7 Benefits of Using WordPress to Publish Your Content

WordPress needs no introduction now, everyone is very familiar with the benefits of using WordPress, it is the most famous CMS in the world. There have been many blogging platforms that have come and gone but WordPress has survived the longest. At times bloggers feel like making their own website, instead of giving it to professionals. But you must be aware of the functionalities of Word Press.

The system of publishing the content through WordPress was first discovered in 2001 and since 2003 from simple blogging, it has become ubiquitous. This kind of content management system is widely used in the digital platform now because the benefits of using this WordPress for blogging are immense. There are many advantages to using WordPress for blogging in recent times.

Who Uses WordPress?

WordPress is so famous that almost 60% of the share in the market is of Content Management System. There are many WordPress database Plugins in the market now, but one must know which would be the best fit for their business.

Any content marketer or a digital marketer who has been in the market for quite some time now would know about CMMS and the importance of WordPress when it comes to CMS.

There are many choices of the website in the market and it may seem to be difficult to choose the correct one for yourself. About 24 billion Word Press pages are visited by more than 400 million people every day. WordPress article is written in international languages which ranges up to 120 different types of languages. WordPress is the best publishing platform for building social networks

What Makes WordPress Different?

You must understand that WordPress is an open-source of software, if you are into content marketing, then you must be familiar with WordPress. Ther is a lot more in WordPress than what you know about the benefits of WordPress.

  • This platform can be used freely
  • There are many free tools as well as low-cost tools which are compatible with WordPress
  • WordPress is created in a manner that is user-friendly and that they possess most of the features that are required.
  • There is your freedom in choosing the correct freedom and you can make it as much interactive as you want

Interesting Facts About WordPress

As we all know the whole idea of WordPress is very exciting and different from all other CMMS available on earth, but there are some interesting facts about WordPress which every content marketer must know about. Here we have discussed such interesting facts about WordPress which will enlighten you and will help you do better marketing of your content.

  • You may be surprised to know that WordPress is older than Facebook and Twitter.
  • WordPress powers 27% of all websites.
  • WordPress holds almost 80% of the market shares
  • Word Press is a free and Open Source.
  • WordPress has not been owned by anyone or any company
  • 48 billion plugins can be downloaded
  • This is used by the government all over the world
  • There are more than 50,000 free WordPress Database Plugins
  • It is available in 68+ languages
  • It meets up 58+ countries and conducts events for 41+ countries

Benefits of Using WordPress

There are several benefits of working on WordPress, but you may not be aware of what exactly are your benefits. Let us get an overview of the benefits of using WordPress so that you do not have to double think while using Word Press. Here the top 7 benefits of using WordPress as a CMS.

1. Word Press is Easy to Use

By now, most of us are aware of the fact that WordPress is easy to use. Handling WordPress on a regular Basis is very easy. If you are a new blogger then adding images, blog posts, new pages, modification, and re-modification has become easy with the usage of WordPress. Technology has been made easier with this CMS in recent days. The most exciting benefit of WordPress is if you want, you can stay away from coding and decoding because WordPress gives you all.

2. Search Engine Loves WordPress

Among other benefits, you can not afford to forget that Search Engines love WordPress. The fact that the Search Engine loves WordPress is a great benefit. The code that works in WordPress is very SEO friendly which helps it to rank in the Search Engine. It makes it easy to read and also helps the content to get indexed in the Search Engine. You can also do additional optimization by using meta tags and meta title, and by optimizing the H1-H6 and also the titles that are being used.

3. WordPress has Attractive Designs

The best thing about WordPress is that it comes with 1000+ themes readily, this is of great benefit for the new bloggers who do not have any designer with themselves, they can choose a theme of their choice from the available options. All the themes that are already available in WordPress are for free and you have the full ability to customize and optimize them.

4. Word Press is Cost-Effective

With the new WordPress system, the whole idea of taking designer and developer becomes not required. The major benefit of WordPress is that there is no extra expenditure on extra designers or developers. WordPress gives you ready with the entire design of it.

Through WordPress, the maintenance of the website is much cheaper than making and maintaining a website of their own. It is not always possible to hire new designers or developers to make some updates or changes in your site in a gap of a time period.

5. WordPress Allows Any System

While you use WordPress, you must be aware of the benefits of using Word Press because it is very handy. The best thing about Word Press is that if you want to work in WordPress, you can access Word Press from any system that you have. The access and usage of WordPress are very easy unlike the burden of making your own website.

6. Blog in WordPress is Ready to Go

WordPress has been created originally as a blogging platform, Blogging capabilities have been built in and are WordPress finds it easy to deal with WordPress. If you want you can also do some of the modifications for your website such as commenting, e-mail commenting and blog commenting. This system is easy to make some set-up and it also helps your brand to reach out to more customers and make the site more effective and dynamic.

7. WordPress helps in Aggressive Content Marketing

In this age of content marketing when fresh new content is of utmost importance, you will have to identify that the WordPress theme website has an advantage over the old traditional type of content marketing. If you want you can publish an article in seconds in WordPress and you can also make required modification without going through many critical steps before publishing. The fact that you will be able to modify your content very frequently and will help you gain some credibility of the niche that you follow.

How to Get Started with WordPress?

WordPress is well worth it for everything that you want to do for your website. Since WordPress is a self-hosted platform, it does not take much to create a website. In fact, it is very easy to create a website using WordPress, here we will discuss the steps to create a website;

Select a Domain Name

You will have to choose a unique web address at which your web address with be hosted.  Choose a name that will be unique and catchy and in the long-run, the name becomes easily recognizable. You can also check whether the domain name of your choice is available in the permutation and combination of the names.

Purchase a Hosting

After picking up the domain name, you will require a hosting where you will be able to store all the files and documents. This will help to transmit information from anyone across the web to anyone who visits your page. There are many types of hosting and there are many hosting plans but it depends completely on what kind of hosting suits your business.

Customize Your Site

It is very important to have a nice visual which will attract your viewers, the view of the page must attract the readers and your target audience to make a stop on your site. Try all the features and themes that are already available in WordPress or if you want you can also download some of them.

Make the Content King

Last but not the least, you must also know how to create content, all you must know is content is the king. There are two types of content that are accepted in WordPress they are pages and posts. Write great content and put it up on your site at lightning speed,  It is very easy to make a content king and which will eventually make your business be one of the most unique ones.


Today the benefits of WordPress are huge and WordPress is largely famous for the kind of work it does. Both beginners and seasoned developers can use it to create small blogs, booming e-commerce sites, and everything in between. Then follow the steps of buying a domain that is given above and start blogging today.

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