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How To Make A Whiteboard Video That Converts

Are you wondering why these days many people want to know how to make a whiteboard video? Over the recent years, we have all experienced a rise in the use of whiteboard video for various reasons.

One very simple explanation for that is, whiteboard illustrations are better teaching tools to help people understand different concepts much quicker and better.

What is a Whiteboard Illustration?

Essential Facts for You

Whiteboard illustration video is a type of visual material used in communication. It is sending a message to someone with a certain purpose.

Its main goal is to send the message easier and faster for a person to comprehend. This type of communication material is being compared to an explainer video.

Many people see a whiteboard video production similar to an explainer video production. However, if you get to learn the two, you will easily notice their differences. From the rules and tricks on how to make them, there are numerous variations.

How to Make Whiteboard Videos?

Before you get to learn how to create a whiteboard video, please watch this animated video sample. We are going to analyze it afterward.


Making a Whiteboard Video Process

Easy Process:

  • Create a good whiteboard video script. The basis of an entire whiteboard video is a good and interesting script. No matter how colorful your whiteboard video is, if the script is bad, the quality of the video in totality is bad. The script writing process is the same with an explainer video. All the useful ideas should be there. The matching and consistency of the details should be observed. However, in a whiteboard video, you can put some internal references to the technique itself. You can also add drawing-related gags, such as “win, lose or draw!” or “that mistake is hard to erase.” You need to make sure that in the script you are able to solve the possible problems of your target audience. But NEVER make a very long script. An audience usually finds it boring.
  • Easy ProcessIf you want a successful whiteboard video, create an amazing whiteboard animation storyboard. It is in the storyboard that will clearly showcase the actions and the visual aspects of the video. The main point in making a whiteboard storyboard is the continuity of the first detail to the last. The story and the drawing should clearly match from beginning to end of the video.


  • Whiteboard video illustration should be flawless. Everything on the whiteboard should be connected to ensure that the ideas you are trying to convey are clear. Remember a whiteboard video is a work of art and not the art of mess.

Whiteboard Video Process

Effective Communication Material

  • A total package of whiteboard animation is a must. This is an art with the idea. It is never easy to create this part. There are many techniques to create the animation. Before technique was made by recording a real-life hand but nowadays it’s entirely digital-made using a chroma-carved hand in high quality. You can put the fun in the animation. It is what the audience needs. You need something to surely catch their attention and make them watch the video until the end.


  • Voiceover, Music and Sound FX are very important factors in a whiteboard video. Once the script is finished, the voice-over should be recorded next.  (1) The voice-over and script play important role in the timing for the animation stage. Since it is the voice-over, a clear voice is important. It would be best to hire a native professional to do the voice-over. No matter how amazing the animation and script is, the entire whiteboard video can be a mess because of a bad sounding or low-quality voice-over. (2) Music and Sound FX are important ingredients to a good quality whiteboard video as well. They can add the fun and beauty to the animation. However, they should not overshadow the video in totality. The voice-over should be clearer. So the loudness of the music must be controlled.

Create An Amazing Whiteboard Video on Your Own

So how to make a whiteboard video? If this question is still lingering in your mind right now, you do not have to worry. This website can help you. Since whiteboard videos are being widely used for fulfilling different communication purposes, it is normal that you want this for your own.

Whether it is for person or business purposes, it is something that you need to pursue.  Research shows that this type of communication material dramatically improves one’s speed of learning. They engage, educate and entertain- all at once. So what are you waiting for? There are many video tutorials available. Be sure to choose a reference that can truly help you.


The Importance of Whiteboard Video

Whiteboard stories give you the opportunity to build a perfect understanding of your complex concept by using associated concepts that are already-existing in the minds of your viewers. Your viewer’s tendency of co-relating old and new ideas will make the process much easier.

So to the best of your advantage, present ideas that could best relate using the best whiteboard video. For more facts about how to make this amazing kind of animation, continue your research.


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