improve your social media reach using videos

7 tips to improve your social media reach using videos

When it comes to social media content, the video leaves a stronger impression and it’s been proven to be the most effective format.

That’s why it’s important to optimize it in ways that create the most significant impact. But simply publishing a video is not enough. Even the best-designed piece will do nothing for you if it doesn’t create any engagement.

You want the viewer to see your content, like it, share it, and get interested in your brand. So let’s jump right into the tips and tricks to get the most out of your marketing plan.

1. Customize Content To Respective Platforms

It’s very important to cater your video according to the platform you are posting on, to create the best experience for your audience. For example, what might do well on Facebook, can look unappealing on Instagram stories.

There are multiple aspects to consider. Square videos outperform landscape format, in terms of views, reach, and engagement, because more and more people are using social media on their phones.

Facebook users appreciate native content posted directly to the platform over links to Youtube because it provides the immediacy that the average viewer expects. On Instagram, videos take up more space on your viewer’s screen.

IGTV videos occupy 4x more space on the Explore page than a photo post. Whether it’s on IGTV or the grid, you are easily able to fill the screen and have their full attention.

2. Make The First Few Seconds Count

The thumbnail and first few seconds of your video are paramount. If a viewer is scrolling on their feed, and your video auto-plays, you want to captivate them and get them to watch more.

You need to create a catchy thumbnail and an immediate start, so they don’t drop the video in the first few seconds. The point of the video should be quickly addressed. Something that’s been proven to work wonders is picking a highlight moment and teasing what the video is about.

By offering a little glimpse, you will leave the audience curious and wanting more. Need help creating thumb-stopping videos? Checkout CreatorKit, a new video maker to help you add animated text to videos. You can choose from hundreds of templates available.

3. Add A Catchy Caption And Subtitles

Most viewers use social media without sound. You will lose your opportunity to convey your message if you fail to attract them in other ways. Just like thumbnails are so important, using powerful captions will make your audience stop, watch, and engage with the video.

Another great idea is to add subtitles to your videos. This way, you will make sure you capture everyone’s attention even without audio.

4. Focus On One Key Point And Keep It Short

The topic of your video will directly impact its performance. You need to make sure that the idea you’re covering will be of interest to your target audience.

Keep in mind that users are not always looking for the information you’re posting about, so it’s up to you to draw their attention and provide something of value to them. It’s been shown that a lot of users don’t go beyond the first 20 seconds.

So if your goal is engagement, videos between 30 and 90 seconds are the solution. Viewers are more likely to watch and share content that is short, entertaining, and easy to understand.

5. Create Interactive Videos

Suggest your audience to watch till the end and share their views and opinions. You need to get them to participate! It could be by posing a question for them to answer in the comments.

It’s been recommended to display it as text over the video, within the first few seconds. Other good ways to get them involved are asking for their friends to be tagged or simply liking your post if they agree on a certain point.

6. Work With Influencers

Influencers have skills, experience, and can make a huge impact on your audience, all of which can take your video marketing strategy to the next level. Live videos featuring them create great engagement, and they get your audience active and participating.

You can work with them by Q&A sessions, interviews, or conducting product reviews for your brand. Having an influencer take over your social media can create good interaction with viewers, and keep them interested in your product.

7. Review Your Analytics Regularly

How will you know if your average engagement rate needs to be improved? Knowing which videos are doing well and which ones are not will help you make informed decisions about your future video content strategies.

The overall average engagement of marketers is 41%. You can compare this rate to yours to know where you stand. You can also check your rates now, use that as a benchmark, and then follow the tips above to boost your engagement.

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