Free Music for Videos

Improve Your Overall Video Quality Through Free Music for Videos

When it comes to music, there are a lot of free music for videos available on the web.

You can find them in different music sites.

However, if you are using music for a video, things can be a little more complicated.

It’s not easy to choose music for a video production because it can affect the overall quality of the video.

Therefore, a careful choice and smart decision making is necessary.

Using Free Music for Videos

There are people who need royalty music who can’t afford to pay royalty fees.

The idea of either or not to allocate a budget for music even becomes a debate to some video companies.

And if a video production has a low budget, the producers usually end up settling for less.

Whether you are using music for a video cover, tribute, sales pitches or vlog features, use the free music for videos.

Don’t do something that is beyond the original video production plan. Simplify things for better and faster results.

Finding the Right Free Music for Videos

It’s not true that you can’t find quality music in free stock music libraries.

You’re not even stuck with just a few great samples. There are countless stunning free tracks available in a wide variety of genres.

All you need is to know the process on how to select quality free music for videos. 

Aside from looking at the music licenses available for ease of use, go to the right place.

Find the best royalty free music and stock music sites.

Fortunately, below, we are giving you some of the top sites that provide free music for videos.

Top 10 Best Royalty Free Music Sites

1. Musicbed

musicbedIf you are one of the thousands of filmmakers and brands that need quality music for video marketing campaigns, Musicbed can help you. Musicbed believes that every video deserves a great soundtrack.

So they offer both paid and free music for videos to cater the different purposes of their subscribers. Also, their royalty fees are affordable so if you want ultra-quality music, they’re still the best choice to make.

Musicbed has a team of passionate creatives. Their company represents over 650 indie musicians and composers which is useful for sync licensing and custom scores. At Musicbed, you can find the perfect track for your any project.

2. Pond5

pond5Pond5 features stunning free music for videos that you can’t find anywhere else. They are one of world’s largest collection of royalty-free stock music with over 500,000 tracks. 

So from cinematic scores to dynamic pop, they got them in store for you. They aim to provide their subscribers the best paid and free music for videos to create awesome projects.

Pond5 has a unique collection of stock music and sound effects that you can rarely acquire from other stock music sites. The best thing about Pond5 is the affordability of their paid music. Also, you can gain access to their lowest possible prices with just a Pond5 membership. So sign up now!

3. Music Vine

musicvineWhen it comes to featuring beautifully produced music, Music Vine tops the list. They’re also one of the best royalty-free music websites in a user-friendly environment. Whether you’re an old or new member, you can go and browse their website easily.

They want their subscribers to experience a happy feeling when exploring their site. It’s a good thing to contemplate especially if you are not a video expert or music artist. 

Although Music Vine is new, they are a fast-rising star in the stock music industry because they provide high-quality free music for videos. So if you don’t have any budget for your video’s soundtrack, visit Music Vine.

4. Artlist

artlistArtlist is one of the safest stock music websites. They ensure validity and ownership rights for every free music for videos that they offer. Whether it’s paid or free, they prioritize the copyright. All of their music has valid license subscription.

Also, their members also have the unlimited access to their entire catalog of music for use in any private or commercial video production. For active subscribers download, there will be no additional fees for future usage of their music. It’s a money-saving thing to contemplate.

But here’s more! If a business entity subscribes, any of their employees may access and use the music in the company’s projects. Amazing right? So sign up now to get unlimited access to their vast stock music library.

5. Marmoset

marmosetmusicMarmoset’s music is best for feature films. So if you are making one, this is the perfect site to search for free music for videos. If you are a new subscriber, you do not have to worry. They offer tutorials on how to add music to video which is great for non-experts like you.

Also, Marmoset is not just about music. This company is about the artists as well. Yes, they cater and help rare, vintage and emerging independent artists, bands and record labels for sync licensing.

They want to provide fresh tunes to the public by listening to what new artists can give to their members. However, their paid music can be pricier. But believe it or not, every centavo is worth it.

6. PremiumBeat

premiumbeatOne of the most reliable stock music websites today, PremiumBeat provides incredible music with simple licenses. All their tracks are exclusive and copyright clear which gives you the assurance of safe usage.

Whether you need classical or modern audio tracks, they have a great selection of every genre. They also have the music that you can’t find anywhere else on the internet.

They are easy to use too. So it’s not going to cause you any problem if you are a new subscriber to their website. Do you want to go beyond the typical ‘stock music’ sound? Try PremiumBeat. You will never regret it.

7. Soundstripe

soundstripeSoundstripe offers unlimited free music for videos to all filmmakers out there. So if you’re looking for your next film’s score, this is the best website to explore. For only $10 a month, you can already a full access to their entire stock music library. But that’s not all.

Soundstripe, unlike other stock music companies, continually update their stock music library. Which means you have fresh and new music to explore every week.

They also have a simple website environment to ensure that their subscribers experience fast and easy accommodation. You can try this stock music website and recommend to your friends as well.

8. AudioJungle

audiojungleWhen it comes to the affordability of ultra-quality music, AudioJungle is the best place to be. AudioJungle features the most recent stock music releases from our global community today.

So if you want something fresh and new to your audience’s hearing, see what they have in store for you. And since AudioJungle has the cheapest stock music, with them, you can also learn how to sell stock music which can bring you more money on your table.

There’s so much to explore on this website. Aside from music, they create quality videos with unique effects. Check their free music for videos too. Everything will surely amaze you!

9. Jamendo

jamendoJamendo is more on actual songs instead of vamping temp music and corporate jingles. That’s why despite being one of the newest stock music sites, they are very popular today.

Jamendo also features new independent artists who are their own discoveries. They want to give their members new and unique music. In their website, they provide a music catalog that you can freely explore. You can discover their offers fast and easy.

Jamendo will not make it hard for you to find your right free music for videos. Whether it’s for commercial or private use, this is a great consideration to make.

10. SongFreedom

songfreedomPopularity-wise, SongFreedom is the stock music site you need. SongFreedom is a royalty-free music site with pretty big names on it. They’re being trusted by many big and established brands and companies.

They’ve been in the business for many years and they never failed to impress their old and new subscribers. They continually give updates on their music list to make sure that there is something new that they offer every week. Isn’t that awesome?

But, that’s not all. SongFreedom also has the cheapest paid royalty-music in today’s stock music industry. It’s what makes them more popular. Even small music companies are able to utilize the amazing soundtrack they offer.


Music+Free Music for Videos=Quality Video Production

When you go looking for free music, be sure to know what’s amazing, original and reasonable in prices.

Remember, it’s the soundtrack that makes a video look fantastic.

So don’t just depend on the video’s animation or content, think of the sound that you create.

Every aspect must match and relate to each to ensure a great video production result.

With all the amazing information that we have provided you above, you are not ready to build your video’s perfect soundtrack.

Don’t let your viewers miss a single beat!

Let them experience a real themed sound effects packs that are surely going to make them remember you.

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