High Quality Explainer Video Features

High Quality Explainer Video Features

If you’re new to the world of online explainer videos, you might be wondering how they work. Film, book or TV show, most people can tell that high quality explainer video is better than another.

However, only those who have really spent time analyzing the form will be able to tell you why that is.

Here at icopify, we specialize in creating high quality, high impact video content for companies. These videos really want to leave a lasting impression on their potential audience.

Though there are all kinds of important choices regarding video production that go into any one piece, all the best company videos share three key characteristics.

A short running time

Without question, the most important element of any explainer video is the information it offers and how to relay those. Brevity is key because the audience for online video explainers do not want to sit through a lecture on the given topic.

90 seconds is generally the sweet spot, as it’s long enough to get across all the relevant information though short enough to appeal to a web audience. Anything above 2 minutes is pushing it.

A personable feel

The explainer video is a personal way to get in touch with an audience, and this amiable feel must be upheld throughout. Always pitch it in terms of the viewer: ‘You can do X’ and ‘You get the benefit of Y’.

Then, put them in the driver’s seat and ensure the tone is friendly, positive and helpful.

A professional high quality Explainer Video

A help with some experts, you can create professional videos. It is to make your work to make a mark. Resist the temptation to just splice something together on the fly.

Trust an experienced team with a good portfolio to bring real class and quality to your explainer.

A video explainer will be a great choice if you want your customers to get information. icopify specializes ensuring videos that catches audience’s eye. Contact our friendly team today to find out more.

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