Hacks for learning new technology

Technology has come a long way. Nowadays, the medium has made education shift from the traditional classroom setting to blogs and interactive forums over the internet. With such resources, humans don’t have any excuse not to involve themselves in learning new things. Here are some of the biological or technical hacks to learn new technology.

Beating inertia

If you want to learn something new or make homework with the biology assignment assistance, for example, you need to overcome the inertia that hinders you from making your first move. The same type of inertia makes you want to switch to another channel on your television, but you failed to have your remote nearby. To do this, you need to apply some techniques for you to get motivated and excited.

The concept of tiny habits involves taking small steps of doing something for you to get started. For instance, if you want to get the remote, you can begin by wiggling your legs or toes and then bending forward, then you lift yourself from the couch. You can then fall to the floor and get up. The same idea can get utilized in learning new skills, and therefore, all the tiny steps matter.

Learn from the best

You need to determine what you want to learn as the first step to learn a new skill. It could be something that you feel you want to do and that you also mirror great interest to explore further. It would be best to have a strong inclination because it will be the fuel that pushes you whenever you’re feeling low.

After deciding whatever you need to learn more, get down and research some of the community’s work around that same skill. You can do this by getting into YouTube to watch their videos or Reading from blogs.

Flow with the information

After crossing the convincing stage or whatever you want to learn, you need to start absorbing the knowledge around the skill. Then, you can search for tutorials for beginners that are not related to the topic that you want to get more information from. Finally, after going through all the links you need, you can look for some of the best books related to the topic.

Watch and Listen

As you get more and more knowledge, you will brush your shoulders with other forms of data and information, mainly screencasts and podcasts. You can find some whole classes on some of the topics provided by some of the best schools and institutions globally, which will further help you in your academic setting. Many websites provide students with online education, and you can sift through them to find the best one for you.


Now that you have gone through numerous tutorials and videos and a better understanding of the skill or technology you want to learn, it is now time to test your knowledge, and the only way to do that is by doing.

Please select a project to build from scratch utilizing the new technologies and develop some features to implement them. In case you hit stumbling blocks, find out the solution of that from Google. Will now be along the line to becoming an expert because the more roadblocks or failures you get to encounter in your journey, the wiser you will become.

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