Animated Video Expensive

What makes an Animated Video Expensive?

An animated video can also refer to an explainer video. It is a short presentation of animations and effects that explain a brand to the people who wants to discover. Eager viewers can discover a product in a convenient way. And this helps a lot of business owners.

Of course, most business owners are always willing to pay the premium for a service that is worth it. Consequently, they will have a lot of questions to ensure that the quality of work will be consistent with the price.

Regarding this line of work, there is one question that stood up the most. It is absolutely important to answer this because it gives confidence to the people who will avail the service. So, with this article, we will answer the question:

What are the factors that make an animated video expensive?

Hiring a professional

creative team

This is, of course, the main reason what makes an animated video expensive. There are designers, animators, and writers that have trained and studied the way to create an animated video.

Not all of us are born with the talent to create amazing designs, write scripts and create animations. This is the main reason why you need a professional. So that your animated video can become professional, clear and organized as it can be.

If you have goals and you want to show the world your brand with an animated video. Always remember, be prepared to pay the “premium”. To ensure the quality of your animated videos.

You can’t simply decide to create one just because you had a great idea. You will need proper guidance and consultation.

The Whole Process

If you really want to understand what makes an animated video expensive. Of course, you need to be fully educated about what happens in every step of the way. You need to know how you got that final video in the end.

Keep in mind that not all video makers will have the same procedures or steps to create an animated video. So, let’s look at the different stages when creating an animated video with regards to icopify.

Script Writing

The first step to creating a successful animated video is script writing. You may have already noticed that not everyone is talented with writing. There are things to consider like the perfection of grammar and the formulation of good and compelling sentences.

Because of that, you need professional writers that are fluent in speaking and writing. You might even need bilingual writers. A perfect script is like blood on a healthy body.

So, that means you can’t entrust this to someone that might blur your message to the people. As a result, the part where you need to find and hire a professional to write for you increases the cost. Even by just creating a script.

Also, script writing takes a lot of effort than most might think different. For a writer like me, this part is crucial and the way you have written cascades to other parts of the process.

If it’s a good script, everything follows and it will help a lot with the rest of the process.

Creation of the Storyboard

You might have heard this word before but might not know the meaning of it. Specifically, for an animated video. The Storyboard contains designs and texts. Although, a storyboard can come in different forms.

Most often, you will see a powerpoint presentation. On every slide, you will see a brief part of the video and how it will transpire up to the end.

Furthermore, animators will base everything here later to create the video. In addition, this is sort of the refinement of the video itself because most of the time, your revisions will go here. It saves a lot of time and costs as compared to revising the video itself.

For professional animators, this is a critical part of creating an animated video. The storyboard will determine the flow of the animation. You can’t simply hire amateurs to create a storyboard for you.

Voice Over Recording

voice over

To put a voice over in your video is a way to eliminate a problem: putting a wall of text on your video. Although, some might not need a voice over like a simple animated presentation.

Most buyers will want to have them. And alas, putting voice overs in your animations will most certainly bring up the costs.

The costs of hiring a professional voice actor will depend on a lot of things. Some actors are popular you might even need to pay them with a lot. Imagine a popular voice like Morgan Freeman doing your voice over.

OR the guy from that fancy Jaguar Car commercial. It makes sense that you have to pay them even double or triple the amount of the average. Ultimately, you will still have to pay a good amount of money just to get a professional voice actor, popular or not.

Animation and Video Production


This part is where the magic happens. You really need someone who is an artist and who know what he/she is doing. Although, most animations are done on a computer.

You will still need someone who has learned how to draw, professionally. You must be wondering, why? Simply because everything that people will see about you, they will judge the quality of your work based on that.

So, if they something that they don’t like, imagine what will they say about your brand. Hence, it’s all about the impressions.

In addition, professionals will use licensed products to create your animations. Not the free versions but the ones that you have to pay. That itself will bring up the cost. Software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects etc.

These are the steps in creating an animated video. But what I want you to realize is what do they do to have an impact on the costs. Certainly, by now you will have a bit of understanding about the process and what transpires inside the production itself.

This article was created by us to explain a bit about the costs to create an animated explainer video. But based on my experience, everything will still base on the discussion of the parties involved.

Like the seller and the buyer. You still have to determine a lot of things like the time you will give to the project. Or the effort you have to put in actually everything to get from the start to the end.

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