7 Typography Trends to Watch for in 2021

Aesthetics is an integral part of every design in 2021. This trend can be seen in all up-to-date fonts, represented on the internet. Thus, to make your product or website look trendy, you can brighten it up with eye-catching typography.

However, how is it possible to choose one typeface out of hundreds of thrilling options? This choice is crucial as it may influence your business by attracting more or fewer clients to your products or services. Moreover, the right font can impact sales, meaning you can increase your revenues without much effort.

Express your personal identity or the brand’s vision using one of the trendy fonts. Choose a typography style that meets your requirements and expectations the most to create a stunning layout for presenting your business. Look through the top seven trends mentioned in this article to make the right choice!

1. Fat Fonts

This year, it has become popular to use fat fonts for different designs. Such typefaces tend to be a bit wider than regular ones, meaning they are perfect for titles, short pull quotes, clothes prints, and various advertising projects.  


With this typography trend, you can add chunky letters to your designs to stand out from competitors. Moreover, if you want to improve the readability of your website, bold fonts can definitely fulfill this goal. However, consider that you’d better not use this typeface for blog articles or brochures. 

2. Disco Nostalgie 

Want to experiment with your website or product design? Make your projects look more thrilling and exclusive with disco nostalgie fonts. Immerse yourself into the vibrant atmosphere of the 70s with the best Free & Premium Vintage 70s Fonts


Once you add these typefaces to your typography, users will start paying more attention to your brand. Multicolored fonts of different shapes and sizes will remind your clients of the atmosphere of fun disco parties. 

Therefore, you can feel free to use this trend for your invitations, postcards, clothes and souvenirs, titles, logo, etc. 

3. Very Sharp Fonts

 If you want to convey crucial information to users, extremely sharp fonts will come in handy. Such fonts are being designed to emphasize the customers’ attention on what is essential. Moreover, it allows business owners to stand out on the market. While thousands of entrepreneurs and companies from the same industry provide relatively similar products, you have an excellent chance to shine! 


Very sharp fonts are perfect for different projects, i.e., branding, web design, postcards, prints, titles, and more. Implementing this typeface to your designs will help you to draw more attention to products and services. Besides, this is a fantastic opportunity to highlight the central vision of your brand. 

Use this notable, eye-catching typography trend to showcase the rebellious spirit of your brand. Combine it with dark colors and cool concepts to look more devilish. Your audience will be attracted by extreme sharp angles and other features of the font.

4. Huge Shadows

Shadows have always been meaningful, especially in web design. But in 2021, this trend has become even more powerful. Look at the trendiest brands represented on the internet. They all highlight their uniqueness with catchy fonts, most of which have shadows of different sizes. 

Interested in creating a thrilling design too? Pay attention to typefaces with huge shades.

This typography trend is relatively weighty, so consider it when implementing the font to your designs. Use it for your logo, titles, prints, and other projects, which are made to bring more attention to your products and services. Combine large shadows with bright colors to add some precipitancy and lightness to your brand’s style.  

5. Dynamic Typography

This typography trend is an excellent option for those who want to “enliven the words.” Using dynamic letters in your design, you can draw attention to your products and highlight your brand’s identity. Besides, its fluid shapes, action lines, and textured shading create the illusion of motion, bringing more life to your brand.


Your brochures, titles, prints, and web pages can look classier and more attractive with dynamic typography. Moreover, you can create fantastic animation with vibrant lettering, which already makes an impression of a mid-motion snapshot. However, don’t mix it with other trendy typefaces, as it might make your design too complex and tricky. 

6. Hand-Lettering Fonts

Hand-lettering font is a trend that remains relevant since 2020. This typography style is popular mostly among web designers, but you can also use it for your printed merchandise. Logos, postcards, brochures, wedding invitations, and other products will draw more attention with beautiful hand lettering. 


Most of the handwriting typefaces represented on the web comprise letters with upper and lowercase characters with various thickness strokes. Such fonts can also include characters with extra embellishments, making your designs more stylish.  

7. Blend of Text and Images

Are you tired of boring minimalistic fonts? The blend of text and images is a new level of creativity, which is available for everyone. By layering text over images, you can make your content more meaningful and catchy. 


If you want to improve the readability of your website or printed advertisement, you can also apply a colored filter over the image. Such a combination creates an incredible three-dimensional effect, making your projects more unique.  


If you always wanted to make your designs more positive and attractive, you would like the new typography trends. The fonts, popular in 2021, look brighter and more thrilling, which is a key to drawing more people’s attention. 

Once you upgrade your current product or web design with trendy fonts, your brand will become more recognizable on the market.

Check out the catalog of typefaces demanded today and make your layout more creative using Extremely Sharp or Hand-Lettering Fonts. Besides, you can always add more energy to your design with fantastic Disco Nostalgie typography. Don’t be afraid to experiment when looking for your brand’s style, otherwise, you risk getting lost among thousands of faceless companies.

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