The Best Escape Room Strategies

Let’s face it: escape rooms are tough. And guess what? You want to win them too. So it makes sense that you’re going to try everything in your power to beat the clock and smash the records (and then do all your can to maintain yours).

That’s why we got this dynamite list of strategies to help you get an edge in your game:

  1. Come in with a Positive Attitude
  2. Encourage Teamwork & Share the Result
  3. Spread the Search & Rotate
  4. Keep Your Puzzles & Clues Organized
  5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help
  6. Don’t Assume Control – Or Let Others
  7. Keep an Eye on the Clock
  8. Have Fun!

We’re going to take a closer look at each of these points above, so you know what to do once you enter the escape room!

8 Strategies to Beat Escape Rooms

Tip #1: Come in with a Positive Attitude

Negativity isn’t going to help you beat records. That’s not how the pros do it, and you won’t either. So come into the escape room with your positivity cap on and maintain through the game. Don’t get too frustrated if you get stuck on something for a couple of minutes or you’re languishing without a clue. You’ll beat it with a positive attitude.

Tip #2: Encourage Teamwork & Share the Result

“Teamwork makes the dream work!” is the saying, and it applies when it comes to beating the clock in escape rooms. Groups that vocally communicate – and communicate often – have a higher chance of success. Compliment people when they’ve done something great, encourage them to keep looking and never put anyone down. Let everyone have their say on a clue – you don’t know if they can break it or not!

Tip #3: Spread the Search & Rotate

Don’t all hunker down and focus on one clue – spread the work across the entire room. The more eyes that are open, the more clues and puzzles you can find. From there, if people are stuck in certain places, rotate them around. A fresh pair of eyes can help your team crack the code, solve the riddle, or piece it all together so you remain on track to beat the clock!

Tip #4: Keep Your Puzzles & Clues Organized

Make a little section where you can place your clues. The more you keep track of what clues and puzzles you have on hand, the more you can focus on piecing them together to beat the escape room. Keep yourself organized amidst all the chaos (there’s always a lot of chaos!).

Tip #5: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

The assistants at the escape rooms are there for a reason: to help you beat the game. So, if you’re stuck in the game, don’t be afraid to ask them for help or the next clue. It can prove useful in helping you beat the clock. Yes, we understand that might go against the grain of the game, but even the best need help sometimes (plus, it helps you conquer other games in the future).

Tip #6: Don’t Assume Control – Or Let Others

There is a tendency for some person, or sometimes a group of people, to take the lead and march forwards like it’s their personal conquest. Don’t let that happen to you or anyone else. Taking over a room means that you assume the “I know best” approach, which rarely leads to any puzzles being solved. As we said above, “teamwork makes the dream work”, so let everyone participate in the game. If you feel the urge to take over the room, hang back a little and provide input from a distance. You might be making things worse when you jump in.

Tip #7: Keep an Eye on the Clock

An hour goes by fast, so make sure that you’re always in check with the clock. This may prove beneficial as you can determine when to move onto the next clue (or realize you spent too long on one) while also knowing when to ask for help.

Tip #8: Have Fun!

Why do we play games? For FUN! If you maintain a sense of fun throughout the round, you’ll be able to enjoy it more than ever before. More importantly, you’ll be able to focus on cracking the clues and breaking out of the escape room. Just remember to enjoy the experience and don’t get angry over losing – it’s just a game at the end!

We hope that these tips help you in your quest to escape in time! If you have some other valuable tips on beating escape rooms, feel free to drop us a line!

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