Video Hosting Website Alternatives for YouTube

Top 8 Video Hosting Website Alternatives for YouTube

There are a lot of questions about YouTube. Are there any websites like it? This is the top question that comes to mind. Because of how big YouTube already is, people tend to overlook that there are a lot of alternatives to it.

Ever since the boom of the internet and technology, a lot has followed up to the video trend. So, for this article, let’s look at the top video hosting website alternatives for YouTube.

You might know some of the things on this list already. So, what I want you to realize are your options. You definitely have a lot of options when it comes to video web hosting. You might even realize how some are unique, some might even capture your attention.

Some might have the features you are looking for. I will provide links for each of them if you want to discover further. I have placed different websites here with a diverse list of features and services for you to choose to depend on whether they will of help to you or not.

With regards to business terms, videos can give you tons of benefits for your project or business. From your SEO to your conversion rates. If you want to know more, you can read all about how a video helps your company SEO.

Top 8 Video Hosting Website Alternatives for YouTube

Before we begin, it’s important to know that these are not in order. To avoid unnecessary comments and arguments. But of course, everyone can have an opinion. So, let’s get right to it!


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Of course, Facebook! Maybe not all of you have noticed but you can embed, upload, and stream videos on Facebook. Facebook has billions and billions of visitors every day.

If you want to become famous or if you want to start a trend, this is definitely a top site to host your videos. In fact, there are a lot of industries that use facebook, check it out on the article I created. Facebook is not only YouTube’s Alternatives Video Hosting Website.

It’s actually one of the best video hosting websites. This is just the beginning, read along for more top video hosting website alternatives for YouTube.


Steps to Increase Loyal Twitter Followers

If we have facebook, of course, we have twitter. Social media websites are really a partner for video web hosting. Because of the number of viewers and visitors they have every day.

Speaking of visitors, twitter has approximately 3.1 billion visitors and users every month. Imagine that power for your video. With regards to the content, you can put any videos you want here.

The theme and agenda are not specific so go ahead and have fun uploading all sorts of videos. Either for your business or for personal.


Vimeo is more of a website for professionals, kinda like LinkdIn. They will offer you to pay a month, quarterly or annual subscription that will remove all the ads that you see as a free visitor.

Vimeo also states that they have a group of professionals that built a community on their website. Also, They provide unlimited bandwidth even if you are a free subscriber.

Furthermore, they have 4k HD videos, so that’s very good and it really deserves its spot here as a top Video Hosting Website Alternatives for YouTube. Plus, they offer free video lessons from the Vimeo video school.


According to their website, on the about page to be specific, Daily Motion attracts 300 million viewers every day. They also have a blog that accepts guest posting and along with their internal blog articles.

Although I noticed that Daily Motion access will depend on the country you are in. Still, you can access almost all of their videos, I THINK. On the bottom of the footer of the webpage, you can see a drop-down where you can select the country you are in.

They have original features like Daily Motion Games, Daily Motion Everywhere, and Daily Motion Stream. Maybe you would like to try it out.

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Although Crackle is currently country exclusive for the US, it still very good and deserves a spot here in the top video hosting website alternatives for YouTube. They offer a completely free way of watching videos online.

Of course, free means that there are advertisements and being a country exclusive website, it will mostly target ads for US viewers. They have a database of exclusive series and movies for your to watch.

Also, I noticed that there are a lot of ways to unblock the restriction to watch this from outside the US. But of course, I’m not gonna go there.


Are you a filmmaker? This is definitely the website for you. A quote from their website says ” We hope to empower filmmakers and storytelling with Viddsee’s platform, programming and network.” Their site contains mostly short films.

And they accept submission of films too. So, if you are confident and if you are an aspiring director, you can try and make your way here. In fact, they are encouraging filmmakers and start-up directors to join them.

They also offer their videos that are watchable on mobile devices and on your desktop so that’s good.

Are you a video marketer? Read the article that I wrote about the mistakes of a video marketer.


Gamers unite! Yes, this web video hosting website is mostly for gamers. But today, who isn’t a gamer right? This is the main reason why this is included as top video hosting website alternatives for YouTube.

Twitch has over 9.5 million daily active users, you can certainly get your target audience here. They also do fundraising for charity and they have claimed to have donated over 46 million to charity.

You can upload your videos for viewers to watch later or you can have your videos live-streamed. Surely, one of the best video hosting websites out there.


One of the best video hosting websites must, of course, cover the needs of the video marketer. Are you a video marketer? Read my article here about guidelines as a video marketer.

Wistia offers smooth 4k and 360 playbacks on all devices. With SEO tools for your video, you can maximize ROI with Wistia. They also claim to have flexible APIs and thorough documentation for which you can utilize fully as a marketer.

But what I noticed is that they have this amazing feature where you can have password protection and domain restriction. Furthermore, you can also control and track who is watching your video. That’s a nice way of getting leads.


So there you go, these are the list I created and with good research and googling, I came to the decision to include them here. Each of them really deserved this spot mainly because of features, content, and number of visitors.

Do you have others to include? I’m sure you have a lot in mind to add here. Think the way I did and judge if they deserve to be here. Anyways, you surely have a lot of options other than YouTube.

But keep in mind, YouTube will still beat them in the number of videos uploaded and the number of visitors. But regarding the features and service, they are definitely unique in their own way.

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