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Learn To Write: From the Basics to Advanced level

Are you feeling overpowered by the writing instruction you encounter on the web?

Conceivably you must have read books on the ways to write flawlessly, and you must have subscribed to the famous blogs that focus on writing skills. But still, it is a challenge to perceive where to start…yeah? You are not companionless in this regard! The frequently asked questions in my mailbox are: How to polish my skills in writing? Or How do I learn to write well?

Let us answer this critical question, with a walk through the guide to pocket the most necessary skills that one may need when they start to learn to write!

Everyone writes from prosperous times of their schools but to write in a way that creates awe in the eyes of the reader is tricky. Your writing skills cannot be neglected especially if you are writing content on the internet.

There are many countries around the world which are the clear-cut capitals of freelancing as listed by Oxford Internet Institute. The freelancing market has no boundaries; all you need is a magic wand to turn the casual words into spellbinding meaning. 

Before diving in the guideline towards good writing, let’s get into the depth of the need for writing good!


  • Participles
  • Modifiers
  • Gerunds
  • Articles

good jobAren’t the above words bringing the flashback of the nightmares you had? The times when you were in middle school sweaty class with the chalk squeaking on the board while the teacher wrote these terms. Yes, they are important, but writing is never about mastering the grammar. Grammar is like a paper to wrap the gift, while the writing is the gift itself.

You learn to write well, as well-written notions are more natural to gauge. If you keep on practicing writing, clearer thoughts are born, and you can easily and quickly convey the message to the readers.

 Writing is pivoting move to communicate in all the walks of life. If you learn to write well, it brings wonder to anything and everything you do. Let’s consider the start of your life when you apply for a job. The resume, an essential piece of paper, if well-written can impress the employers and they would immediately grab your hand to be a part of their firm.

Most of the jobs require you to do writing in some capacity. Apart from the career, writing utilizes one’s intelligence and critical-thinking skills too. Even the employers where writing is not part of the job would love someone who knows the game of words.

As Octavia Butler says that you don’t begin writing good stuff. You write crap first and think its good stuff but gradually you get better at it.

According to Butler and me, writing makes you perfect, but practice makes you more accurate.

That’s why good writing will make you shine like a diamond.

Now lets hoover into ways to learn to write and write well!

Step # 1: Comprehending the rule of studious practice

If you want to learn to write, practice is the crucial step towards it. It can be though an overwhelming task, but just like a chef who learns to cook an egg at first and a guitarist who learn the chords first, a writer also needs to practice writing techniques to polish skills.

When one practice, they get to know the writing weaknesses they have. You are aware of the bits where you need improvements. To learn to write, not only practicing will help but reading other famous writers will also aid in applying the new techniques. And if you exercise more, it means you have to get out of your comfort zone. You should challenge yourself to get better and nurture your experience with a mindset of growing better day by day.

Step # 2: Deem before you write!

everyone has a storyBefore you start to cook a meal, you need to have a recipe with you. In the same way, if you learn to write, the first step before even writing is you thinking of what you want to write. You should consider who are you writing for, which reader solution are you going to present, and what are the roadmaps to aid your reader to solve their agony? Once you look into these questions, you become a mentor to your reader!

Step # 3: Build the framework for your writing!

Plan the writing!

Good writers consider the writing structure as a four-course meal plan. The starter is your headline that needs to be very attractive. The main course is your dazzling opening that encourages your reader to go further.

The dessert of your writing is the main body, which shows the step by step process to achieve the goal. And the inspirational closing serves as the coffee to continue the conversation a bit longer. It jumpstarts your potential reader to take action.

Step # 4: Communicate with power and clarity

If you want to learn to write, communication is vital. Communication comes when there is a flow in your writing. A good sentence is the main ingredient of good writing. This shows that sentence structure should be simple and meaningful at the same time.

The transitions from one topic to another should be smooth so that the reader swiftly moves towards your aim! Making tiny ripples can change the world of writing, and this can only be achieved if you add power to your writing.

Step # 5: Develop writing habits

once upon a timeSet a small goal and make writing a choice. This will help in creating inner critic inside you, which will turn your learning process joyful. Start writing even when you feel demotivated, your hard work will be rewarded by your muse, and the words will start to flow like a river.

Focus on your productivity; try to get hold of the tools that are distraction-free so that you can concentrate on your writing.

With time your stamina will be boosted, and you will build confidence!

Step # 6: Deconstruct and reconstruct the posts!

One of the best photographers, Charles Jarvis, shared how he learns any skills. This post is obviously about photography, but he talks about any craft which includes writing too.

You need to deconstruct the blogs of your most favorite writers. Know their time, structure, and more. Once you do that reconstruct that post in your way, your style. This will help you analyze your position in writing and you will know what part of writing still needs some effort.

Step # 7: Pick a few tools to aid you!

Everyone thinks that it’s awkward to get hold of grammar books, but when you learn to write, you realize that making grammar mistakes is more embarrassing than having a grammar book. You should always get a hold of the tools present on the internet to help you understand the repetitive errors you make. Tools like Grammarly and Hemingway editor will make you analyze the mistakes you keep on creating. 

Step # 8: Keep thriving!

what is your storyFrom step # 1, when you were told to start writing, till now when how to learn to write process is about to end, this part is the most important of all! You need to keep writing, read about writing, eat writing, and sleep writing! Yes, this will make you the king of writers if you develop the habit of considering every new day a new way to learn to write!

Step # 9: Over to you!

Whenever you ask any great writer to teach you how to learn to write, the conclusion will be, keep writing. Once you start to adopt the habits and ways mentioned to you in this article, your writing will be better with each passing day!

We would love to see you writing about us saying the word you followed your suggestions and became a good writer. Go ahead, start your journey to learn to write, and remember never give up!

Never feel discouraged as prominent writers were not born like that; they worked day and night to come to the point where their work started to get mentioned as one of the great works of writing!

Now the pen is handed over to you to start your endeavor of writing!

Dedicating yourself to learn to write is a victory itself! You must have realized that learning to write is not an easy task.

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Before we sign off, Keep your hopes high and hard work on the edge till you reach the desired aim! Happy writing!

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