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10 Best Corporate Videos that Can Help You Achieve Your Business Goals

Every business has a business goal. Companies have different visions.

But in the end, everything points out to achieving SUCCESS.

Yes, owning a business means aiming for success.

However, in this present time, to succeed in business is no more an easy goal to attain.

The rivalry between different industries continues to become fiercer each day.

So you end up asking yourself, ‘How can I achieve my business goals?’

Well, worry no more. Fortunately, you found this article.

Right now, we will be showing you how the best corporate videos can help you achieve your business goals.

What is a Corporate Video?

A corporate video is one type of video production.

However, it differs from other videos because it provides audio-visual corporate communications material. Common examples are:

  • DVD
  • High Definition Video
  • Streaming Video
  • Explainer Video
  • Any media commissioned primarily for company, corporation or organizational use.

Corporate videos are often intended for a specific purpose in a corporate or B2B environment.

These include product or service demo video, advertising video, company promotional videos, investment presentations, information videos and training videos. 

There’s a particular set of audience which a corporate video has to reach.

Moreover, a B2B is frequently the responsibility of a company marketing or corporate conversation manager.

First Things First

Components of the Best Corporate Videos

1. Purpose

Being clear about what you want to accomplish is one major component of a B2B video.

It’s the starting point of the entire journey. It is when you come up with all the ideas to create the perfect plan.

It will guide your way towards reaching your expectations and get satisfying results in the end.

2. Plan

Once you are clear about your purpose, the next crucial component is a good plan.

There are various types of best corporate videos. What exactly do you need?

There are factors that you have to consider. Knowing the kind of video, you’ll use will help you identify your video needs.

Then you can create a plan that will incorporate all the vital video production requirements.

3. Message

Another vital component is the message or the script. What do you want to tell your audience?

You must be able to relay a clear message. If your video has a confusing message, it will drive your audience away.

They won’t click that play button again to watch and listen to what your video is saying.

It’s critical to grab their attention right away. Your message must be precise from the beginning.

Avoid unnecessary introductions. Why not give a direct-to-the-point statement.

4. Emotions

The best corporate videos that we see have one thing in common. It’s their way of getting into people’s emotion.

The ’emotion’ is a necessary component of any B2B video. You have to show your viewers your sincerity and truthfulness.

Aside from providing facts, figures, features, and benefits of your brand, you have to encourage your target audience to believe your product or service.

Hence, to be able to do that, you have to connect with them on an emotional level.

5. Quality

Quality is a B2B video component that you need to make sure that you are not wasting your time, money and effort.

Consequently, it is the very first thing that the viewers will see. Although not all people are video experts, it’s easy to tell if a video is good or bad in quality.

Therefore, making sure that your video has value is a must. A clear message is nothing if your video is dull and lousy.

So before you create a video, be sure to set a quality standard.

Always Keep an Eye on Your Goal

The best corporate videos can turn things around for your company. However, it’s a collective effort to contemplate.

But, everything is served at this present time. Therefore, there is nothing that should hinder you from trying.

Any marketer can reach their business dreams if they have the knowledge and right attitude.

So to learn more, here are some great examples of best brand videos that you must watch.

10 Best Corporate Videos

# 1 Microsoft

Microsoft is a giant technology company that manufactures computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and services. 

Microsoft is market-dominant in the IBM PC-compatible operating system market. Indeed, it’s the top computer company worldwide.

The video is an information corporate video. Microsoft shows how they create their large logo and how it affects their popularity even more.

The video is a compelling corporate video because it affects people emotionally and tells them how powerful the company is.

It encourages more viewers to believe and rely on Microsoft.

# 2 Taulia

Taulia is a global technology company. They facilitate invoice discounting between corporations and small business suppliers.

Their goal is to drive innovation in the financial supply chain by turning every invoice into a revenue opportunity.

They also aim to strengthen supplier relationships with various organizations. 

Corporations that use Taulia include Salesforce, Coca-Cola, Home Depot and Warner Bros.

In their video, they’re parodying some award-winning commercial series which results in entertaining corporate video.

It’s fun to watch because people are already familiar with the scene but the message and characters are new.

The video successfully delivered a humorous setting that makes people laugh.

# 3 Method CRM

Method CRM helps small business owners to nurture and convert leads by providing them effective digital marketing techniques.

They show unique and better ways to organize a business. Their products and services are distinct ‘Method’ which makes them easily recognizable.

The video is a how-to corporate video. It is a common, efficient way of showing viewers how to manage or do a specific action or procedure.

It’s beneficial, and they can relay the message well. The explanation is clear and precise.

Their viewers will surely feel perfectly comfortable because they were able to present their intention successfully.

# 4 Eloqua

Eloqua is a marketing automation campaign. Its goal is to encourage people to use the marketing automation system to get positive ROI in fast time.

Their services bring their clients more lead and campaign management tools that help find the right audience at the right time.

They will let you create your marketing adventure.

The video shows a fantastic animation which is one of the easiest ways of grabbing people’s attention.

Cartoons are not for kids only. Today, cartoon characters can also capture the hearts and attention of adult people.

In the video, we see how they professionally created animated characters. The message was still clear and easy to comprehend.

# 5 JotForm

Jotform is a beneficial useful digital software. It is an online form builder which helps offices and online companies create paperwork in fast time.

The best thing about JotForm is your ability to create your own form and format. Moreover, with JotForm, getting emails and collecting data are made easier.

The video is a training video. This is an education type of B2B video that adds in the best corporate videos list today.

A person is talking giving instructions while showing her screen. The message is very clear. Anyone can follow the instructions.

Therefore, anyone who needs an online form creator will choose JotForm.

# 6 Colliers

Colliers is one of the top real estate service companies today.

Their sincere and fast approach to their client’s needs makes them on the top.

They also provide modern and unique means of digital real estate services.

High-technology and reliable innovations in their system bring their customers one unforgettable experience.

The video is an example of an explainer corporate video.

Undeniably, this is one of the best corporate videos today.

Colliers was able to explain what their company is all about. Facts and details were clearly presented.

The viewers will not find it hard to understand which gives them the interest to know Colliers even more.

# 7 Brinox

Brinox is a processing service company. They provide high manufacturing requirements for modern business to achieve fast and reliable service.

Their efficient cost competitive and customer tailored process systems solutions bring new hope for an advance and quick digital processes.

The video is a promotional corporate video. Brinox shows how their company works and perform to encourage people to choose them.

They promote their market by providing facts and images together to build credibility.

They also showcase their experience and their goal to lead the industry that improves the quality of life, every step of the way.

# 8 Zendesk

Zendesk is one of the most popular digital customer service companies that provide communication services for faster and broader transportation of message.

Their communication solutions and technology advancement bring more people in contact together.

Zendesk is an excellent customer service software and support ticketing system with a fast and reliable team.

The video is an advertising corporate video. It’s a presentation of how Zendesk works and what people can benefit from this software.

It tells people that by using Zendesk, doing digital marketing will be more convenient and advance.

# 9 Intercom

Intercom is a digital communication company that allows the relay of the message in a fast and convenient way.

It’s a messaging platform with a user-friendly environment. It’s simple, personal and fun to use. Hence, fixing all the issues when it comes to people talking online.

The video is an explainer corporate video. The target is to explain one of the company’s main features and services.

It’s similar to demonstration video however they differ in the purpose.

Its motive is to explain and let the viewers understand the process of added encouragement to choose and try the software.

# 10 GetResponse

GetResponse is an email marketing digital platform. Businesses are made easier because of this software. 

It allows you to create a valuable marketing list of prospects, partners, and clients.

If you want a responsive and profitable customer base, you need to manage your emails using this amazing software.

At the beginning of the video, the owner was able to ask for a possible response from the viewers right away.

So that the communication will not simply end after watching the video. It’s one significant part of any corporate video.


Any company or business, whether big or small, needs a corporate video.

These best corporate video are the most flexible, cost-effective and engaging methods.

So if your goal is to showcase your company and its assets and prove to people that you are worth their choice, create the best corporate videos for them.

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