Social Media Engagement

Best Social Media Engagement Ideas To Boost Shares And Conversions

Do you find your current marketing strategy ineffective?

If that’s the case, you have to change your current marketing technique.

Remember, it’s important to gain enough confidence to boost your morale and be able to think positively about your business.

Most importantly, it’s bad when everyone else in your industry is growing while your company’s productivity remains stagnant.

Because it could either mean failure or bankruptcy in the near future. And that’s something that you would never want to happen.

So here’s something that can help you. Why not use the power of social media to efficiently boost your shares and conversions.?

Yes! Today, we have the best social media engagement ideas that’s what you need.

The Power of Social Media

Total ViewsThe power of social media has undeniably taken the world by storm.

It’s a digital phenomenon that has dramatically affected not only persons but even organizations, groups, companies and businesses.

According to statistics, in the US alone, 7 out of 10 people have a social media profile.

Experts say it influences individuals to connect with one another, get the latest news, share information, buy and entertain themselves.

Using Socal Media for Marketing

InteractionsSince everyone else is on social media, it’s the best spot to market your product or service.

But, when you invest in social media marketing, it’s crucial that you put your marketing strategy into practice.

The application of what’s new and what’s in demand is the most important of all.

However, since almost everyone else in the business is using social media to promote and market their brand, the situation becomes tougher.

It’s a great challenge for you on how to make it to the top. To be able to close more deals, you have to stand out. But how?

The Importance of Social Media Engagement

A Higher Level of ExplanationNot everyone who uses social media gets a positive result. In fact, a lot struggle to get engagement.

There’s no engagement if there are fewer people talking about you, liking, commenting or sharing your posts.

That’s how it works. So you need interaction to achieve the right engagement.

Without it, all your social media marketing efforts will be useless.

Now, when people start to show trust in you, you have to nurture that connection to improve the B2C relationship and eventually you’ll get to close more deals.

Using the Right Social Media Engagement Ideas

So start looking for the right social media engagement ideas that might perfectly work for your business.

We’ve provided you some of the most effective social media engagement ideas.

These are proven to boost shares and conversions. You might want to consider them so check them out now!

Top 7 Best Social Media Engagement Ideas

1. Start the conversation.

Interactive Video PresentationsDon’t wait for your followers to contact you. To start getting things going, initiate a conversation with them. It’s one of the fastest ways to get engagement on any social networking site.

However, be sure to post something worth your follower’s reply. Be sensible.

Start an interesting conversation that will motivate your followers to spend the time to engage in your post.

2. Bring up current events.

A news or trending issue can easily get the sympathy of people.

Especially if it’s a viral topic that everybody’s talking about.

It’s an easy way to motivate your followers to say a comment or even share your post because it’s new or fresh to them.

Hence encourages them to post the same to inform their followers as well.

When you get more comments and shares, that’s a very effective means of bringing more traffic to your social media account.

Which also means higher engagement to boost your brand’s conversion rate.

3. Answer customer questions.


Your followers who can become your customers might raise some issues or questions.

Respond to them right immediately. Don’t let your visitors wait because that would make them feel invaluable to you.

Customers are the life of the business. Show them your appreciation and concern by quickly responding to their inquiries. Social media is not solely for marketing.

But it’s another channel for customer service.

4. Use the perfect hashtag.

Using the right hashtag is crucial. Consequently, it’s another proven way to connect with your target audience.

Hashtags serve as the headline or one-word summary of your post. It’s a story of an image or video that you will be posting.

It tells your audience what your post is all about. Therefore, using the perfect hashtag could help your post significantly.

However, it’s also necessary to try to be creative when using a hashtag.

Everyone use hashtag so make sure that you give your audience something more catchy.

5. Mention your followers.

Why do you need to mention your followers?

When you mention your followers in your post, it’s a form of direct interaction with them. For small business owners, mentioning your followers is a versatile means of connecting with your audience on social media.

Especially when you are selling a physical product or service, you need to reach the right people who need your brand most importantly.

You are simply identifying the right audience to easily achieve your marketing goal.

6. Respond to mentions.

Never ignore your commenters. There will be times when you get mentions. Be sure to respond to them.

When you post, expect reactions. You might get different reactions which include questioning. Answer them.

However, it does not necessarily mean that you must only respond to questions.

Reply to comments to show your followers you value them. You have to listen and react to what they say as well.

A friendly interaction will let you gain your followers trust. Eventually, they’ll learn to trust your brand as well.

7. Create conversational polls and surveys.

People love to chat, especially when there are interesting questions being raised. Polls and surveys on social media is a big hit.

Statistics show that people find it easier to answer poll and survey questions because they have automated answer buttons.

Also, answer percentages are being shown which give more excitement to your audience.

But, a poll or survey must not stop there. Make it conversational. When you see someone responding, mention the person and try to comment.

Showing your presence matters a lot to your future customers.

There are experts on social media surveys and poll questions that you can seek help.

Other Proven Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement

We have given you the top 7 best social media engagement ideas. But here’s more!

Right now, we will be giving you other means of effectively increasing your social media engagement.

As we all know, when you have a lot of active followers, you’ll get more likes, comments, and shares.

So continue reading to gather more amazing social media engagement ideas.

  • Use the power of social videos.

Social videos are video production intended to increase social media engagement.

There specially created to join social activities online.

Since videos are already a big hit, you can integrate the two powerful tools together. They’ll surely become a perfect match.

When it comes to improving your marketing result, you can live-stream your selling and promotional efforts. People find live-streaming a lot more credible than the recorded videos.

Moreover, don’t forget to keep your video short. 90-second explainer videos are a great example.

For great social video results, you can contact us. We are experts at creating professional-looking videos.

  • Tag other popular social media influencers.

As a marketer, you need help. Especially if you’re still a small or medium-sized business.

To acknowledge big companies and popular bloggers would be needed sometimes.

Therefore, your social media marketing activities must feature other big and successful brands.

When people connect to those companies, there will be great chances that you will appear as well.

It’s opening more chances for you to get the higher exposure that your business needs. Help does not weaken your strength as an individual entrepreneur.

It does not defy you that way. But what you need is to courage to compete with all your business competitors who are also making efforts as well.

Social Media Facts and Stats

The Social Media Engagement Strategy

How to increase social media engagement? Let’s look at some social media facts and stats and see what we can learn from the figures.

The most engaging social media network is Facebook. Most users are adults, male and female. Experts say that Facebook is an all-in-one social media platform.

You can integrate it with other types of marketing tools such as video and content marketing.

social engagement

In totality, Facebook remains the most popular social media platform.

So if you’re looking for places where it is best to invest in social media marketing, Facebook should top your list.

Here are the top 5 most engaging social networking sites today.

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Pinterest
  4. Linkedin
  5. Twitter


A Key to Boost Shares And Conversions

To increase social media engagement and boost your business shares and conversions, determine the best social network where you must focus your efforts on.

Social media is where we can find different types of people. It is where a huge number of people come and stay every day.

So if you want to make your marketing efforts lighter, social media is one best digital place to be.

Undeniably, social media is a key to all your marketing goals. Additionally, social media can deliver impressive ROI.

There’s no reason to hesitate.

Take the steps and lift your business up to where your dreams are.

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