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Top 5 Best Video Hosting For Your Business

More and more business owners are utilizing the video contents as their top marketing platform. It is due to the fact that these videos are truly rocking the web today. But do you know why these videos can create such buzz? It’s because of the best video hosting provided for these videos.

Sadly, not all people who watch videos know what a video hosting service is. That is what this article is all about. So please continue reading to get the right full understanding about this matter.

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What is Video Hosting Service?

Video hosting service is a website or software. It allows a person to upload short videos to longer clips. The distribution of the videos can reach many audiences in different locations at a single moment.

One can do this by using the hosting service’s application or API. The video hosting company will then store the video on its server. Each video will have specific embed code or link. This functions to let other users watch the video.

The Best Video Hosting for Businesses

Presenting the Top 5 on the List

These are the top 5 best video hosting platforms for businesses. Included are some of their main features that you should be learning about.


Wistia is already around for many years and many of its users say that is a great video hosting service. It is user-friendly as anyone can simply open an account. 

Wistia gives the user a full control over the branding and customization of the video player which is a great advantage.

Heat maps is one of the most remarkable features of this video hosting service. It allows us to see which parts of the video were watched, skipped or rewatched.

It also shows what other videos the viewer watched which is truly amazing. When it comes to video analytics, Wistia provides clear details by advance insights regarding the videos.

It includes giving away information about the right marketing tools to use. These are very helpful things to consider. Because opportunities such as social sharing options, clickable calls to action, and collecting viewer’s emails are going to be very easy to perform.


Youtube is a global social network with a tremendous community. Like Wistia, it is user-friendly plus it is free. Therefore, without any questions, Youtube is one of the best video hosting sites for business platforms when it comes to brand awareness, promotion and advertising.


Youtube belongs to Google and their videos usually get the highest rank in Google which is already a search engine by itself. However, Youtube is not a business network.

One should think of a more strategic way to adapt to be able to use this platform for business purposes.

Youtube also provides video analytics although it is not as advance as Wistia. Youtube video hosting can be a great choice.


Vimeo has a smaller community compared to Youtube. However, depending on the type of business or product and its importance, Vimeo is more targeted than Youtube.


It is very popular and one of the best video hosting services as well.  People who are in search of creative professionals like designers, film enthusiasts, and artists use Vimeo to find what they are looking for.

The best thing about it is the opportunity that it gives its user to customize the video player. Compared to the other video hosting platforms, Vimeo has a much more elegant and sophisticated overall visualization.

Sprout Video

Sprout is also one of the best video hosting platforms today. It has good features and its services are amazing. Offering heat maps, graphics, and detailed analytics, Sprout is being preferred by many video enthusiasts.

Sprout Video

Unlike Wistia, Youtube and Vimeo, Sprout offers additional specific CTAs and email collection forms. It also creates curated playlists and helps you manage your video SEO options.

You can also customize your video player and the page for a more effective brand awareness tool.

However, compared to the other video platforms provided above, Sprout can be a little difficult to understand in the beginning. So for first-timers need a little more eagerness to learn.


Vidyard is also a huge video hosting platform arena. It has added features compared to other video hosting services. In Vidyard, the user can add gated content. Gated content is the platform that collects the emails and analyzes how they perform which is a very useful feature.


The user also has the full control over the look & feel of the video player which is a great advantage when it comes to brand awareness. A/B testing for multiple thumbnails is also allowed.

Vidyard uses pop-out CTAs. It automatically leverages to generate a list of video assets that can contribute to the ROI.

But compared to all the other best video hosting platforms mentioned above, Vidyard probably has the most amazing real-time analytics. It works to gives the possibility to channel data into Eloqua, Hubspot or Marketo records.

The Right Video Hosting Service

Choose the Best Video Hosting Platform

A good and high-quality video is nothing if it is in the wrong video hosting service. Therefore, choosing the right video hosting platform is very important. It is crucial for businesses to know the best video platform for business.

With the right video hosting service, one can receive a comprehensive evaluation based on the appropriate needs. So what happens if one chooses the wrong video host?

An Alarming Productivity Downfall

Using the wrong video hosting platform can cause a huge negative impact on a business in totality. The business’s income can be at risk. Here are the bad things that could possibly happen to your business if you choose the wrong business video hosting:

  1. Loss or revenue.
  2. A negative effect on your SEO ranking.
  3. Security and malware attacks.

Choosing The Right Video Hosting Service is Important

The Clear Advantages

  1. With the right video hosting service, a business will be aligned with its marketing goals. There will be a clear guide on what steps are the best to take. Remember that there are different kinds of videos. We have the product feature videos, explainer videos, animated videos, whiteboard videos, testimonial videos, etc. Please take note that each of them has its own best video hosting site. One should be able to choose the right video host service to ensure that the video functions on it purpose.
  2. Tracking the video performance is going to easy and possible. A video hosting platform has its own marketing tools and video analytics dashboards that can help a business track the current statistics of his video.
  3. The best viewing experience will be provided to the viewers. There are video hosts that bombard viewers with a lot of ads which can truly be annoying. It is important to choose a video host that is decent and professional that will encourage more viewers to like, comment and share the video.

These Best Video Hosting Services Can Help

A Sure Business SUCCESS

There are different kinds of video hosts. You might also have several videos to promote. Using a single video platform or a mix of them is not bad. You have the freedom to use as long as you know it is going to be an advantage for your business.

Exploring more ways to create brand awareness is the best goal to have in mind. Choosing the right video hosting for business is just one. Again, there are different hosting services for different types of videos that compliment their different features so choosing one is not going to be a hard one for you.

How To Choose The Best Web Hosting Provider?

Here are the things that you can do to be able to choose the right video host for your business’s video.

  • You must understand the different hosting options. Each of them has their similarities and differences. It is always good to make a research for more learnings. You will be able to compare their features and choose the right video host according to the needs of the kind of video that you have.
  • Choose a video hosting platform with the best customer support. Not all video hosts provide quality customer assistance. It is one minus factor if a service does not have a good support team.
  • The cost of the video hosting service should be rightful. Know the standard pricing for video hosting. It can be your guide.
  • A video hosting platform with a good reputation is the best option to take. There are video hosting services that will not give your video the right and decent exposure. It is something that you need to carefully take into consideration because brand awareness is one very crucial matter in this whole topic. Pick a video host that is good for all types of people, o matter what the gender and age are.

SUCCESS for Your Business

Always Aim High

Yes, there could be a lot of best video hosting companies out there. But it is not something that you need to worry about. 

It’s crucial to select a hosting provider carefully but there is always help available. All you need is the right attitude to do things at the right time. You need to trust yourself.

Just keep an eye on your goal and that goal is to bring your business to the peak of its SUCCESS

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