Enhance your Social Media Campaign

12 Recommendations to Enhance your Social Media Campaign

Social media is one of the best things that happened to marketers in our modern world. Also, with the advancement in our technologies, people can now access almost all the social media networks on our phone.

You have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and many others. So, people accessing this on their phones has opened up a lot of opportunities for marketers. But, of course, not everyone is a professional when it comes to marketing in social media.

For this article, I will give you recommendations to enhance your social media campaign.

Your campaign in the networks will really give you a huge boost in your selling strategies. Furthermore, you will notice an increase in sales and all types of engagement that will help you become popular.

Being popular in social media is absolutely important. I can say that gaining popularity and achieving a good social media position is an absolute necessity. It will give you a lot of benefits as a marketer or a business owner.

I have created a lot of articles about social media because it really is an integral part of being a marketer. It has become the top source of leads because advertising campaigns have now almost completely migrated online.

With that said. Social media networks are now the ideal place to get customers and sell. So, everyone wants to have a successful social media campaign.

12 Recommendations to Enhance your Social Media Campaign

If you are a start-up when it comes to your business and handling social media accounts. Then this article will surely help you a lot.

Or if you are a professional, I can also help you by giving you some tips and reminders about how to boost your social media campaign significantly. Not everyone can have a successful social media campaign, but remember not to quit because your hard work will definitely pay off.

1 – Know the different strengths of each platform.

social media

Like I said before in my intro, there are lots of platforms you can choose from. They have different features that can help you achieve your campaign goals. But what is important to know is that every platform also varies in their audiences.

For example, LinkedIn will have professionals and corporate members in their network. And Facebook will have casual and more personal accounts. So if you are planning to go business to business then, of course, your main focus might be LinkedIn.

Each of the platforms has strengths and weaknesses and it will be up to you to find out. Once you have gained a deep enough understanding regarding each of the networks. Then it will surely enhance your social media campaign.

2 – Always update your status.

In any kind of social media platform, there is a status. This means you are typing down interesting phrases, uploading blog articles or videos online. It can be anything relevant or fun, it’s up to you.

But updating statuses is important than most know. This will show the people that you are always active and that you are not a robot. Also, updating statuses is important because it will attract new followers and contacts.

And if you have a constant flow of followers, then that also means a constant flow of leads. Of course, that is the ultimate goal as a marketer. Plus, always updating statuses will give you a huge boost to achieve a top-notch social media campaign. It’s all about staying active and getting out fresh posts.

3 – Speak to your friends and followers.

It’s like you are treating yourself like a celebrity. Speaking to your friends and followers will give them a statement that you care about them. Try and reply to all the top or first comments.

This will make them want to further engage with you. And in the long run, your friend’s list and follower’s list might all become customers. Interacting with social media plays an important aspect of the conversion process.

Speaking with them means that you are guiding and nurturing them with relevant content that will turn them into leads or customers. You can also greet them even if they don’t interact with you first.

This will also give them an idea that you are active and you care about them as well. So remember, reply and greet, this will surely enhance your social media campaign.

4 – Share your old posts.

Social Media Focus

Your advertising campaign will go on for years and years to follow. So, as a marketer, your ideas will not be unlimited and eventually, your posts will be the same and slow down. If that happens, what you can do is, of course, share your old posts.

Doing this will definitely boost your social media campaign and refresh your page. Also, the purpose of sharing your old posts is to review and edit them. You can learn a lot regarding your past strategies from your old posts.

With that said, you can now adjust and make changes for the better. Or it’s up to you if you want to keep things the way they are depending on how things work out for you.

In addition, you will be able to “up” your profile by sharing old posts. This will also activate or give notification to those who liked, commented and shared your posts, previously.

5 – Complete your “About Us” and all information.

I know this is totally newbie and obvious stuff but this is absolutely important. And this is usually an overlooked mistake by some marketers. Because usually, they put all information in one post or they have other means of giving out contact details.

But as you know, today, most people browse the internet frequently. And marketers won’t have a means to provide these details anymore. So, this is important because most people will now look for this information in the about us area.

Plus, this will be an additional proof of your authority and legitimacy across the web. You have to be really legit of course. As a result, if people can your contact details, then you have a top-notch social media campaign.

Fill in your details like phone number, address, email, ID numbers, and registration number. For sure, it will definitely enhance your social media campaign.

6 – Share relevant and interesting content.

For most marketers, the main goal of starting a social media campaign is to get leads. Well, to have a successful social media campaign, you have to share rich and relevant content. This goes for all the content you are pushing out.

So, it affects a great portion of your business. Because the content you push out will reflect your quality and professionalism to all your potential leads. If you show them that you are worth it, then you will really get a lot of followers and leads.

This will greatly enhance your social media campaign. But you have to make it relevant with a few out-of-topic posts along the way to refresh your wall or profile.

7 – Create social media events.

people to look at our website

Okay, so this is probably one of my best tips to enhance your social media campaign. Creating events like who gets the most number of likes. Or a raffle for people who are in the comment section of certain posts.

Maybe even a reward for everyone if a post reaches a specific number of clicks or shares. This will encourage your followers to engage with you. It’s like a call-to-action with amazing promotion in the middle.

So there’s a lot of benefits in creating events like these. It’s up to you to find out all the great events you can create depending on the social media platform you chose. You can even use all the platforms and interlink the events. That will even push your profile further to the top with the popular ones.

Just make sure to commit to your promises of rewards and credits to the people. And the greater the reward, the greater the boost in your number of followers. Of course, you need a lot of budget for that too.

8 – Give a fair price for your products and services.

To have a successful social media campaign, there are factors you might want to improve on. Like your strategies, other ad campaigns and stuff that is linked to social media. But of course, behind all that.

As a business owner, you also have to think of giving the best price for the best product or service. Don’t even worry about making your product expensive. As long as you think that it is fair, people will understand.

Some might even think that they are paying the premium, it’s a common mindset. But you still have to deliver a top-notch service. Otherwise, this will just make it worse and you might even get a bad reputation. So there is a thin line between paying the premium and just being plain expensive.

9 – Remove robots and auto-likers from your list.

To enhance your social media campaign, you have to have real followers and friends. Otherwise, you will only have robots or auto-likers to promote to. And that is a dead end.

This is like a terminal virus that will eventually destroy your social media campaign if left unattended. Looking at the worst, this might really consume a lot of your budget and resources.

To prevent this, you or your marketing team should frequently check for robots. Have them look at your follower’s database every week or month as maintenance. This will make sure that all your followers are legit accounts or personal and corporate accounts.

The more you remove the robots, the more your chance of getting quality leads and customers. And that will definitely give you a top-notch social media campaign.

10 – Promote your social media accounts.

social media channel

Promote your promotional campaign! Yes, this will further enhance your social media campaign. Well, your account kinda already represent a lot or a huge portion of your brand. So, why not make it become, if not, even more popular.

There are two easy steps you can do to achieve this. First, if you have a website, you can interlink your social media accounts there. Just create an icon and put an anchor your social media pages.

Second, you can promote by putting comments, reply, and share posts from popular or influential social media profiles. Simply because there will be a high chance that an interested potential lead will get to see you.

Try and keep it as relevant as possible so that you will have quality leads. This will also increase brand awareness and give you a huge boost in your social media campaign.

11 – Assign budget and make sure you use them accordingly.

If you are going in a social media campaign, it’s best to allocate budget accordingly. This is because you might need to pay for promotion. Most of the platforms have this service.

Even if I prefer not to use this kind of service, I must say that this is really effective. Because your name will gain a huge boost in popularity, visits, and viewers. In turn, everything is boosted. So, plan wisely and get insight for your ROI (Return of Investment).

Also, this budget might be for your professional marketing team if you have one. As some might already know, it takes a great amount of effort to have a top-notch social media campaign. And professionals can really help you. Just always think and spend wisely before venturing into business deals.

12 – Create an animated video.

Animated videos or explainer videos are really the trends in marketing nowadays. It can help you create a compelling call-to-action to encourage people to take the next step.

Or you can strategically answer common questions that might arise from people’s mind during the discovery stage. There are certainly a lot of benefits. And you can even upload an animated video practically anywhere on the web. This will really give you a huge boost in your social media campaign.

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