Voiceovers to an Explainer Video

Advantage of Using Voiceovers to an Explainer Video

An explainer video presents your product or service in a convenient way. Furthermore, there are two ways to present your video and you get to choose which one you like.

Either you create just a simple video with texts or a video that has voiceovers. As a result, different presenters have unique views for both of them. Although both of them can be good, we will talk about the advantage of using voiceovers for your explainer video.

Advantages of using voiceovers to an explainer video:

Unified Interpretation

When looking at a painting in a gallery, people will have different interpretations. Hence, the same goes for explainer videos. Depending on how good your videos are, some might misinterpret the message you are trying to say. Some might not even be able to understand it. Of course, it depends on the situation.

Having voiceovers on your explainer video eliminates all of that. Viewers will listen to the one speaking and because of that, they will know exactly what you want to say. As a result, people will only have ONE understanding on what you want to convey. Furthermore, it eliminates misunderstanding, invalid questions etc.

No Wall of Texts

Avoid overuse of text

Most people today hate wall of texts mainly because reading them feels like the “old times”. That won’t change if they see you have an explainer video but you still decided to go with words.

It may even repel them from getting to know you even more. So, having voiceovers on your explainer video removes most of the texts. Also, it can make it easier to watch your video rather than making it feel like a chore.

You will even have more room for the animation and people will enjoy that.

Organized and Clean Presentation

Just like removing the wall of text, you can now focus on making your explainer video. You can organize and clean it even more. Also, the storyboard will be easy to set chronologically and people will appreciate that.

People don’t like muddled ideas and disorganized thoughts. Having voiceovers will eliminate that and help you.

Convenient Revisions

All explainer videos go through a rigorous process of perfecting during its creation. Most of the time, you will have to change it every step of the way. It’s not necessarily easier to revise a video with voiceovers but it’s definitely convenient.

You can easily change something without having to worry about being lost. You can refer to the voiceovers if you happen to be confused as you what you have changed on the storyboard. Even check the storyboard if you want to revise the script.

A Much Better Use of Time

Having no voiceovers will definitely stretch the length of your video. This might even hurt your budget because the longer the explainer video, the pricier it gets. Everyone hates watching long videos because it can bore them easily.

Consequently, the message you want to convey is lost because people will just move on.

With voiceovers, your videos will become shorter and compact. Although, it doesn’t mean your videos will lose valuable content. It simply means your videos are now more convenient to watch.

It Shows how Professional you are

Having a voice actor will show how professional you are. Imagine professional game speakers on NBA, they are like the life of the show for T.V. viewers. Now imagine watching the game with different speakers, isn’t boring?

Speakers or in this case, voice actors are the representation of your brand. They will show how professional you are and think of your brand as they listen. So go get Morgan Freeman as your voice actor, JUST KIDDING.

Of course, there are a lot of actors in his level that is not that popular.

Although some of you will have conflicting opinions. You have to admit that most of these are clear advantages on why voiceovers are good for your explainer videos. Lastly, I know that there are a lot more to cover.

But I just want to share these ideas to those who are deciding whether or not to put voiceovers in their explainer videos.

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