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The Best Stock Music Sites for Video Creators

Music adds life to a video. That is the reason why choosing the right music for a video is very important. Music can make or break a video. So if you want your video to easily catch people’s attention, find the right tune. There are best stock music sites for individuals who want free high-quality background music for their videos.

Royalty Free Music Sites

The Best Stock Music Sites

‘Where can I get my music?’ This is a very common question among video creators and businessmen who are planning to invest on video marketing.

What is the best option to take? We all know that creating original tracks can cost a lot of time and money. Using the music produced by popular artists and celebrities can be very expensive as well. Where would you go?

At this point, for sure you have already heard about stock music sites. These sites offer free stock music. So where do you find these stock music for videos? Read more to know more.

Best Stock Music Sites

Knowing What Are the Stock Music Websites

Here are the top 4 best royalty free music sites that are everyone’s favorite.

# 1 Musicbed


Is a full-service music licensing platform that supports the world’s greatest musicians based on discovery. This music organization supports hundreds of indie musicians and composers by making their self-produced music affordably accessible in music stores. Filmmakers, agencies, and non-profits agencies are able to enjoy the cheap stock music they offer. Musicbed makes quality music accessible while inspiring the indie music artists to create more meaningful and valuable music.

# 2 Premium Beat


Is a curated royalty free music website that works with professional composers from around the world. They provide a handpicked, limited selection of royalty free music in both traditional and modern styles. Their music is accessible for media projects. These include videos, films, apps, games, and television programming which are truly a hit today.

# 3 AudioJungle


Is a music marketplace with a larger community. They buy and sell royalty-free music and sound effects at very affordable prices. Their music is guaranteed Podsafe. This is a music organization that gives opportunities to audio composers and producers that do not have the bigger budget for promotions and advertising tools. They offer their music at very low prices which make them one of the best stock music sites today.

#4 Marmoset


Is an award-winning music agency that provides a full service of curating vintage and emerging artists, bands and record labels for music licensing. They are based in the Pacific Northwest and produces in-house music that is original from a list of talented independent musicians. They aim to craft original scores and soundtracks that are impossible without the help of huge music companies.

Other Best Stock Music Sites to Add on the List

  1. License Lab – Is an independent resource for music enthusiasts. They provide music production opportunities to producers, editors and music supervisors including the indie musicians. They offer high-quality tunes but not for free.
  2. Tunefruit – It is a non-exclusive music license marketplace for online video. Their music is open to customers for personal or commercial usage.
  3. Songfreedom – Connects people with popular tunes from artists like Jason Mraz, Marvin Gaye, and One Republic. Their music price range is around $50 which is really affordable.
  4. Audio Network – Instead of computer-generated beats, they reserve the best stock music libraries from actual artists. So if you are looking for creative music, Audi Network may not be the best for you. This music license marketplace focuses more on TV, film, advertising, and corporate video.

A Secret to High-Quality Videos

Pick the Appropriate Music

There are different types of videos. We have the product videos, testimonial videos, animated explainer videos, whiteboard videos and a lot more. Regardless of the type and purpose of your video, selecting the right music matters a lot.

The music can set the mood of the video. It means your chosen music can encourage your target audience to watch your video. But on the contrary, your chosen music can also drive your audiences away from watching it.  

So before you pick the music for your video, there are important things that you need to consider.

Video Marketing Tips

How to Choose the Right Music for Your Video

One of the most difficult parts in creating a video is choosing its background music. To avoid common pitfalls, here are some helpful tips for you. If you are making several videos, do not to use the same tracks in each one.

People will easily notice that and it will bore them. It is something they will consider repetitive in their ears, therefore, your video is not going to be appealing to watch anymore.

Also, using the same music to different videos will destruct the uniqueness of the message that each video is trying to convey.

Important Factors to Consider

When choosing a music for your video, there are several important factors that you must consider. First, you have to determine the type of video you are creating. The energy of the song will set the tone of your video, therefore, knowing what your video is about will really make sense.

Try to think of this. Can you use hard-rock music in a baby product video? Of course not. No parents would surely allow their kids to watch such video. From that moment alone, you are already breaking the possibilities of your video’s success.

The Essence of Music Selection

Your video has a script. You can use your video script in finding the right sound track. Just make sure you know how to classify the right tempo (speed), genre, instrumentation, sound density, and lyrics according to the type of video that you are going to create.

With all the given factors, it will lead you to one direction, and that is the overall ‘feeling’ that the music is going to bring.

What to Avoid!

Not all music is good for your video. Do not pick a soundtrack that will not connect your video to your audience. Avoid choosing a dark or moody energy level music as it sounds boring and saddening.

However, there are cases when a video needs to have a low type of music, that can be a consideration. As long as you know that your audience can relate to it, then there is no problem with giving it a try.

Do Not Forget the Lyrics

Choose the music with the right lyrics. Your video will be more effective if you pick a background music with a sensible lyrics. There, you can simply relay direct messages to people without giving a direct command.

Something that is not needed in your music for your video, edit and remove it. Try to add a dramatic storytelling aspect. There are universal appealing lyrics which means almost everybody can relate.

Time Length

Know where to start and end your music. It does not mean you need to have a background music for the entire video. It may sound annoying already.

There are a perfect start and perfect ending. That is what you need to determine to be able to get the right time length for your sound track.

Business Advantages

These Best Stock Music Sites Help A Lot

More and more businesses opt for stock music royalty free music over big-budgeted composition. The initial reason is that these royalty music licensing sites are much cheaper. 

So if you have a limited budget and cannot afford to pay for a composer’s fee, royalty free music is for you. You will not have any problems with the licensing and copyright issues as these websites offer Podsafe music.

Additionally, buying music on these music marketplaces is more convenient and time-saving.

Grabe Every Opportunity

If you’re using stock music, then you should have a lot of stocks. Never limit yourself. Grab every opportunity to make your videos a lot better. Music can bring life to your video.

When your audiences get to connect to your video through your chosen music, you are open to more possibilities as your videos will be liked, commented and shared. That is one great thing that will happen if you accept the challenges and take what’s out there.

There are many best stock music sites that you can check and inquire. One will surely fit your business video needs.

Music Matters

Great Soundtrack Could Bring Success

Music is everywhere. Music could be everything. Because music matters. If you are going to invest in video marketing, pick the right music. It is going to lead you to the direct path of success.

What you have just read proves to you that money is not everything in music. Because of these best stock music websites, your dreams will become a reality.

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