All good? The essential video marketing checklist

Video Marketing Checklist

Not sure if your video is ready for the world? In web video production, there’s no way to guarantee what’s going to bomb and what’s going to go viral, but there are some simple things you can do to ensure a video is up to scratch.

That is why you need to have your video marketing checklist.

Have you had feedback from the office?

Video marketing relies on your calls to action, jokes, and overall message of the video being as clear and accessible as possible.

The best way to ensure that it’s having the impact it should is to show it to a select group of people before sending it out into the world. You don’t have to ask for ten-point feedback – just ensure that the content is fit to be seen.

Do you qualify the topic before the drop?

Marketers claim that there is an average of eights seconds to catch people’s attention with a video before they drop off.

That doesn’t mean you have to go crazy with those first few seconds. In fact, the best thing you can do is simply qualify the question or statement in the title of the video, so that people know you’re addressing the topic straight away.

Research shows that this simple approach retains as many as 60% of viewers.

Is there a sales pitch?

Using videos for marketing purposes doesn’t mean simply putting videos out there and hoping people like them enough to feel admiration for the brand. You have to convert that goodwill into sales.

A subscription prompt is a great way of gaining leads, and if you can give a clear reason to subscribe – such as extra free content or exclusive offers – you stand a much better chance of gaining a viewer’s attention and converting them into a customer.

Have you done your homework on past videos?

As a final point, it really does pay to use analytics tools to see whether there’s something in your videos that’s making people drop off. Once you’ve found a pattern, you can start to make things better.
Of course, there’s nothing simple about internet video production, but by bearing this checklist in mind, you can at least know that the basics are covered. The rest is up to your skills (and a little luck too).

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