you want to get the opinion of people instantly, use Thumb. Please cite the video below as one good example.

# 3 Path

Path is a social networking platform that allows photo sharing and messaging services. It highly promotes its messaging app as people can send short but heart-warming messages.

Its essence is to connect people wherever they are in this world. With a perfect soundtrack, everything is surreal. A lot of people will surely appreciate this type of video scheme.

Please cite the video below as one good example.

# 4 popSLATE

popSLATE is a protective case. It makes use of the real estate that is wasted at the back of your phone. This is actually an interesting second screen concept that many mobile users can use as well.Please cite the video below as one good example.

# 5 Drawnimal

Drawnimal is one amazing app that promotes the wonders of digital technology. It shows fun and bubbly art experience using a rustic pen and paper with a hand image doing the drawing.

Truly, its beautiful animation easily captures the hearts of the viewers. Please cite the video below as one good example.

# 6 Zinio

Zinio is a digital magazine distributor. The video sample below is very impressive. It shows wonderful animations and amazing graphics that can truly capture anybody’s attention.

It is a work of art no can resist. If you apply such technique on your video, you will surely get high and overwhelming engagement rating. Please cite the video below as one good example.

# 7 Mextures

Mextures is an amazing app that proves even without words, one can express his feelings and emotions through art. It has great photo editing app that allows people to convey clear and beautiful messages.

Isn’t it something that we really need today. It’s simple. It’s wonderful to the feelings. Please cite the video below as one good example.

# 8 Foldify

Foldify is another innovative mobile and web app today. When creating print and fold 3D figures, this is the best tool to use.

Do not forget to give high importance to quality when showcasing live-action characters on your video. Foldify made it sure that their clients will get results beyond their expectations. 

Please cite the video below as one good example.

# 9 Duet

Duet is an artistic video design scheme that emotionally connects to people. The video below simply shows the clear meaning of this technique and lets you feel the essence of love which is a powerful feeling nobody can resist.

Well, it is indeed very attractive and appealing in the eyes. So no more question about it. Please cite the video below as one good example.

# 10 Refresh

Refresh on this video uses humor and bubbliness to tell people their message. It is undeniable to fun things that can make people smile and laugh are truly effective.

Positivity in life is the essence of this video idea. When making a story for your company intro videos, it is best to include funny taglines. 

Please cite the video below as one good example.

The Brilliant Services You Need

Hire the Professionals

Sometimes, it’s really hard to admit the reality that we own a website and we do not have any talent in videography.

That is something that you have to overcome because there are many people like you who have succeeded in their journey. How?

They simply seek help from the right people who can do the job.

Today, video creation is one very in-demand type of service all over the world. Online, you can see a lot of video creation companies that can surely give you what you want.

When choosing professionals to hire, be sure that you are talking to the right person or people.

That is the surest way to avail reliable services.

The Importance of Company Intro Videos

When people see purely promotional and brand-related content in your company intro video, it will turn them down. When that happens, you will miss an opportunity which is at this point, a very important aim that you have to target.

There is no reason to frown. After seeing all the examples above, you now have the right knowledge and even the confidence to follow your plans and make your dreams come true.

For your business, you have to work hard, then nothing will be impossible.

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