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How to Get More ReTweets on Twitter: Best Answer Revealed

One of the top three most popular social media today is Twitter. People make use of it for various reasons. From personal purposes to business purposes, Twitter can be very interesting to get accustomed to.

Many of its users have discovered best practices when it comes to its effective usage. In this present time, Twitter has become a great marketing platform for all types of business.

Whether you are a starter or fortune business owner, this social networking site can help you boost your current business status.

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How to create clickable tweets?

There were experts who conducted studies about Twitter and these people found some very good facts. Of more than 400,000 randomly selected Tweets collected, an analyzation has been defined.

The number of times each tweet received a “new school” (native) ReTweet was verified as well. Experts compared 4 of the most popular ways to send images to Twitter.

  • Facebook image links.
  • Instagram and Twitter’s own, native image uploading service.

Facts about Getting More ReTweets

  • Promoting your own tweet will not attract retweeters. Retweet more.
  • Tweets that used Facebook or Instagram links has lesser retweets.

tweets facebook instagramVery Effective Ways to Get More ReTweets

  1. Everyone loves new stuff. And so are social media users. It is best if you create and share an original content. More people like retweeting new and fresh information.
  2. Always be unique. Use your imagination. There are so many ways to create posts that are new in everybody’s senses. Explore more things.
  3. Go with the flow. So what’s the hottest issue? It is best to create a post that is being talked about. You just have to give people what they want.
  4. When you tweet, always tweet with an image. The picture easily catches the attention of your followers.
  5. Make it a habit to always retweet others. 
  6. Do not forget to use hashtags.
  7. It is best to use an exclamation point. 
  8. Asking a question can be effective. Especially if you ask a question that needs information as the answer. Many people would love to help. And that will make them comment on your tweet.
  9. Tweet to educate. It is best to share knowledge and facts. People won’t retweet senseless stuff. 
  10. Be an active tweeter user. Tweet a lot. 

More about Clickable Tweets on Twitter

Tweets with images get more engagement.  Twitters native uploading system greatly improved to odds of being retweeted. If you are a regular user of this social media site, you will know that by now.

tweets using imagesAlthough not very powerful, Twitter has a higher positive effect compared to Facebook and Instagram image links. Post regularly. It is best if you always show up on your follower’s timeline. Never overuse hashtags. It will not help.

You will just cause confusion to anybody who gets to read your tweet. Twitter updates its users every time. They will show your engagement rate which is a very helpful thing to consider. Be a smart social media user.

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