Digital Marketing Advice to Expand your Customer List

7 Great Digital Marketing Advice to Expand your Customer List

In our fast phased modern age, almost all the marketers are incorporating digital marketing into their strategies. It’s a great way to acquire new customers and clients in a much more convenient set-up.

Well, unlike before you won’t need to hand out flyers, and shout at public places anymore. Although we have kept some of the marketing channels from before. The digital trend has not overtaken most of those channels.

But most marketers still have challenges to face in the internet jungle. It’s a very competitive place. And you might lose if you are not up to the trends and changes. So for this article, I will give you some digital marketing advice to expand your customer list.

Content marketing and marketers will now always be tied to the internet. As a marketer, you will have to create a website, create social media accounts and start email campaigns. All so that you can generate leads.

But this is all just minor stuff. It will still be up to you to further develop and adapt to the modern age. If you can, always keep up with the trends, don’t let yourself fall behind.

Always read news, guides and other resources so that you will have a fresh flow of ideas. So that’s my purpose of writing digital marketing advice to expand your customer list.

You might be a novice when it comes to marketing, that’s okay. Even if you are a professional, you still have to constantly read and learn. So it’s a never-ending process.

7 Great Digital Marketing Advice to Expand your Customer List

In this article, customers and clients will be treated as the same. Although, they are the same. There is little difference.

Customers are more of individuals and clients are individuals that might be tied to bigger companies or huge amounts of income. But let’s not talk about that. Instead, let’s treat them as the same to avoid any confusion.

By generating more leads, you will get more clients.

One of the best digital marketing advice to expand your customer list is to get more leads. The chance of converting these leads are like this. In 10000 leads only 300 of them on average will become paying customers.

That’s the real fact that marketers have to face every day. So imagine if you only have 1000 or less than that. Then only 30, more or less will become your customers. Understanding that concept will really help you a lot and give you motivation when treating and nourishing your leads.

They are the very foundation of every online business and service out there. This is the process of conversion.

But don’t get discouraged because there are hundreds and thousands of ways to get leads. It just a matter of your copywriter or even marketer. So get the best one you can acquire with your budget.

But the basic is to, create social media, start email campaigns and write helpful articles. The tip is to never forget that leads are the very foundation of getting customers. And that’s one of the best digital marketing tips to develop your client list.

Don’t overlook the details. Even if they are every day leads or B2B (business to business) leads, you must acquire them all.

Create your landing page with explainer videos and visual content.

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Explainer videos and anything that is relevant to visual content is the most adapted in our age now. Because most people are on their mobile devices or tablets. This has opened an opportunity for marketers to advertise to people on the go.

And today, no one wants to read a wall full of texts. So, videos and infographics are the way to go.

When it comes to digital marketing. Your home and your office are like your website. The door is like the landing page. And this where you will guide your leads to. And explainer videos are the best fit for your landing pages.

Because this is where people will usually get their first impression. So, these kinds of strategic videos will surely help you to answer the questions of those who are in the discovery stage. Even if you have to usually pay to create one, it’s definitely worth it.

Another great tool to put in your landing page is a way to acquire direct contact info. Just set a panel that will do this. For example, if they want to see the pricing or if they want to browse more, then they will have to put their email or phone number.

So that this way, you will always get relevant leads and quality leads. And once you get their info, you are sure that they are already interested. Otherwise, they won’t be on your website, right?

That a really great way to boost visitor engagement. And that one of the best Digital marketing tips to significantly increase your client list.

Relevant blogging attracts relevant leads.

Okay, as you know, blog articles are almost everywhere on the world wide web. If you try and put a keyword on any search engine, there’s a high chance that 60% of the top 10 will be blogs or helpful articles.

Authors tend to do this to discretely promote their website, brand, and services. So, you have to definitely create one if you are a marketer. But it’s not just about writing about anything you like.

No, if you really want to promote and increase brand awareness, you have to make it fresh and original. There are thousands of articles out there so that means that competition is very harsh. Also, there is a way to target your ideal market, this way, you won’t have to compete with everyone.

You have to consistently create relevant content. This means that if you are in the business that creates explainer videos. Try and create a blog that is centered on that concept.

This will attract those who are discovering about explainer videos. Plus, you might help them with their challenge, so they will also think of you as a professional. In addition, they might go avail of your services because they know that you are really the go to for that kind of service.

With that said, you still have to write a lot of articles. This will take time so don’t rush. You will probably notice the effect in months or years. But it’s all worth it and it’s actually fun once you get the hang of it.

And as a last reminder, don’t forget to interlink all your articles to your social media accounts. And that’s a very good digital marketing advice to expand your customer list. Because that will further promote everything about your brand. 

Compose your emails in a way that they won’t be spam.

Compose your emails

Email campaigns are a big part of digital marketing. Did you know that 95% of the time, emails in the inbox of people will get opened? This is because everyone with mobile devices will have email addresses.

And if a person receives an email, they will get notified. So emails are being opened everywhere ALL THE TIME. But there is one way your emails will get disregarded and will actually never be opened, even deleted. And that’s when your emails become spam.

So how does an email become spam? I actually read an article that provided some tips to keep your email out of the spam folder. Basically, don’t force out the emails as a blast, don’t create false titles and most importantly, don’t promote too much.

Because there are certain algorithms that determine if your email is spam. And guess what, if your email becomes spam, there is only a 5% chance that your lead will open it. And that’s a huge waste of resources and time.

It’s recommended to write the emails personally. Make them as personal as it can be. I have actually completely deviated from using blast emails because that’s a one-way ticket to the spam folder.

So don’t overlook your email marketing strategies, and in my experience, you can even put videos there and that’s something you must utilize. Emails are no longer constricted to being walls and walls of texts anymore.

Marketers must fully understand the power of SEO.

Digital marketing means that your business will be centered around the internet. And in addition, this also means that you have to think of a strategy where your name will come up every time a potential lead will type a keyword in a search engine.

Now, you can pay google or yahoo to put your name on top of the results. But there is a more cost-efficient way you can achieve the same goal. That is, of course, to fully understand the capabilities and powers of SEO. SEO means Search Engine Optimization.

If your brand, website or anything related to you business has good SEO, you will most certainly be on top of the results. This means that your keywords must always match those being typed in the engines. And this is one of the best digital marketing advice to expand your customer list.

The more your keywords match those of the people in the discovery stage, the more leads you will get. And the more leads you’re to acquire, the more the chance of turning them into customers.

As a result, all the benefits you can think of. Especially, the survival of your business, even the flourishment, and achieving of brand position. So SEO will help in a lot of aspects and it greatly helps for digital marketing.

In the topic of SEO, videos can really help boost your SEO because of the way google has incorporated this system into their search engine. As you can see there, there is a separate tab where you can look only for videos and images.

This is because of YouTube. So that’s an additional good-to-know for digital marketers.

Keep learning about new digital trends.

Well, since we are talking about technology. You must know that every year, there are new introductions about gadgets and technological advancements. This will cover for digital trends as well.

Seems like, for the last 10 years, we went from Nokia keypads to Samsung touchscreens. And every year, iPhone has a new variant. This is just about mobile phones, though, but it’s a perfect example of how we have evolved and how fast we are going.

And that also affects a huge chunk of the marketing trends. And as a marketer, it will be your responsibility to always look at the trends, news and other info that will help your business adjust.

If you adapt, then you will have new tools to get more customers. Plus, you will know what the new generations like and what they’re buying behaviors have changed into. And that’s a very good digital marketing advice to expand your customer list.

Make use of Social Media Live Streaming.

Speaking of digital trends, I want to separately talk about live streaming. Yes, this new trend is taking over the digital marketing trends like a huge wave. Well, if you think about it, it all makes sense. So make use of this feature a lot as a marketer.

I know that Facebook is the best host for live streaming your content because you will attract almost all kinds of leads there. So this is really good digital marketing advice to expand your customer list.

And it’s very easy to do. Just think of a plan and think of what you need to show to people. Also, people who are in your followers or friend’s list will get notifications once you go live.

May Facebook will remove that in the future so make sure you utilize it now to it’s fullest. You can even look at some examples at Facebook to get some really great ideas.

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