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Improve your Blog Search Status through 5 Tremendous Steps

Ever wondered why some blog articles are easily searchable on engines like google or yahoo? Professional blog writers often follow norms or guidelines. As a result, their blog search status always ends up on the bleeding edge of rankings.

Maybe you’re just a simple writer that has good ideas that you want to share. But you don’t how to reach everyone with your writing habits.

Not all steps are always the right one to take but most of these will certainly help you, especially if you are just a start-up writer. So, I want to give you some basic guidelines that will surely be easy to follow. I will give you how to:

Improve your blog search status through 5 tremendous steps:

Top-Notch Blog Title

Top-Notch Blog Title

While writing, you will notice that your idea or topic can harbor multiple titles. Ultimately, it will be up to you to choose a title that you think will be the best fit. While thinking of one, I would like you to keep in mind if your readers will type those words on the keyboard.

Also, think if your readers will get interested once they see your title. Lastly, please think if your title is completely relevant. There is a thin line between a top-notch blog title and an unprofessional article as a whole.

Although, if you keep to your idea and never forget why you have written this article, then you will be fine. Lastly, readers will judge your blog title if they want to read it or not. Always take this into account if you want to improve your blog search status.

Sentences with Focus Keywords

Focus keywords are like the cheese to a burger or like the peas to a carrot. Focus keywords are always a partner of blog articles in a sense that they almost can’t be non-existent.

Whenever someone types something on a search engine, that engine looks for these keywords. If they get a match, they will then show your blog articles. It’s the driving factor for any modern marketing strategy. But it can also ruin your strategy if you abuse it.

Incorporating focus keywords strategically on sentences is important. You don’t want to put too much focus keywords because not only will it annoy readers, it can render your sentences completely irrelevant and senseless. As the boy in karate kid said, “Too much of the good stuff is bad stuff”.

Make it Viewable Everywhere

promoting a business

Because of modernization, we can now access the internet through different categories of devices. From desktop computers to laptops, to tablets and finally, to mobile phones. Some readers even use multiple devices to access articles.

That is how it works now. and all we can do is adopt. Of course, there are benefits. People now have more reason to go online.

Hence, making your articles viewable everywhere is good for your blog search status. It will ensure that your readers can access your articles, whenever and wherever. Simply make sure that your articles can be viewed comfortable in mobile and desktops.

Don’t use complex formats that will produce errors in either mobile or PC.

Use the Power of Interlinking

Maybe you don’t know what this means yet, especially if you are just a start-up writer. It simply is an opportunity to promote your other articles. As you go through your blogging journey, your articles will accumulate and pile up. In order for your old articles to get a life again, you can interlink them to your new ones.

Furthermore, this will allow your readers to stay more, reading your articles and browsing your blog as they go along.

This strategy will help you a lot if you want to gain more blog search status and visitors.

Don’t forget about Social Media

Social Media Focus

The most visited websites on the internet are social media websites. It’s as if they are part of our daily lives now. Imagine if you shared your link there and all your friends and followers will see it. Maybe more than that, some of them are bound to click your link and they will see your article.

You know what this means? You will surely have visitors every day. This will greatly contribute to your blog search status.

These are only steps or guidelines that you can follow. Ultimately, it will be up to you to determine if it’s best for you or not. If you have more things to add, of course, you must do it. Although, this article will surely help you.

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