Animated Infographic Video

Animated Infographic Video and Some Essential Facts About It

When it comes to visual representation, no one can dispute the impact of animated characters in explainer videos. Marketers worldwide know how popular an animated infographic video is these days. Its popularity is unstoppable. More and more people believe that animated infographic videos are very effective promotion techniques in the digital marketplace.

Are you planning to invest in video marketing?

However, what’s holding back your decision is your worries that you have less knowledge about videos?

That is not an issue.

There is help available.

You are lucky!

You are reading the article that will give you a comprehensive overview of animated infographic video.

What is Animated Infographic Video?

Basic Essential Facts

An animated infographic video is a type of video that describes a product or service using animated infographics.

animated infographicsLike an explainer video, it is short in length but is rich in video content.

It provides information in a direct way.

Its purpose is to engage the audience at a deeper level to emotionally connect to the person watching.

Indeed, it is a very innovative tactic in conveying information.

The Power of Animation

When thinking of the perfect concept of telling a story, the use of animated characters is common.

It is because animation is a higher level of delivering video graphics to people.

Truly a fast way to grab people’s attention because of the high-quality definition video effects and styles.

It is colorful and moving.

It has transitions.  

The characters are custom-made which allow the video artist to create them according to the image of the target audience.

An Amazing Video Style

The Right Tool You Need

Brand awareness is one very important matter when it comes to product and service promotion.

However, the question is, ‘How to build enough brand awareness for your own trade?’

Today, the business marketing industry is in tight competition due to the continuous advertising progress we continue to experience.

It can be difficult to compete.

That is if you do not have the right brand awareness tool. What you need is an animated infographic video.

The Animated Infographic Video Tool

Creating an animated infographic is a very systematic way to present your business to your audience.

The clarity of the message is the priority of the video.

Infographic is an in-depth analysis and information visual aid that shows details.

Hence, the application of animation makes this material more convincing.

Here are the top 5 issues that your animated infographic video can cover:

  1. Presentation of the problem.
  2. What does your company do?
  3. How can your product or services help solve the problem?
  4. Why should people choose your brand?
  5. Proof of reliability.

Since you already know some basic essential facts about animated infographic videos, it is time to explore more about animated infographic video.

The Main Characteristics of an Animated Infographic Video

  • Simple – Unlike other video styles that are overdone, an animated infographic video is simple. It delivers messages and directly points out the main issue. By following the classical narrative scheme, the flow of communication goes smoothly.
  • Short – It never bores its viewers. An animated infographic video is short but very concise when it comes to relaying messages.
  • Branding Colors – This is one of the coolest characteristics of animated infographic videos. The use of branding colors which will help people easily identify a particular brand since brand recognition is very important.
  • Target Audience – When you use animated infographic video, you can easily tell who your target audience is. You can easily characterize the type of viewers that you want.
  • Rational – Animated infographic video has sense. It guides its viewers to the right path to achieve the goal of the entire situation.
  • Humorous – Simply, it’s the best thing about these animated video infographics, they can be humorous and fun to watch.

Key Advantages

Owning a business gives you one goal in mind, and that is to succeed.

However, sometimes you end up with so much in mind that you end up making the wrong decisions.

If you are still hesitant at this moment, whether to use or not to use an animated infographic video, here are more facts to amaze you.

As a businessman, why choose an animated infographic video amongst all types of videos?

Be ready! Here are more amazing answers for you.

Why Choose Animated Infographic Video?

  • Presents your ideas with clarity and value. Sending messages to people is not easy. Especially if you are not in front of them talking. But with an animated infographic video, you can tell your story just like you are talking to your audience in person. With that in mind, you are assured that your audience is well-informed.
  • Gives high importance to the visual and verbal medium of communication. An explainer video involves visual and audio communication tools. This method has an amazing effect on the human brain. It makes complicated things perceivable. It is easier for people to understand and relay the message to others as well.
  • Prioritizing brand awareness. An animated infographic video will give your product or service a distinct and unique identity. Therefore, there is a lesser chance that you will lose your clients.
  • Increase shareability. Since the video is rich in content and high in graphics quality, your viewers will like, comment and share the video (Youtube). People these days want to share their knowledge especially if it solves a particular problem.
  • Good online visibility. Because you can’t stop people from sharing your video, your video will gain great online visibility. If that happens, you are simply bringing money in your company.
  • Mobile friendly. Animated infographic videos can be viewed on mobile phones. In fact, according to statistics, mobile video views are rising dramatically today. It is said that it and will certainly continue on that track in the next few years.

Build Trust With an Animated Infographic Video

Before your viewers become your actual buyers, they will undergo three stages which are important to verify the credibility of a product or service.

It is a normal process which anybody undergoes whenever they need to buy something.

  1. Awareness: The audience is aware of the problem but he wants to specify the situation to get the assurance of knowing the situation accordingly.
  2. Consideration: This is the point when your viewer starts to collect more information by listening to what your video is telling. The person could also start using other references because he is starting to like your product or service. As a result, it can be his primary consideration.
  3. Decision: Your prospect client decides. Since the person already knows how to solve the problem, he chooses what is best for him. He will shortlist all companies available and pick the best one of his choice.

Conversion Booster

Perfect for Your Business

Business owners like you have the same ideals and goals.

You can describe it in one word, SUCCESS.

Getting more leads is not enough.

What you need are actual sales. Using an animated infographic video will make things easier for you.

Giving and showing your prospect clients the things that they exactly need, you are able to gain their trust.

It will make them decide and go for what you are selling. It is as simple as that.

Way to The Future

An Animated Infographic Video Help

Your animated infographic video will easily capture your audience’s attention.

It will open their eyes and minds to new ideas.

It engages them in a unique, memorable experience.

Through your video that true storytelling is fully realized.

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