Revolution in the YouTube world. Vidgum is the first free partner program.

Why does a creator need a partner program?

Creators often face technical problems, copyright infringement, withdrawal of monetization, delayed payments, and so on. MCNs help them solve these problems.

Under what conditions do influencers work with MCNs?

Absolutely all partner programs except Vidgum offer cooperation with creators on the terms of income sharing: 80/20, 90/10, and so on.

In other words, bloggers pay the same commission to partner programs, even if there were no problems with the channel and no help was required. While the pay as you go system allows the blogger to save money and pay only for the work done.

Vidgum became the first MCN that offers a standard set of services free of charge. Creators get free access to their personal account, which has a set of tools for financial management and creativity.

The main advantage of working with Vidgum is the revolutionary principle of payment. Vidgum is the world’s first YouTube partner network that connects creators exclusively on the 100 to 0 terms: they pay out all blogger’s income in full. Creators only pay for additional services and those that they feel the need for.

Why did Vidgum decide to take this step?

VidgumPartner programs have long been reducing their percentage of revenue. As a rule, agencies offer special conditions to popular influencers with a large audience. Such creators work with partner networks without any commission at all or almost so. Sooner or later, all the standard services of partner programs would become free. Vidgum just did it faster than the other partner programs.

How does Vidgum make money?

The company is constantly expanding its ecosystem of services and products for the development of YouTube channels and their additional monetization. Partners choose the services they need on the pay as you go basis.

Among the free services:

  • An exclusive system of quick payouts that allows creators to receive the money within a few days after the video is released. This is possible thanks to a kind of credit system that allows to pay out creators based on YouTube Analytics data at any time, without waiting for the official transfer from Google;
  • More than 10 ways to withdraw funds using any convenient for creators system: to a bank card, PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, QIWI Wallet, etc.;
  • Round-the-clock technical support and instant help in solving any problems with the channel.

In the list of additional paid services:

  • Subtitling: original language and subtitles translation into 10+ languages;
  • Audio localization: creating voice-overs in different languages upon request and delivery of *.wav files;
  • Content ID that can earn more from re-uploads of bloggers content, adding of one video;
  • Design: Thumbnails design create a personalized logo and identity;
  • Personal manager: enjoy personal care experience – we will provide a dedicated manager who’ll be in touch almost 24/7;
  • Channel audit and optimisation;
  • Animation: create a dynamic animated intro and end screen;
  • Launching and running advertising campaigns in Google ads.

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