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The Average and Right Freelance Video Editor Rates

Video editing is undeniably one of the most in-demand jobs today. The reason behind is quite simple. That is because a video has become a very effective and popular marketing tool in this present time.

More and more marketers are investing in it. Hence, making video marketing as the top marketing strategy for businesses worldwide.

So what are the freelance video editor rates?

Customer Inquiry:

Top Concerns

When a person inquires about a video editing job, the first question that he will ask is about the quality of the service.  That’s normal.

No one would go for a low-class video service especially if it is for a product video. Indeed, quality matters a lot. The next big question will be all about the price.

Yes! The cost of the service is a huge factor in the decision making. Whether or not a person hires a video editor, the question is very common. ‘How much are the freelance video editor rates?

First Things First

Video editing is different from video creation.  If you are planning to invest in video marketing, the very first step that you have to take is to determine what type of service do you need.

There are more types of video services. Consequently, you can avoid any mistake if you know what type of service to avail. It won’t take too much of your time to do this.

Therefore, learning the process should be taken into consideration.

How Much to Charge for Video Editing

Since you are now aware that a video editing is different from a video creation service, you know that their prices vary as well. Once you already determined the type of video service that you need, you have to know the price.

You need to get a very good service fee estimation to avoid any misunderstanding. Also, it is the best way to know if there are hidden charges or not. You have to know the average and standard price of a video editing.

Some freelance video editor rates might overwhelm you. But don’t worry! Along the way, you will find the perfect service with the right service rate.

Freelance Video Editor Rates:

Types of Video Editing Service Rates:

To be able to know the right price of a video editing service, you have to know types of freelance video editing services rates.

  • Hourly Rate

    The service charge will be rated per hour. For many video editors, this is the best payment option because there is a guarantee that every single minute spent in working will be paid.

  • Daily Rate

    The service charge is in fixed pricing. Which means that no matter how many hours you rendered for the project, your rate is already final. This type of payment is good if the video editor enables to finish the project ahead of time. However, if the task is too complex, then the work can be very exhausting.

  •  Fixed Rate

    The service charge is already fixed for the entire project. Therefore, no matter how many hours, days, or months you rendered, the payment rate that you are to receive is already final. Clients should check the pricing if it is just fare enough. Premium and regular video editing rates vary. Check that out as well.

Types of Video Editing Projects:

There are different types of video editing projects as well. These are important factors that video editors consider when charging their customers.

  • Videography / Cinematography

    When you need a video editing service for videography or cinematography, you should prepare a good amount of money. This can be an expensive video service because people will need to portray roles.

    This type of video will need special techniques with a combination of motion pictures and text. The project can be more complex than others. Therefore, a high price can be justifiable.

  • Documentary Editing

    A documentation is a very good source of information on a specific topic or issue. It shows a lot of details and facts. When a documentation is through a video, it becomes more effective.

    It is going to be visual which will be more convincing and engaging to the people who are watching. The video editing rate for this type of service can be average.

    Although there are companies that charge high depending on their reputation.

  • Commercial Videos /Business Promotions

    Doing a commercial or business promotion video is not very complex. It is probably the easiest video service that a person can get.

    Here, one can simply create an explainer video like a whiteboard explainer video or animated explainer video. The price can be pretty low.

    Just make sure that you are still getting a branded video for your product or service. It is one good way to encourage people to choose your brand.

Qualifications for Company and Freelance Video Editors

One of the factors that will affect the pricing of a video editing service is the qualifications of the video editor or the video editing company. The experience and expertise are great contributors to one’s service rate.

  • Beginner or Amateur Video Editors – They fairly start at low rates. But once they have proven their skills, they can immediately raise their prices. A lot of customers will still hire them for sure.
  • Expert and Pro Video Editing Professionals – Professional video editors who are expert in this field are usually paid in high and expensive video editors rates. These people have already proven their worth by creating amazing video products. Famous and big companies will never hesitate to hire and pay these experts to create and edit videos for them.

Additional Factors that Affect Video Editing Service Rate:

  1. Shooting
  2. Scriptwriting/editing
  3. Video length
  4. Video complexity
  5. Audio and soundtrack
  6. Use of royalty stock photos music and video clips
  7. Video editing equipment
  8. Shooting
  9. Plots
  10. Tax

After reading all the essential information above,  as a result, you are now ready to find and choose a reliable video editor for you that will give you a set of average and right freelance video editor rates.

But wait! There is more. If you have other questions about video editing services, icopify is a reliable company that you can trust.

Here are some great facts about this amazing explainer video company.

icopify: Video Creation Services

We offer our clients three different major services:

  1. Motion Graphics $399.
  2. Whiteboard Animation for $399.
  3. 2D Animation Basic $399.
  4. 2D Animation Pro $899.

How to avail our services?

Step 1

  • Select a package you want to avail.
  • Pay only 50% upfront.
  • Fill out a brief questionnaire. This is icopify’s way to determine your goals for the video.

Step 2

Step 3

  • icopify’s creative team will be designing the storyboard sketch.
  • A professional voice artist will be recording the voice-over. You will select the voice artist.

Step 4

  • The completion of the video production.
  • Will be shown to the client for the approval.
  • Video finalization.
  • Video delivery.

icopify offers Free Consultation for your questions and inquiries. With them, you can always speak with an expert free of charge. You can check their website for more details.

A Great Opportunity for Your Business

A video is a powerful tool for business marketing.

It has been proven by many companies all over the world. it is also the reason why we see amazing videos on YouTube and other video hosting platforms.

Having a perfect video for your product or service could also mean fast and easy lead to sales conversion. It is the future of your business.

So no more hesitations. Find the hire the right video editor with the right freelance video editor rates.

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