7 Effective Ways To Transform Your Digital Marketing Strategy Using Chatbots

Chatbots are becoming an integral part of digital marketing strategy as they have facilitated every stage in the digital marketing sales funnel. At first, to explain it in simple terms, Chatbots are nothing other than a computer software that can be designated to perform specific tasks.

When it comes to digital marketing, multiple tasks are involved right from spotting a lead to making the lead to check out the product. Here is the place where chatbots come to play and ease your job.

You can automate the tasks to bots that saves much of your time and helps you to focus on other essential tasks. Here, we list out how chatbots could transform your digital marketing strategy.  

Effective Conversational Tool 

In 2020, brands and marketers are more focussed on conversational marketing. Brands tend to initiate a conversation with their prospects. They believe that exchanging words with the prospects helps them to build a strong bond and to know the expectations of the prospects more precisely.

Chatbots can be used as a perfect tool for conversational marketing. For instance, after landing on your website, a person can have some queries about your products to be sorted out. Thus, chatbots can be used as an effective medium for conversational marketing through its live chat and clear the questions that pop on the mind of the customers immediately.

There are some common questions that every customer could have after landing on your website. You can automate the replies to the bots, which helps you in spending your time more productively as you don’t have to reply to every prospect. 

A recent survey from Econsultancy states that 57% of customers are more likely to prefer live chat. Thus, the instant replies from the chatbots play its very own role in transforming a prospect into a customer as possibilities are high for people to leave the website if the response gets delayed.

Chatbots can benefit you largely in collecting the basic and essential information about a prospect. The initial conversation by chatbots will help you in understanding the expectation of the prospect. This will lead you to initiate a meaningful conversation with the prospect. 

Moreover, chatbots can handle any number of people at a time, which will have a positive impact on your business by increasing your sales volume. 

Reach Your Customers Before They Reach You

Many brands use chatbots to respond to the queries of the customers, i.e., passive customer interaction. But, chatbots could be harnessed as an effective channel for lead generation. You have to frame the questions for the chatbots which the customer should find compelling.

The chatbot will reach out to people with these sets of queries, which will help people in knowing the presence of your brand. Make sure your questions have an assisting tone. With the information chatbots drive you about a prospect, you can frame a personalized message or advertisement.

Since the data delivered by the chatbot gives you deep insight into the interests and expectations of a customer, you could frame more relevant marketing messages, which will help you in achieving higher conversion rates. Trollishly also helps to increase your conversion rates as it drives leads to you effortlessly.

Eases Consumer Analyzation

Chatbots can be utilized as an effective tool to track the purchasing pattern of a prospect. This will avail you of a considerable advantage by helping you to understand the area of interest of the customer prospect.

Subsequently, this will give you a clear image of his priorities and the product that you could sell easily to him. Chatbots could drive data about your prospect providing valuable insights that help you in understanding the nature of your prospect. This will help you in framing a more appropriate strategy and make a meaningful move. 

Chatbots also ease the process of reaching out to a customer as they collect all the necessary information about a lead. For instance, chatbots could provide you with the data of contact details of a prospect and whether he has made any purchase from you before. Moreover, Chatbots cuts down the cost of hiring an analyst.  

Maximize The Conversation Rate With Personalisation

Chatbots could be used as a tool to deliver a personalized user experience. Brands have begun to give more importance to personalization marketing as more people prefer their products to be crafted as per their choice. Moreover, personalized products will provide a feel to the customer that you value their opinion and interest. 

The personalized conversation also works in the same way. If a customer approaches your chatbot, it will sort out his queries alongside collecting his basic information and contact details. In the meantime, you can come up with personalized advertisements or messages with his name on it.

This will grab the attention of the customer and drive him to look into your products. Marketers have opined that personalization could be used as a useful tool to maximize the conversion rate. Chatbots should be programmed with a set of questions to shoot out to the customer, which will help you in delivering more relevant and personalized ads. 

Have A Human Touch

Chatbots should be programmed in a way that they could have a human touch in the interaction they carry out with the customer. Customers should feel that they are in conversation with a human and not a robot. If they find the conversation to be stiffer, possibilities are high for them to cut-off the interaction in the middle.

So, program your bots in such a way that it could have a more lively and genuine conversation with the prospects. Moreover, you can add a human profile picture and name it, which will sound more like interacting with a human for the customers. The real-time conversation from chatbots satiates the craving for instant replies of customers.  

Sell Your Products Through Chatbots

Chatbots could carry out the whole process involved in selling a product on its own, which works best for the e-commerce industries. The chatbot can do the entire process right from showcasing the products based on the interest of the customer till heading him to the corresponding website where he could check out the product.

The bot will interact with the customer to showcase the most relevant product. Many customers have opined that though they were aware that they were interacting with a chatbot, it gives them more of an experience of chatting with a fellow human. Thus, the chatbot does the job of marketing and selling a product itself altogether. 

Incorporate Bots With Messaging Platforms

One of the essential measures required to harness chatbots effectively is integrating them with messaging platforms. People spend more time on messaging applications like Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat than on standard applications.

A recent survey reveals that messaging apps are used nearly nine times per day, whereas the average for mobile applications stands at five times per day. As customers spend more time on messaging applications, it has become inevitable for brands to be a part of it.

Thus, having your presence on messaging platforms via chatbots is more crucial for you to enhance your business. Most brands have reaped the benefit by incorporating chatbot with Facebook messenger, one of the most commonly used messaging platforms. The majority of people use messaging applications on their mobile. 

As chatbots are optimized for mobiles, you don’t have to put any separate effort to make your chatbot available for the mobile users. People also seem to be more content with the customer service offered by chatbots. The instant replies and their availability round the clock are the significant factors that drive people to go with chatbots.

Moreover, chatbots also provide a new experience to the customers with better engagement. According to a recent study, more than 60% of Millennials have used chatbots. Thus, if you want to expand your business, you must have your presence on the messaging applications in the form of chatbots.  

Final Thoughts

Chatbot has a wide array of benefits, making it more essential for brands to have it as part of their digital marketing strategy. Many brands feel that chatbots are cutting down the cost of employing a salesperson or an analyst as it does their jobs more actively and efficiently.

Though chatbots are still in their infant stage, owing to their many benefits, researches are carrying out at full phase to equip it. Many digital marketers feel that chatbots have lessened their work burden, helping them in spending their time more productively. 

Chatbots are bridging the gap between marketing and sales as they drive you valuable insights about a customer, which will benefit you much in deriving a more appropriate strategy. Subsequently, you could easily convert a prospect into your customer. Thus, chatbots have eased the entire process of marketing by garnering an indispensable place for it.  

As conversational marketing is expected to take centre stage in the coming years, chatbots will become an integral part of the digital marketing strategy, thereby transforming the way a brand approaches its prospects.

Many people have expressed that the interactions with chatbots have given them a completely new shopping experience. They have also opined that the interactions are much fruitful for them and that it cuts down the time consumption in choosing a product as chatbots come up with more appropriate suggestions.

Hence, chatbots avail of a multitude of benefits to brands, thus bringing a transformation in the digital marketing strategy. 

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