Mobile Based on Consumer Phsycology

Optimizing your Blog for Mobile Based on Consumer Phsycology

Copywriters and Creative teams always have a challenge when it comes to creating their blogs. Today, the trend is people accessing the internet on the mobile phones. So optimizing your blog for mobile is really important.

It’s always better to have a guide or someone to give the advice to collect and clear our minds. This will be the main purpose of our article. To be specific, this will be about points to help you create and develop your blog and website in addition.

Often, your blog will be on a website. The reason for this is very simple. Business owners want to attract and help the people that are relevant to what they do. Hence, business owners hire marketers and copywriters to do the job.

Attracting the right people to read blogs is important, this is because they will have a relevant challenge or a problem where you can help them. This is a great way to generate leads.

So in a sense, the main purpose for blogs are to create helpful and informative articles. In addition to that, behind the scenes, the main purpose of blogs and articles are to generate leads.

The more leads you generate, the more chance of converting them into customers. Rarely, blogs are sometimes not used for business purposes. These are personal blogs like online diaries and journals. But we will be totally separating that matter from our topic today.

Instead, we will focus on blogs for business only. Simply because a personal blog can follow any format because of its nature.

With that said, there is a very hard competition out there to catch the attention of your average consumers. The main resource you can use to get an advantage is the minds of the consumer.

So we will be using consumer psychology to create or develop our blogs.

Optimizing your Blog for Mobile Based on Consumer Psychology

Technology Today

Understanding the modern curve will give us a peek into the customer’s minds. This will also give you a good idea in optimizing your blog for mobile. The reason why I want you to understand this is because technology has created the greatest tool for everyone.

That is, of course, smartphones. In fact, a recent study stated that 80% of internet users have smartphones to search and find solutions to their problems. This has opened up a great opportunity for marketers and they have grasped that opportunity to its fullest.

So everything has adjusted to mobile compatibility. Therefore, you should really adjust your blog for website viewability as well.

It also stated there in that article that 48% of people search a keyword on their phones. So search engines play a huge part in this.

In optimizing your blog for mobile, you must adjust viewability and be ready so that when people type a keyword and they found you, you will have a higher chance of catching their attention. So what should you do as a marketer?

Well, the first part is to adjust, the second part is to keep on developing. Let’s talk more about that later.

Blog Design and Compatibility

Your blog format and design are important in catching the attention of your readers and making them stay. The first part of the battle is making sure your keywords will match what they type in search engines.

Second is what your actual content is. This will include your design and compatibility. No one will read your blog if they accessed it on a phone but it’s not compatible.

Same goes for your desktop, if it’s accessible on a phone and not on a desktop, they will get repelled too. So the perfect balance of compatibility is required to make your readers stay and actually read your blog.

This is also helpful in reducing your bounce rates. This bounce rate term refers to people who just happen to pass your website and go away immediately. Most likely, they saw your article and thought that it’s not the one they are looking for.


For the looks of your website and blog, start by choosing the right colors that are relevant, easy to look at and professional. The color of your brand is a great idea. Look for other websites to get a good look.

For us, it’s a combination of orange, blue and gray in different shades. This is will give a lasting impression for your customers. And once they remember those colors, there is a chance that they will think about your blog or article too.

So take this color and incorporate it consistently in all of your articles, landing pages, and every aspect of your business in that matter. I have written an article that can be used for blog and website designing.

Basically, your design is the first thing that people will look at. If it catches their attention, they will stay longer. If the topic is really relevant, they will start to read. And if the content is rich and helpful, they will finish it up to the end.

This is the progression in which you have to think of a way to adapt to the average consumer. In addition, this will be your mindset in optimizing your blog for mobile too.

Also, another great tip for your blog design is to put a navigation panel and search bar. This will allow readers and consumers to look at different articles easily. The search bar is great to let people look for what they need.

You will also be able to tell what they are looking for. Lastly, remove the clutter on your blog. Unnecessary info and clickable buttons can repel a reader. Some other great navigational designs are dropdown, thumbnails, the home button and featured articles.


For compatibility, one thing you just need to be sure of is that your blog is readable on mobile and desktop. Although a lot of people have smartphones now, they still use a desktop computer to do some in-depth research.

Like me, whenever there is something I want to spend hours researching about, I actually use the desktop. But for on the go and rush research, I always use my phone.

Like I said, some will not want to look at your blog if they can’t read it both on mobile or desktop. So a great psychological trick is to have them stay by making them want to stay.

Beyond design and compatibility, the best way to really make your consumers and readers stay is to actually produce rich and informative content. Ultimately, this is what the people will really look for and there is not psychological trick there.

It simply depends on your copywriter. But, of course, design and compatibility can significantly help you.

Understanding How People Research

Okay, moving on from the design, let’s talk about how people use search engines. Basically, search engines are what people utilize to look for a solution to their problem or if they want to read something relevant.

Or just simply to look up a website if they don’t know the exact URL. Hence, they type a phrase or a word that is directly related to what they are looking for. Theses phrases and words are called keywords.

If you know what people type, then you will have an advantage over your competitors. Optimizing your blog for mobile is the same as well. Mobile phones have search engines too and your keywords matter there too.

In every page, part, picture, and text of your website and blog, it can be optimized for search engines. This is what you refer to as SEO or search engine optimization. SEO is a great market today, in fact, there are jobs out there that are for SEO agents only.

Simply put, they try and match exactly what people are looking for depending on what you do. So SEO will lead relevant people to your website, therefore, increasing your traffic and making them as leads or even customers.

You will know what keyword to use if you think about your business and brand as a whole. For us, we use they phrase “explainer video” or “2D animation for business” to attract the right people into our blogs and website.

This strategy is great for improving your blog for mobile.

Titles for your Articles

The titles for your articles will often contain your keywords. So this means that your articles must have some kind of relevance to your brand. This will make sure that people who read your article will have a chance to relate to you.

And in a way, you are pulling them in because you know that you can help them.

Although, some of your articles won’t have a direct connection to what you do. This can also attract people to your website or landing page which is fine too. As long as people will stay and read your articles, you will have a chance of showing them what you do.

And that is one of the main goals of a copywriter and marketer.

You will know what keyword to use if you think about your business and brand as a whole. For us, we use the phrase “explainer video” or “2D animation for business” to attract the right people into our blogs and website.

This strategy is great for enhancing your blog for mobile. You don’t even have to ask people what they are looking for. Simply, you just have to think based on your brand and what you do.

Intrusive Advertisements

Intrusive Advertisements

Advertisements can help you gain a psychological advantage over your consumers and readers. You will either repel them or advertise to them perfectly. Your readers don’t want to see ads every time they scroll down or look at another article.

They just want to simply look at your articles, that’s it. So one or two strategic ads are fine. Two or three popups will be too many for one consumer. Ads will become intrusive if they pop up every time at unexpected intervals.

One way to prevent this is to have an option to opt out of advertisements. Your main goal is to make them stay anyways. And if they stay, your blog articles will become your advertisements depending on the topic.

Another great way to advertise on your websites is to know when to make them show up. For example, if a person visited your website, you just show them an ad once with an option to opt out right away.

This is a great way to show them that in reading your blog, they won’t see any more blogs other than the one they just saw. Optimizing your blog for mobile will also work like this. Check how your ads show up on phones.

Yes, your ads will show up on phones too. So you must check out how they show up because some of your ads will mostly cover the entire screen which is really intrusive.

Some might opt to use a simple panel or button as an ad so that whenever people look at it on a phone, the ad will not cover the entire screen. Some even just create videos to advertise and explain their brand at the same time.

So your ads really is an important factor in optimizing your blog for mobile.

Developing Your Website

Developing Your Website

Ultimately, developing and optimizing your blog for mobile is a long process. Be sure to always to adapt to the trends, always change and maintain your blogs. This goes for your keywords, topics or your titles and, of course, your main content.

Furthermore, always push out fresh, rich and helpful content so that people will stay, even on mobile or desktop. The design and compatibilities are only the first part. You still have to be original and creative every time you publish an article.

Remember, this will reflect your work and show the people how professional you are. So every sentence, every phrase and every part of your article and blog should have minimal errors.

This is one of the best ways in optimizing your blog for mobile or even for any device and channel out there.

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