Video Production Rates

Ideal Video Production Rates for Best Customer Deal

Finding a video production service that offers a good deal of video production rates is a daunting task.

You need to think about the investment, contribution and monetary costing of the entire video project. And that’s not easy.

Especially to those who are not video experts and are first-time customers, things might get confusing.

Well, that’s no surprise because video production pricing is really a complex subject.

Even video production companies struggle with the issue of pricing when they get a meeting with a potential client. 

But don’t worry. We will simplify things for your faster and better understanding.

The Video Service

There is a multitude of online video companies available today. So searching for a video production service is not going to take so much time.

However, as with anything related to the internet, there will be plenty of variety when it comes to the video production rates.

You might start worrying because the financial aspect is always an integral part of any marketing.

Moreover, to justify hiring a video service, you need the ideal video production rates to stay on the budget.

The video pricing isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ issue so let’s go deeper to clarify.

How Video Is Priced

Video Production Rates

When it comes to the cost of a video production, there are a lot of contributing factors. Prices will vary according to the genres and topics available.

It will also depend on what a company is looking for in their videos. Although most professional video services offer budget relevant packages to their clients, attention to detail is still necessary.

Because today, there’s a broader role in every corporate plan and strategy. And that affects videos as part of the marketing campaign.

Critical Thinking on Budget Videos

Since videos have become the normal way of marketing in this modern time, it’s a brilliant idea to incorporate it into your own marketing strategy.

Depending on your firm’s size, it will always make sense to invest in videos. 

Using the services of a professional video company aims for a better company value and greater marketing efficiency.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you understand how different contractors, producers, and agencies price their services.

It will help you make the right budgeting decision. 

Key Factors Affecting Video Production Rates

Usually, the very first thing you’ll do when searching for a video production company is to compare the rates.

Video companies will give you their price and service specifications.

However, in that case, you only get to see the actual price. But what’s behind those digits?

To make a smart decision, learn the standard process. Be sure to keep an eye out for the factors that affect the video production rates.

We have listed them below. Each of these factors has its own costs which impact budget considerations.

1. Length of Video

The length is an obvious and straightforward factor that affects the video pricing. The longer the video, the more effort has to be exerted. Therefore, more minutes cost more money because every aspect of a video needs a specific skill and service.

Let’s sight the script as an example. If you want a 90-second explainer video, it may require a 500 to a 700-word script. The longer the script, the higher the cost of the script. Then everything follows. Because even if you hire a full-service video production company, each stage of the video has its corresponding prices.

So be very careful when deciding on the video length. Remember, the shorter the video the more engaging it can because of the audiences low viewing retention.

2. Characters

A World-Class Explainer Video CompanyOne of the most important elements of a video production is the characters. These are the subjects that connect to people. Whether you are using real human-beings or animated characters, they help gain and retain your viewer’s attention.

Also, they make your brand more memorable because they give identity to it. However, characters greatly affect the pricing of a video. This factor complicates the process and requires time-intensive task. Especially if you use real people to act. You need to set a budget for their talent fees.

So if you’re video needs high-quality and fantastic role-playing scenes, expect higher video production rates than the usual. But here’s a tip that we want to leave you, why not use animated characters. For several reasons, they can be compelling as well. Learn more about video animation to appreciate it.

3. Scripting

How is scripting affecting the video production rates? Well, it’s simple. The better the script, the better writer you need. Today, quality writing services can be a little more expensive because it’s not just about the story.

It’s also about the ability of the script to engage to the audience. Since the script is the soul of the video, you need to make sure that this part is well planned and created. The scripting alone can take days.

Therefore, before you avail a video service, be sure to ask if they offer free and unlimited script revisions. Because if they don’t, that’s going to cost a lot of money.

4. Location

For a video production, you have two location choices. The on-location or in-studio filming. Unquestionably, the on-location filming is the more expensive set. You need to find a good place to shoot. Location search already requires expenses.

Most of the time, it will take you days to find the best site to film your video. So just think of the budget you need to set aside for it alone. However, if you think that shooting outside the studio will bring better quality and life to your video, why not?

Go for it. Your aim is to create a video that can hook up your target audience. Therefore you must be willing to spend. It’s just a suggestion. You are free to consider it or not.

5. Lighting and Equipment

Lighting and equipment are essential parts of any video production. These are the tools that enhance the color and atmosphere of a video scene. They make the subject of the video stand out to draw the most attention.

Together with the right camera angles and superb character acting, the lighting and equipment must be given high importance. One needs high-quality lights and shooting equipment.

If you can’t afford to buy and create your own video production, then be sure to hire a video production company that ensures standard lighting and equipment.

6. Sound Files and Music

What we call the background music or theme song of a video is actually the audio and music aspect of a video production. They can’t be missing in any video because the sound and music bring more life to the entire story play.

However, these days you can find free royalty stock music over the internet. Which means you do not have to worry about any additional expenses. But, the free stock music is limited. 

If you want a unique and higher quality sound, you need to purchase. And that’s how the sound and music affects the overall video production rates.

7. Motion Graphics and Animation

We are living in a world where almost everything is digital. So when it comes to your video, the animation is vital. If you want your video to look cooler and fresher, bring on some motion graphics and animation.

Whether you use real-life persons or animated characters, you can always apply the animated techniques. It’s what people are asking, it’s what people want. You have to give it to them to make sure that your video will get fast and high recognition.

But be ready for additional expenses. Because motion graphics and the animation is a great contributing factor to the video pricing.

8. Licensing and Legal Fees

The legality of your video is crucial to making sure that you have the copyrights ownership. This means, no one can copy or steal your video from you, vice versa.

Video licensing must be a part of your video production budget. It’s not an option, it’s a choice that you have to make. Secure the sole legal ownership for the intended use of the video. Don’t waste your time and effort just because a person or company take the rights from you as the authentic owner.

Also, ask your video production company about the ownership of the video they create. It must be under your name once you receive your video order.

9. Editing

Hiring video experts does not mean you get what you want on the first shot. There’s always a need for improvement. If you’re not satisfied with the result of your video production order, you can ask for more video editing service.

However, this becomes an issue for some clients. There are video companies that charge for the editing while some don’t. Before placing your order, ask. Inquire and be sure to get the right answer.

Do not forget to mention the editing services. It will be helpful if you know the specifics of the service that you are going to avail.

10. Online Video Hosting

A great video is worthless if it does not reach its target audience. Therefore, it has to be online. To make that possible, aside from uploading your video on social media, you need a video host.

YouTube is one of the most popular video hosting sites that offer free and paid video hosting services. Video hosting will give you better and clearer analytics. But, this is an addition to your budget. So if you want higher reach, be willing to spend more.

If it’s the best to skyrocket your business, nothing should hold you back from your corporate dreams. Sometimes, before you succeed, you need to take the risk.

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