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15 Cool Things for an Instagram Post that You Should Consider

Today, Instagram is no more just a social networking site where people can upload and post their photos. Not anymore! Today, an Instagram post can have a broader meaning and deeper essence not only to a single person but to the society as well.

Even the marketers all over the world recognize the power of Instagram to connect and affect people’s lives.

The Basics of Instagram

Growing Your Instagram Account

Before creating an Instagram account, you have to determine your purpose. So what is your main intention why you are creating your own Instagram account?

Is it for personal or business use? To answer that question is crucial because it will guide you in setting up your goal.

Once you have created your Instagram account, you are ready to engage yourself in different Insta activities.

You are now about to make your first Instagram post. However, it does not stop there.

You have to personally work on it to make sure that you are growing your Instagram account for a much more exciting Insta experience.

Speeding Up Your Instagram Growth

Instagram growth is all about gaining a huge number of followers. These are the people who will see your Instagram post.

Aside from the viewing opportunity, your followers can also like, comment or share your Instagram post.

Therefore, these people are what you need to grow your Instagram account. Their responses will create the activities that will help your personal Insta reach a high engagement rating.

Your Instagram Post Matters

But, not all cool pictures to post on Instagram are going to work. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are posting an image or video that makes great sense.

If not, then be ready to be ignored by your followers. An Instagram post without any engagement does not have any value. Yes, it is worthless.

Please remember that the people who are using social media are smart. These are individuals who are looking for things that will give them interest.

Boring images and nonsense videos will not attract anybody.

A Reminder When Making an Instagram Post

Since Instagram is an online platform that gives heavy emphasis on visual content like photos, videos, illustrations, and GIFs, expect to see a lot of posts every day.

In addition to that, since Instagram has already become a business place for marketers, a lot of brands are using Insta to send their stories and messages.

So how can you compete? How can you appear in front of your followers’ senses and be noticed?

To be given below are great ideas that you should consider when making an Instagram post. You must continue reading.

15 Cool Things for an Instagram Post

  1. Quality Videos

    It’s undeniable that videos are becoming an important platform for brands and marketers today. Because of that, Instagram supports the trend and has paved the way for video contents. Therefore, Instagram is not only for high-quality photos but for high-quality videos as well. Videos get good engagement rating that’s why it should be something that you need to consider as an Instagram post.

  2. Business

    If you want to promote your business ina very fast and efficient way, you should post it on Instagram. Insta has millions of users all over the globe which means using them as a medium of advertising is going to be effective.

  3. Memes

    People love memes. According to studies, memes are trending posts in all social networking sites because they are funny and humorous. An Instagram post that feeds positivity has the high chances of becoming a big hit. So try to give that to your followers as well.

  4. Adorable Animals

    Cats and dogs are very good example for an animal Instagram post. Even if people do not have a pet, but they easily get attracted to images showing lovable animals. It makes their heart melt. Therefore, it is something that can grab someone’s attention if you post it.


    Post wonderful images with relevant quotes. It is best to copy famous quotes that feed positivity. People need some healthy reminder to keep living life and a simple quote can help so.

  6. Food

    Nothing is more engaging than a food photo. Especially if the food looks very yummy, your followers just couldn’t resist it. Food posts always get high engagement rating. Well, it is really stress-relieving to see food images that one can like, comment and share what food you got for them.

  7. Babies

    When it comes to cuteness and innocence, baby images are always on the top of the list. Who can resist a cute baby picture? No one! So why not use baby images as your Instagram post. Babies are bubbly and truly lovable. There is no age nor sex gender required to appreciate babies so it’s a good idea to consider.

  8. Product Shots

    If you are into selling products, it is not a bad idea to post your product on Instagram. Instead, it is something that you have to consider because it is a way of promoting what you got. Make sure that the image looks attractive. Your audience will initially base their reaction to what they see in your post. Prove them that your product is the best to choose by making it look outstanding in a photo.

  9.  Amazing Things

    It is a good idea to post things that are not common to people’s eyes. There are a lot of amazing stuff to post on Instagram in this world that many people haven’t seen yet. You should be looking for those kinds of photos and post it on Instagram. Make sure it is not a common photo that has been circulating online.

  10. Sunset

    A sunset image is always a heart-warming photo. It’s like a breathtaking portrait that is appealing to a person seeing it. Not everyone gets the chance to witness a sunset so making it as your Instagram post will surely work.

  11. Landscape Photos

    When it comes to full cover imagery, you can use landscape setting. Landscape photos enable you to showcase an entire area which will give your viewers enough idea to leave a comment. Landscape photos of your home’s interior or your landscape would be great.

  12. People in Your Life

    Posting images showing people that means to you is a good idea to consider when making an Instagram post. When using family or friend images, you can caption them with wonderful quotes or heart-warming messages. It is one way of inspiring your followers and everyone seeing your post.

  13. Wonder Scenery

    If you want to bring excitement and thrill to your followers and audiences, why not post images of wonderful sceneries. If you’ve been to wonderful places, do not miss to take photos especially the most beautiful spots. Posting them on Instagram allows your followers to feel what it is like to be in the place. Yes, you are emotionally connecting with your audiences.

  14. Latest Gadgets

    Because people are so into gadgets today, posting images of high-tech gadgets will work for you. People will surely get interested in what you are trying to show. It will also serve as a guide for them whenever they think of buying the product. So it is an advantage to consider.

  15. Scary Images

    Yes, that’s a great idea to consider. Even if these images are frightening but people are more triggered to share them. Not only that, aside from high shareability, you will get a lot of likes and comments on a scary image. Do not hesitate to try.

Additional Essential Tips

How to Grow Your Instagram Account

  1. Reach out to your target audience. This will grow your fanbase.
  2. Engage with your fanbase by interacting with them.
  3. Participate on other Instagram accounts. Do not forget to like, comment and share others posts.
  4. Sensible things to post on instaInstagram matters especially stuff that educates.
  5. Be humorous. Try to be funny in a good way.
  6. Post consistently.
  7. Like, comment, share consistently.
  8. Inspire people in your quotes.
  9. No false or deceiving posts.
  10. Tell friends to give positive feedbacks on your posts to attract others to do so.


A Powerful Social Media Platform

Instagram has a lot in store for you. So no matter what your intention is in creating an Instagram account, you should never fear of getting rejected.

There are countless opportunities waiting. All you have to do is to search for them and grab them. To marketers out there, Instagram posts convert.

Yes! That is a proven thing online that you need to experience as well. So never be afraid to try. See what amazing things an Instagram post can do for you.

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