Blogs are Vital for Small Businesses

8 Reasons why Blogs are Vital for Small Businesses

Blogs are like a diary or a journal where an author or a writer shares his/her thoughts. Also, Blogs contain small parts called articles. Furthermore, these blog articles may include helpful topics, travel logs, videos, personal stories and all types of accumulated helpful experiences.

In addition, these blog articles contain link and references to a certain piece of information. This is how the blog network works. You will see that blogs are different and unique.

Some might talk about lifestyle, others mainly for business. But why blogging is a necessity for start-ups or businesses? For this article, we will be talking about reasons why blogs are vital for small businesses.

Small businesses are fragile bubbles that can pop anytime. These type of venture is very risky and start-ups cost a lot of money and resources to make it into reality and go through all the challenges.

So, what is the correlation of blog and small businesses you might wonder? Well, today, we will be giving some points to those want help regarding their business start-ups. Some might not know it yet.

But you are probably wondering the importance of blogs for small businesses because it might seem a little unorthodox. Hopefully, all your questions will come answered once you finish reading.

Also, it’s good to know that blogs are mostly uploaded online. So keep that in mind while reading this article. When it comes to it, benefits of blogging for start-ups is uncountable.

Know that I will write based on my experience as a blog writer for a company that creates explainer videos.

8 Reasons why Blogs are Vital for Small Businesses

1 – The initial goal is to increase brand awareness.

One of the best reasons why blogs are vital for small businesses is, of course, to increase brand awareness. Potential customers might not realize they need something unless educated about a certain product or service.

That is the main purpose of starting a blog. I mean, for businesses, you want to provide those leads with encouragement. This will allow them to go to your website. Have them look at your offers and help them discover that they need you.

This is one of the main challenges for marketers as well. Because people won’t buy something they don’t know, right? That’s why advertising your product on TV or a popular website is very expensive.

Imagine if thousands, maybe millions know about you. Some perhaps will become customers or buyers. And that is the main goal as a business.

Mainly, the process is if you have a blog, and people looked you up, there is a high chance to possibly lead them to your website if they see the author. Or you can provide links so that when people click that, they will see your website too.

Especially for small businesses. Where leads and customers are scarce at first. Don’t worry it’s totally normal by the way. But it will be up to you to build it up from there. This is very crucial for start-ups and blogging will surely help you a lot.

That’s why blogs are important for small businesses. Start by building up your brand on your articles and help your customers as you go along the way.

2 – Business start-ups need to gain trust.

That’s exactly right, this is definitely one of the best reasons why blogs are vital for small businesses. Because who wants to go with a company they don’t know about yet, right? It’s a harsh world out there.

They go for people who have experience and professionals who have something to show for. But how can you get this in the first place? The answer is you don’t. You have to patiently wait for someone to catch the bait.

Or in this case, someone who is willing to give you a change. Now, when that time comes, you have to give it all your best and prove you are worth it.

But there is another way to gain the trust of everybody. This is, of course, one the best benefits of blogging for start-ups. Yes, blogging can help you gain trust.

People can tell the quality of your service by the way you provide information to them. Writing quality content and sharing it will reflect that you are indeed, a professional and perhaps, one of the best out there.

It will be up to you, though, to promote your business with quality content marketing and copywriting. You can interlink your portfolio or show some of your work depending on what your topics are. As long as what you are interlinking is relevant, you are going to be fine.

You can also tell them you can help with a specific challenge or problem that are trending on businesses or everyday life. Ultimately, gaining trust is hard, so be patient and give it your all when the time comes to prove service.

Make sure you always deliver but having a blog will surely help you with the first hurdles.

3 – Blogging is a major source of leads.

Video in Email marketing

Leads are the life and the means of survival for almost all of the businesses out there. Whether just a start-up or a long surviving business, cut the source of leads and the business will go out just like that.

My point is that without a reliable source of lead, you will have no way to get income for you and your business. There lots of ways to get leads from, don’t forget that. But I want you to see that blogging is definitely relevant in getting them.

This is one of the best reasons why blogs are vital for small businesses. Because blogging can provide you, if not, the most reliable source of lead you can get out there. Take this into consideration, most people who become leads are in the discovery stage.

In that discovery stage, they are vulnerable to attraction and specifically, clicks. Now, if they happen to see a link that originally goes to you, well, nothing bad will come out of that, only the best.

They will have a chance to look at your websites and products or services, because nowadays, almost all businesses have websites. If you don’t have one yet. You better start rethinking your strategy, we are not in the modern world!

Conversions are a totally different matter, though. It will be up to your sales team to push those leads and convert them into buyers and customers. Conversions are for a separate article.

Because it will cover a lot of stuff. But there is a process to that. But blog writing can be a frontline for your business to get those leads and make them as the foundation.

4 – It will greatly help you with SEO.

the SEO of your website

The internet is the house of blog websites and their authors. So mostly, people will have to look up a website or a blog article. Now, how does that work? Of course, they go to a search engine, let’s say, for example, Google.

They will type a phrase, we call it “keywords”. These keywords are looked up by google by matching them to a certain website or a blog. Then, they will show you usually the top 10 results that match and is relevant to you keyword.

You also read a more detailed explanation about SEO on Wiki.

This created the greatest competition out there for blog writers, they always want to be on top even if they have to pay an expensive amount just to get there. So instead of paying that amount, bloggers and business owners switched to search engine optimization or SEO.

Every text, every image and every page on your website or blog should be optimized so that whenever a potential lead types a keyword on google, you will be the one to come up.

For your business start-up, having a blog will surely help you with SEO. Because if you create articles that are helpful and interesting for people, then there is a chance that they will type a keyword and you will show up.

So, with your blog, you helped people while you, in turn, got them as a lead as well. That’s a very convenient way to earn leads. And you have not even moved a single finger.

This is one of the best reasons why blogs are vital for small businesses. Of course, you still have to create rich content.

5 – Small Businesses need to establish brand positioning.

promote trademark

Brand positioning refers to a status gained by reputation and quality. When you have Brand positioning, it means that you are the go to and you set the standard for your industry.

So, this means that small businesses or business start-up have nothing like this at all. Start-ups really need this kind of status but keep in mind that it will be very hard at first, of course.

But all hard work pays off in the end. Just keep in mind that this is the ultimate purpose of marketers especially if they work for a start-up.

This is one of the best reasons why blogs are vital for small businesses. Because blog writing can really help you establish brand positioning. Create quality and relevant content that showcases your wisdom and ability to work.

This will tell your leads and potential customers that you really know what you are talking about and what you are doing.

Create articles that show your strength while making people realize how you can help them. Give them links to your portfolios, previous works and testimonials.

Show them that you are all that you say you are by creating quality and rich content that is relevant, helpful and useful to the people who want to discover.

6 – Blog articles are perfect for interlinking.

Before you post anything, it’s totally a norm to research about what others have read. As long as it’s a different article that is relevant to what you are about to write, then you read it.

This will give you a lot of ideas for your post. But don’t copy them directly. Instead, you can interlink to their blog posts and give credit to where it is due.

Interlinking literally means to connect two things as one. But for blogs, it means providing a link that will go to the source of the information you were telling to the readers.

For example, click here to go to an article I have written in another time. I have interlinked to one of my previous posts. But I want you to realize how this is important for small businesses.

This is one of the good reasons why blogs are vital for small businesses. Mainly because this will increase traffic of visitors and readers. Interlinking will also allow them to linger around your website or blog articles.

Meaning, there is a much higher chance for them to become better leads. Interlinking promotes other blogs and you as well in the process. They keep on clicking on links that will build up your popularity and increase traffic.

7 – Your posts can help customers and strengthen bonds.

Strengthening bonds with your potential leads are absolutely important. Like I said, this is key for brand positioning. But this will also have a lot of benefits. I will give you one of the best reasons why blogs are vital for small businesses.

You can help your customers by giving your best and quality work. But for blogs, this will further strengthen your bonds with them. You can also help them by providing rich and useful content. Like instructions and how-tos.

This will give them confidence that you really are a professional and you know what you are doing. Furthermore, once they become buyers and official customers, you must not stop from helping them.

This is one of the best features of a blog. You can still help them while you keep on getting more and more customers.

Also, if you help them to a point that they are satisfied a lot, you can make them into promoters. Yes, your direct buyers and customers can become promoters. The voices of your past customers can become a splash in a pond a wave in the ocean.

As long as you keep on consistently giving quality content. They will share to their acquaintances, friends, colleagues, and family. This will forward your brand to the others. And you can achieve all of that with blogging.

8 – Blogging cost only your dedication and $0!

That’s right! If you want to advertise all over the world wide web, blogging is definitely the way to go. This is one of the best reasons why blogs are vital for small businesses.

You absolutely won’t have to spend any money. But of course, you will have to dedicate and use your time. But that’s as far as it goes when it comes to spending.

So focus on creating quality content, helpful articles, and interlinking. Then you will surely have an increase in traffic, leads and you might possibly even gain brand positioning.

There’s nothing more to say about this sub-topic but it is definitely one of the best reasons why blogs are vital for small businesses. Look at HubSpot’s article and you will see that they also included that you don’t have to spend money with regards to blogging.

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