Promote YouTube Videos

Free and Effective Ways to Promote YouTube Videos

People have different reasons why they post videos on YouTube.

Whether these videos are for personal or business interest, to promote them is highly important.

Why? Well, who’s gonna watch your video if it does not circulate online? 

Although you might have created a great video, chances of people stumbling upon it are few.

Are you one of those YouTube content creators who is searching for ways on how to promote YouTube videos?

Well, you just found an article that will give you the most effective ways to promote a YouTube video.

So keep on reading because all these tips are for free. You can access and use them anytime you want.

How to Promote YouTube Videos?

The 4 Main Categories

  1. Post your YouTube video on a social media outlet.
  2. YouTube SEO.
  3. Promote with other platforms.
  4. Connect with other creators.

Basically, YouTube videos are meant to deliver a message or promote a video clip.

However, not all people who own a video or videos know what to do.

If you want to know the best way to promote youtube video for free, consider these important information below.

Post On A Social Media Outlet

It is undeniable that the use of social media is a trending and phenomenal online activity.

Millions of people are gathering in the different social media platforms every day.

It is the reason why there are instant famous people, incidents and a lot more.

Because people talk about it online.

As a result, we can say that social media networks are the best places for your free youtube promotion plans.

  • Facebook

    Facebook is one of the most popular and powerful social media platforms today.

    Every day, it has millions of active users. The good thing is, Facebook allows text and video posts.

    This is what makes people buzzing all over the Facebook community.

    For the YouTube content creators like you, it is a great way to promote your post and promote your videos.

    If you have a lot of Facebook friends, all these people will see your post.

    Therefore, there is a high chance that your video will get a better engagement with the help of Facebook.

  • Reddit

    Reddit is a discussion website. It is an American social news aggregation and web content rating online community.

    Its members can submit contents.

    They can do text posts or direct links.

    Additionally, Reddit hosts a wide variety of subreddits including forums for artists, games, TV shows, music, etc.

    All you need is to find a subreddit relevant to your post.

    Then, you can now post your YouTube video which is the best time to promote it.

    However, be sure that you are participating in the communities discussion to avoid being tagged as a spammer.

  •  Twitter

    Twitter is a non-boring type of social media platform. It gives you an endless feed of content.

    The more Twitter connections you have, the more feeds that you are going to see.

    Which also means a lot of people will find your post.

    If you have a great YouTube video, Twitter users will not just view it, but they can like, comment and re-tweet your video.

  • Tumblr

    Tumblr is more on the tagging system. To promote YouTube videos on Tumblr can be ideal as well.

    You are sure that your video will be viewed by the right people because you can simply just tag it.

  • Share With Your Own Friends

    When sharing a video, it is best to share it with your family or friends first.

    Whatever type of social media platform that you are going to use, connect with the people who will value your post.

    They can always do the favor to promote YouTube videos.

    You can also personally ask them if they can like, comment and share on your video post.

    It is less embarrassing because they are your loved ones.

YouTube SEO

YouTube is a traffic source. Everyone knows that. But compared to the other types of SEO processes, YouTube has a limitless potential.

Here are the things that you can do to make sure that you are using YouTube as an effective SEO tool.

  • Do not underestimate a custom thumbnail. Custom thumbnails are very useful. It is what people see that will remind them of your video. You should take these custom thumbnails seriously as they can be very effective to promote YouTube videos.


  • Using the right title is a huge factor in making a great video. The title is what the viewers will see first. Therefore, it should be something that will grab the attention of your target audience. You do not have to create a very long title. That will sound boring. All you need is a catchy phrase that will excite your viewers to watching your video.


  • The video description is as important as the title. But unlike the title, you can write up to two sentences video description. Be sure to describe your video properly. You are misleading your viewers if you provide them the wrong or not so clear video description. Be precise with your chosen words and terms. It’s just one to two sentence, remember.


  • Do not forget to tag your videos. Use as many tags as you can. But be sure to use related words when tagging your video. Try to think of the keywords that people will use when searching for a video. Try to use them.


  • Like your own video. It is not a bad thing so why hesitate to do it? Liking your own video is already giving your video a little push forward.


  • Make your channel appealing to your fellow YouTubers. Hence, try to create a good channel logo, design or avatar. It can add to a person’s interest to watch your video.


  • Have a well-organized video. This is where a good video script comes in. Plan your video right. From its storyline to its videography. Everything should work together.


  • Do not forget to create a channel ad.


Promote with other Platforms

There are other platforms that can effectively help you promote YouTube videos. You should also make use of them.

  • Promote on LinkedIn

    If your video is related to a professional work, posting it on LinkedIn may be allowed.

    You just have to be careful not to make it look like as you are spamming. LinkedIn is very strict about it.

  • Use Instagram, and Snapchats to post your snippets.

    If there are interesting parts in your video, try to take a snippet of it. Post in on the given social media platforms.

    It is one great way to promote YouTube videos as well.

  • Embed with Blog Posts

    When you embed your video on prominent blog posts, it can effectively increase traffic.

    Just make it sure that you are choosing decent professional blogs to make your video reliable as well.

Connect to Other Creators

There are other YouTubers in the community. You have to connect to engage. These are the things that you have to do.

  • Comment on the other videos. Be participative. You have to gain others trust to gain their trusts as well. It’s a win-win situation. People will check on you if you check on them. So try to spend time in watching the videos of others. Comment to prove that you have watched the video.


  • Response to other videos. When you get a response on your video, it is decent to respond back. If it is a like, a comment or a share, why not do it so. It is a very effective way to promote YouTube videos.


  • Contact the other creators directly. You can reach them out for possible shoutout and collaboration. If they find your reliable, you will surely get a positive reply.

Effective Video Marketing Tool

Promotional YouTube Video Campaigns

While creating a video is fun and simple, its promotional campaign may not be a smooth sailing process.

With all other videos circulating online, to promote your video can be a tough one.

No matter how captivating your YouTube is, it must be optimized for viewers and video search engines.

You have to create a video that will surely catch the viewers attention.

Professional Services on Video Marketing

The best way to easily and conveniently create the right product video for your business is to hire the professionals.

These are talented and skilled people who can create amazing videos for you.

Whatever video platform you are going to use, your video will surely become a hit.

So try to consider hiring the services of these professionals.

With them, your videos have a great potential.

Which will also mean that your business has a brighter future.

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