Overcome your Struggle for Leads

5 Moves to Overcome your Struggle for Leads

For most marketers, it won’t always be the “glory days”. There will be trying times and YES, it will come as often as possible. Because challenges are normal in our life. As a marketer, getting leads is where most of the hard work is for.

So, today, I would like to help you. With that said, I will give you some moves to overcome your struggle for leads.

The Definition

Even if it is obvious, let’s go back to the basics first. So, leads are the visitors, viewers, and people that have the potential or initiative to take action.

For example, if a person visits the landing page of your website, this person will only be a visitor. But if they watch a video and click the call-to-action there. It is possible they will enter contact information. By then, they will become leads.

Furthermore, these leads are the blood of your business. It will be your means to survive as a business. This is what drives us, marketers, to think of new things to publish and provide the people. Simply, to acquire leads.

In the long run, you convert them to customers and buyers. So, they will be your source of income. But there will be challenges because of competition. To overcome your battle for leads, let us identify the problem.

The Problem

As I said, it’s not every day that you will have a constant flow of leads. There will be times that you will only have a handful every day. Or maybe you won’t have any leads at all for one day.

Also, there are sometimes that you will make mistakes. Don’t be alarmed if this happens because this is totally normal. There are things you need to consider like the decay of your contact database or the modernizing world.

For today, I would like to provide you with something to read in case this happens. As a fellow marketer, I would like to somehow help those who are in need to be reminded of the small details.

Keep in mind, though, that there are many steps to take when you are trying hard for leads. But I will give you something very useful like the top 5 things to do if you are working hard for leads.

5 Moves to Overcome your Struggle for Leads

1 – Collect Yourself and Calm Your Mind.

This goes for all my fellow marketers out there. You need to first focus before you can see the problem at hand and overcome your battle for leads. Don’t go crazy and let your mind be destroyed because of a challenge that can be hurdled.

Try and ask questions first. Formulate a hypothesis and think of what started the problem. Remember that if there is a problem, there is a solution and you won’t be able to find one unless you collect yourself.

Think of positive things like for when you had a lot of leads. Or think of how you were able to achieve that number. This will allow your mind to think positively regarding any matter or problem that will transpire.

If you are still a start-up and this happened already, it’s okay. In fact, you’re lucky that this happened at this stage because you will gain a lot of valuable experience for the future.

And if you are already a professional marketer. Then, you must understand that mental strength is important.

This will be one of your best moves to overcome your struggle for leads. Keep your body and mind healthy at all times. And make sure you are able to handle stressful situations.

2 – Look at the Data and Analyze

Perfect Target

As a marketer, this will be and should always be your “go to”. Because data regarding your leads will show you the problem. Also, it will provide insight regarding problems that will unfold in the future.

First, you must, of course, establish a way to get measurable and viewable statistics for your business. This is what I mean by data. You can have tools like the customer relations management tool to create graphs and measurable values.

This is one of the best sure moves to overcome your struggle for leads. Because everything or almost everything will revolve around analytics when it comes to your business.

Imagine if you are able to check or see when people are least visiting your website. Or if you can see the dead season for your type of industry. Also, think if you are able to check what is happening to your lead generation strategies.

This will help you a lot if you are working hard for leads. Not only that, you might just be able to get through your obstacle for leads.

By looking at the data, you will not only be shown the problem. You can also prevent the problem that will start to arise. Of course, this will depend on your analysis and interpretation of the data presented.

3 – Make Changes and Move Forward

With everything that has happened up to now. Take a loot at the data, accept your mistakes as a marketer and make changes. Change for the better, of course, this is what is permanent in our lives and also in our businesses.

We must always adapt to everything that has changed in this modernizing world. For technology, we must learn to use and utilize all the tools that we have and we are going to have.

Regarding the changes you will make, talk it over with your whole team. In fact, you should talk to everyone who you think will have some valuable input regarding your leads.

With this in mind, I also have something I want to ask you as a reader of this article. Did you make any changes to your strategy recently? This is a big question. This will allow you to track back to where you made the change that resulted in fewer leads.

Moving forward does not always mean making changes as you go. For your business choices and decisions, it might mean going back to that choice to get back what was previously working as the best strategy.

Don’t forget that you will always make mistakes, it is inevitable and it’s up to you to move forward or be stuck. Now that’s one the best moves to overcome your struggle for leads.

4 – Consult a Professional Marketer

Most business organizations, even the small ones, will often have a marketing department. This will include the senior marketer, creative team, advertisement team and copywriters etc.

Usually, they will be the one to consult to. If you don’t have a marketing department yet, you can start to create one or consult one. Whatever the reason is, it’s always best to talk to someone who knows the problems and causes right away.

They are called professionals because they have gained experience and focused their career development on a relevant course. This means that they really know what they are doing.

Instead of threading the problem blindly, they will know how to use the tools that are designed to pinpoint challenges. They are able to solve problems efficiently because they already have a similar experience.

Have them analyze the data and re-think the strategies. As a business owner, you should always talk to the about the developments. As a marketer, you should give your own input regarding the matter and if you have some research to share as well.

In addition, improve your content marketing as well. This will help a lot and I create an article about that. This is also one of the best moves to overcome your struggle for leads.

5 – Create Special Events

Finish Product of your video

This is perhaps one the most amazing moves to overcome your struggle for leads. And maybe the most literal way to turn around the decrease in leads. Possibly, even ramp them up for a period of time.

Basically, special events refer to a thing that happens unusually with above average importance. This talks about discounts for a limited amount of time. Or special emails that offer a coupon code that will cut off the original price of a certain product.

So, what I’m saying is that you must offer them something they can’t refuse. Improve your call-to-action that will allow them to take the next step as soon as possible. This will give them the sense of urgency.

And you will not only just have more leads. You will also have a boost in conversion rates and sales in the long run.

People always feel good with the pleasure of reward. You can tell them that they have been chosen in a pool of random people and have been given a reward. This will give them something to keep in mind that this is a limited opportunity. Now, that’s an offer I really can’t refuse.


Ultimately, we can summarize everything we have read here. I want you to realize that it is still up to you to turn around all the negativity and make a positive one.

Make sure you are healthy physically and mentally to take on all the challenges you will encounter along the way as a marketer or a business owner. Don’t forget, competition nowadays is harsh and unforgiving.

So, adapt to the modern world and get through your obstacle for leads. Keep your feet steady, talk to everyone and collaborate. Everything will be fine with a good strategy. That it for my list of moves to overcome your struggle for leads.

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