Video Must Be Part of Your Marketing Budget

10 Reasons Why Video Must Be Part of Your Marketing Budget

Are you planning to invest in videos, however, you’re hesitant about spending money on it? If you are thinking that video marketing is out of your budget range, you are wrong. Videos can be affordable marketing tools that show a great positive impact on product development and sales increase. So if you want your business to grow without spending a lot of money, a video must be a part of your marketing budget. It can be the fastest way to success. Never be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and explore possibilities.

Here Are The Top 10 Reasons

Why Video Must Be Part of Your Marketing Budget

1 – Video is King on Social Media.

  • Over 100 million hours of videos are being watched on Facebook every day.
  • People watch 10 billion videos on Snapchat every day.
  • In 2014 to 2015 alone, there’s a 220x increase on Twitter video views.
  • On YouTube, people spend more than 500 million hours a day.

2 – People respond to video more than text.

  • Experts say that people are more likely to remember a video ad than what they have read in books, magazines or any written format.
  • The continuous drop of newspaper circulation in the U.S. implies that people seek information and update in videos.
  • 90 percent of the information our brains pick up is visual.
  • A person can process visuals 60,000 times faster than he can process text.
  • Videos allow individuals to eliminate visual complexities out of the present communication.

3 – Videos bring an emotional connection.

  • Indeed, a video helps us connect to ideas and products through visual storytelling.
  • The connection that a video makes allows the target audience to understand the message on a deeper level.
  • People appreciate video in a way they can never appreciate the text.
  • Videos can easily make people smile and laugh which helps a person to have a positive mood.

4 – Videos can double your marketing ROI.

  • You can easily maximize your marketing ROI (Return On Investment) by using videos because videos generate three times as many monthly visitors to a website as plain text posts.
  • When it comes to brand identity, a video content appeals to a very specific niche which makes a product or service easier to comprehend.
  • Also, videos are not simply trying to appeal to everyone. But they’re more valuable for driving sales.

5 – Generates more leads.

  • To get potential customers, you need to have your prospect’s information. That’s what videos do. They give direct method in exchange for the contact details.
  • Videos are the indirect way of persuading the prospect to submit their information.
  • People are hardwired to narrative so it’s easier to grab a prospect’s attention using videos.
  • When it comes to reliability, studies show that people rely more on videos than texts.

6 – Google loves videos.

  • Digital ads incorporating video attract three times as many inbound links as ads without video.
  • Inbound links help video SEO so it gets ranked higher on Google.
  • Video transcripts can be full of keywords which is easier for Google to index.
  • Videos are incredibly easy to share. So Google sees it more and ranks it higher.

7 – Impacts email marketing campaigns positively.

  • Email marketing campaigns with videos get higher response rate.
  • When creating email marketing campaigns, use videos to lessen text messages.
  • Use video thumbnails in your email because it attracts recipients more than plaintexts.

8 – Appealing to mobile users.

  • Undeniably true, videos are everywhere as they can be accessed in mobile phones.
  • Video and mobile go hand and hand.
  • Statistics show the great increase of smartphone users because people use their mobile phones to watch videos.
  • Watching videos on mobile phones has a sense of personal connection to brands and their target audience.
  • One can watch videos, anytime and anywhere through mobile devices.

9 – Easily builds trust.

  • Videos always have identity which is why people depend on them mostly when searching for information.
  • The visual and audio effects of videos impose credibility to viewers.
  • When it comes to motivating prospect customers, videos top the list. They’re a powerful medium of communication ever since.
  • By sharing tips and insights in your video, you gain your viewer’s trust easily.
  • Authenticity breeds trust all the time.

10 – Videos relay clear message.

  • It’s very easy to relay a message in a video because of its visual and audio components.
  • Explainer videos are very popular tools for information because of their conciseness.
  • You can mention everything in a video even if it’s a video short clip.
  • Animated videos give life to its characters that make the message clearer.

Videos have the power to connect you with potential customers. Standing out in a crowded field of competitors is going to be easy with an amazing video. Using video as part of your marketing efforts will surely skyrocket your business.

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