Top 10 Types Of Visual Content

Top 10 Types Of Visual Content To Use In Your Content Marketing

Visual content is a term that seems to be everywhere these days.

The main reason behind is the growing popularity of social media

and Internet usage that makes people like, comment and share a lot of stuff all over the web.

Are you into business and you have high interest in using video or content marketing to promote your product or service?

That is a great idea to pursue.

However, for beginners like you, a question could pop up in your mind.

How to create an effective visual content?

Video and content marketing both requires content visual.

But, not everything that people create will work.

What marketers like you should prioritize is the quality of your marketing tool.

Therefore, a great content script is useless if the visuals are incomplete and ineffective.

As a result, the video or content marketing tool will not benefit your product or service.

Video and content marketing both requires visual content.

But, not everything that people create will work.

What marketers like you should prioritize is the quality of your marketing tool.

Therefore, a great content script is if the visual content is incomplete and ineffective.

As a result, you cannot come up with a good outcome.

Which also means that you cannot expect any increase in your conversion rate because you are not using an engaging marketing tool.

You can avoid all those bad stuff.

All you need is to learn about visual content, its types and how to create the best one that will surely benefit your brand.

Please continue reading to reveal more amazing facts and details.

What is Visual Content?

A Short Comprehensive Overview

Here is a pretty and simple concept.

‘Visual content is content that shows objects to describe things or ideas that are difficult in written words.’

These images have emotions to connect deeply to its viewers.

visual content

The content itself will communicate and compliment that information for people to easily comprehend the message.

They are very effective that people liked and shared 200% more often compared to other types of visual tools. 

Visual contents are actually a technique to attract and acquire a specific group of audience.

It will give your video or your content a unique identity for people to remember.

Using these visuals, you are telling your story in a more effective way.

How to Create Great Visuals

The very first thing you need is to clearly understand what your product or service is all about.

The very first person to know your brand is you. It is the number one requirement towards the success of a business.

Now, the next question that you could be asking right now is, ‘How to create great visuals?’

Above, we mentioned that not all visuals will work and that is not what you are not expecting.

Here is how you can create a great visual content.

  • When framing a photo, use grids. It makes images look great.
  • Overlay text onto a grid of images. I will add an impact on your images.
  • Use filters. The effects can be very amazing.
  • Always set a color palette according to the color of your brand fonts. It will give your brand a clear identity.
  • Use a striking stock photo. The image should be high in quality.

Stand Out

Today, there are thousands of similar write-ups of the same topic that we can find in books, magazines and on the internet.

According to research, 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. That is why people are more stimulated visually.

Therefore, you must create a stunning visual that will separate your content from all others.

You must stand out to be recognized.

Hence, you will end up nothing but a poor-quality, useless advertising tool.

TOP 10

Types of Visual Content


Pictures – are images that can express feelings and emotions effortlessly.

PicturesAs a popular saying goes, ‘A picture can paint a thousand words.’ It is true.

One can create a single image that can be described differently by people.

A picture can have a limitless meaning which means different types of individuals can relate and connect.

Through a picture, an audience can make or break an important decision.

Therefore, creating an amazing picture is vital.

If you do not have the money to create your own high-quality picture, there are stock free or royalty free images (Shutterstock) available for you.


Video – is a series of moving and transitioning images.

They are recorded and broadcasted to provide a clearer picture.


This type of video is relatively short. Its purpose is not to bore the viewers.

Since a video is just a visual support, there is no need to make them long.

More people will watch your video if it is short and concise.

It is a good type of visual content because it is sales conversation booster.

According to studies, 64% of readers who viewed the video are more likely to purchase goods and services.


Infographics – is a chart or diagram that compresses a lot of information in one single image.


It is a visual summary of what your article is all about.

This is not merely drawings of objects.

An infographic could also be written texts but are artistically designed using wonderful font styles in different sizes and colors.

This is best to use if the article or video has a script filled with data, facts, and figures.

Infographics are three times more likely to be ‘liked’.


Screenshots – which people call as screen captures are images taken from a picture or document.

One can screenshot using a smartphone and a computer.

ScreenshotsThis content is best to use when you are trying to promote a service or product that is technical in nature.

The very common usage for screenshots is when someone tries to show an error.

Instead of describing the problem, a person will capture the screen in the part that the problem persists.


Quote Cards/Macros – these are text cards highlighting a phrase or saying a person wants to give an emphasis.

You can add an image to it to make it more emotional or humorous.

Quote cards/macros are similar to memes.

They only differ in the text you put as caption because you are trying to give a quote or inspirational message.

You are not trying to spoof.


Graphical Data – is a statistical presentation with graphs and charts. 

This includes pies, bar, columns, areas, stock and much more.

Graphical DataA graphics data is used to illustrate a relationship or a comparison between subjects.

Using this type of content will allow your readers to analyze trends or relationships in the data you collated.

People can easily compare results that you are trying to show.


Memes – are similar to quote cards.

This type of visual is a satirical mimicry of news, events among other things.

Memes are usually humorous and fun.

They are at times a sarcastic depiction of current topics trending around the world.

Memes are created with a purpose of making it viral which is really popular among many people.

It is really easy to make one thing go viral when you can make your audience smile and laugh.


Question/Quiz – is a brilliant marketing tool as it is inviting the reader or audience to collaborate with your article.

When you are questioning or in your content, you are effectively inviting people to closely interact as they will find your content very interesting.

When it comes to high-engagement rate, try to highlight a question or quiz in your article.


Visual step by step instructions – is when you show an organized procedure with their specific picture.

step by stepIt is a series of images that will clearly show people what you are trying to tell them. 

Each photograph will have the instruction and its corresponding photo based on their sequence.

Many people are lazy in exploring and learning methods on their own.

A visual step by step instruction is going to make someone easily follow what you are trying to teach them.

TOP 10

Call to Action – is very popular among marketers because this is the phrase when one is trying to convince a person to trust and buy a product or service.

A very effective conversion guarantee, call to action is usually a banner button that the reader can click to take part of what you have to offer.

No matter how great a blog post is or an article is, it is incomplete without a CTA or Call to Action.

increase in conversionOne thing that we need to remember is the CTA and the content should be relevant to each other for it to make sense.

HUGE Advantages

When it comes to customer retention, visual content is a big help.

Despite the fact that people are already bombarded with information with so many articles of all topics available online,

a marketer can use a visual content as a powerful weapon to create an immediate impact with limited time.

A Great Visual Content to Help You Achieve Your Business Goals

After reading all the amazing information presented above, you can now tell that you are ready to create your very own effective marketing tool using a visual content.

You have countless ideas and limitless opportunities await.

It is best to take some actions now.

There are professionals who can help you.

Be sure to seek help from the right company who can truly bring SUCCESS to your business. 

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