Video Metrics

Video Metrics to Get A Comprehensive View of a Video’s Success

A successful video is a powerful marketing tool. It helps companies develop and improve in various business aspects.

However, not all videos are a success. Therefore, it’s crucial to determine if you’re using a compelling video or not.

You need to get an honest look if your video is impacting your brand positively. But how will you do that? It’s going to be easy if you use the video metrics.

What is Video Metrics?

What is Video MetricsVideo metrics serve as the video analytics. It’s the measurement of a video’s performance.

It gives a rating and refines the numbers categorically.

Video measures will provide you with a clear understanding of what connects your video to your viewers.

These are important determinants that will guide you towards improving or redoing a business video.

There are several types of video metric. Each of them plays an important role when it comes to showing success percentage.

Hence, watching the right metrics allows you to use your video strategically.

How Does Video Metrics Work?

How Does Video Metrics WorkVideo metrics conduct a careful analysis of what is and isn’t working in your video.

It will give you a comprehensive statistics of how your video is performing in every area.

It will also show you where the stats are coming from. Each video measure has its formula and computation.

The results are crucial. Their interpretation could give you reliable and intelligent feedback.

Which are all essential to your video and its effectiveness rate. Check and learn

8 Key Video Metrics

1. Reach

ReachThis metric shows the number of people who stumbled upon your video. This is an essential initial metric.

It’s the first step towards getting more video views and engagement. It’s the baseline of all analysis.

Your reach percentage will show you the scope of your promotional efforts. It will tell you how far did your video reach.

There are two kinds of reach metric:

  • Organic Reach – People who find your video and watched it.
  • Paid Reach – People you paid to watch your video.

If you’re trying to achieve a high reach metric result, the best to do is to share your video directly with your target audience.

When you do that, don’t forget to send them in emails aside from sharing them on social media.

Moreover, sometimes people misread their ‘reach’ metric score. So don’t worry too much.

However, since this presents you with the potential sphere of influence, you must consider it as useful.

2. Play Rate

Play RateThe ‘play rate’ is an important video metrics because it gives the percentage of visitors that clicked play to watch your video.

It’s an indicator that your video has been watched and not ignored.

It’s one of the very first things a video owner looks up to, that people can watch the video.

However, to make this easy, you need to:

  • Create an eye-catching thumbnail.
  • Check the copy around the video. If it’s not accurate, you have to change it.
  • Move your video to a page where your target audience usually visits.

The ‘play rate’ percentage is going to give you a look at the real status of your video.

3. Total Views

Total ViewsYour video’s view count is another crucial video measure. It’s simple, but it’s the most deceptive of all.

It shows you the raw number of how many times your video has been viewed.

After successfully reaching your audience, you must be able to let them click that play button and watch your video.

Now, the ‘views’ metric differs across the web. Consequently, the calculation depends on their platform.

So here are some of the criteria set by a few favorite social networks.

  • Facebook: 3 seconds
  • Twitter: 3 seconds
  • Instagram: 3 seconds
  • Youtube: 30 seconds
  • Snapchat: Immediately upon opening

Most probably, what determines the fate of your video is the first 3-10 seconds.

It’s the time length when people decide to continue and finish watching your video or drop off and leave.

Therefore, you have to make sure that the first 3-10 seconds of your video is going to be cool and meaningful.

Because if your audience finds your video interesting in the beginning, it’s going to grab their attention for sure.

4. Interactions

InteractionsIt’s good to know if you get a thumbs-up reaction from your viewers.

That feeling of approval seems to give you the positive feelings that your video could be working.

However, it’s not the real score. Your viewers can quickly click the like button or leave good comments.

But, it’s not the actual engagement that you need. What you need are the real interactions.

Regular interaction with your audience could mean the person is interested to choose and try what your video is all about.

So how would you encourage your viewers to talk with you? Here’s what you can do:

  • Provide prompt assistance. Be there when they are trying to reach you.
  • Be vocal. Entertain their questions and inquiries.
  • Provide proper information.

When your viewers feel your sincerity to assist, there’s a good chance of conversion.

5. Engagement

EngagementThe engagement metric shows you the percentage of how many views and reactions your video successfully got.

This video measure also gives you the number of the audience who whole watched, re-watched and stopped watching your video.

From the data presented in this video metrics, you can start to gauge the quality and usefulness of your videos.

So to boost your engagement metric score, you need to check the areas where your video lacks impact.

Check the comments of your viewers and learn what they want to hear further. Try to target the following:

  • Keep a video concise but precise. A short but entertaining video could easily attract viewers.
  • Give what your audience needs. Fulfil their expectations or give them more. They’ll find that useful.
  • Always keep track of your other video metrics.


SharesAny digital marketer is familiar with shares. When it comes to video metrics, the ‘shares’ is another important video measure.

Getting a lot of views without shares is not a good implication of quality and successful video.

Consequently, your video shares can bring you to the top. It’s like news being spread worldwide.

Indeed, the more shares you get, the higher chances of reaching more people for better engagement and conversion rate.

So what if your ‘shares’ rate is low or getting low? Try to consider the following to improve your number of shares:

  • Post your video on popular and reliable video platforms.
  • Create a quality and rich in information video.
  • In the end part of your video, tell your audience to share it. Include it in the ‘call to action’ part.
  • The video-sharing feature must be easy to navigate.

7. Traffic

TrafficOne of the top reasons why a marketer uses a video to market his brand is too boost traffic.

If you get high traffic rate, it means you’re at the top of your competitors. 

The video metrics will show you the percentage of the traffic that your video is getting.

Therefore, making sure that your video gets enough exposure is crucial.

Find the opportunities so your video will swiftly move down to the sales funnel. You can monitor your traffic by using the CTA clicks.

8. Conversion

ConversionThe conversion rate is the most exciting metric. If it shows a good or excellent result, it’s the happiest metric to consider.

The ‘conversion rate’ video metrics show you the number of leads that you have successfully closed as sales.

These are the people who you have encouraged to trust you through your video marketing effort. Which simply means, that your video is a success.

If you want to make sure that at the end of the day, your video will give you a good conversion rate, you need to do well in every aspect of your business.

Choose Your Video Metrics Wisely

It is imperative that you choose what video metrics to focus on. You have to identify which will work for your product or service the most.

So always keep a clear goal in mind every time you check your data. Carefully analyze the results that you are getting.

It’s going to guide you and give you essential tips and ideas on how to create or re-create your video.

When it comes to video creation, you don’t have any problem. A lot of help is in store for you.

There are website creation and editing software. There are professionals who can create a website for you.

All you need is to choose the best option that you think will give you your expectations.


Regularly check your video metrics. The digital marketing trend is static. It’s moving, and it’s changing.

You have to go with the flow all the time. The right metrics will help you identify the problems.

From then, you’ll be able to make the necessary tweaks to get your video back on the track to success.

So your video and your goals will always be on the same line. There could be downfalls along the way, but that’s the point of using video metrics.

Because to measure video a video is not an option but is a choice you have to make.

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