Great Testimonial Video

How To Create A Great Testimonial Video That Converts

A very important part of a business’s success is the customer’s testimonial. Even a single phrase of positive feedback can already bring a big impact to the product, service or brand. Therefore, creating a great testimonial video is significant.

Great Testimonial Video

The Secret to a Successful Business

The road to success is not easy. But many people believe that with hard work, success is just a one step away. However, real events seem to disagree sometimes. Many businesses have been wanting to succeed yet they end up with the big word FAILURE.

Why? Hard work is nothing without getting the right strategy. There is always a key towards any achievement. That is what you need to find out.

You are lucky. Right now you are going to learn about testimonial videos as the secret to a successful business.

How to Gain Your Customers Trust

Create Your Own Great Testimonial Video

Credibility and expertise are two very important factors of relationship building between companies and their customers. Every business has its own strategy. They are exerting the right amount of effort to make sure that they gain their customers trust.

There are various techniques and procedures to make a person trust your product, service or brand. However, many entrepreneurs say that the use of customer video testimonials is the top most effective means of gaining one’s trust.

Seeing or hearing testimonials from loyal customers can easily encourage a person to watch or listen to what your trade is going to offer.

Have the Proper Knowledge

What is Testimonial?

A person can write or voice-record a testimonial. We can find written testimonials of customers and clients in the comment section or forum pages of a website. On the other hand, videos can show recorded testimonials.

These video testimonial examples support a business’s credibility and level of expertise. It can strengthen a company’s reputation. It is because people consider these testimonials as an expression of truth and it can be a strong basis of reliability.

Encouraging Prospects to Say YES

The following are great alternatives to encourage your audience to choose your product, service or business:

  • Customers Testimonials
  • Case Studies
  • Third-Party Endorsements

Get a feedback of your video

To achieve your marketing goals, you need to end up with the right strategy. Most business owners prefer to create their own customer testimonial video. If you are planning to do the same thing, there are important things that you need to remember.

You need to follow the proper steps and procedures to avoid mistakes. Video testimonials are not hard to make with the right knowledge. Therefore, aim to create testimonial video examples that will rock the web.

Learn It From Experts

Tips for Creating a Great Testimonial Video that Convert

relevance of video production in design agencies1 – Make a real video. You will not want to show your customers animated or cartooned persons talking and giving testimonials. That is not going to be believable. If you want to get real and lasting results, make it human.

When you use a real person talking, it can be enjoyable and credible to watch. It can easily catch a prospect’s attention that will eventually convert into a client. Do not confuse the viewers. Generate a singular identification only.

2 – Show a geographic location. What makes a good testimonial is a location. Show the viewers where the video is taking place. It will give them the idea where the person is from. With that, you can easily convey the message you are trying to send.

3 – Prepare good questions. These questions will help the person who will be giving the testimony to provide all the information needed. It will reveal more topics that can answer the possible questions that will pop up from the viewer’s minds.

4 – Do not forget the background, the context and the overall composition of the video. Be sure these details are well-presented. You can do that by choosing the right location and writing a good script for the testimonial. It is going to present the viewers the right type of testimonial video they need to see.

5 – When interviewing, give your interviewee enough time to elaborate. It does not need to be very long. It simply needs to be concise and rich with information.

6 – Present problems and their solution. Do not be afraid to include the pain points. Many viewers can possibly relate to it. And when you show them the solutions, that will make them decide to choose your product or service.

Aim For A 100% Honest Video

Make the Necessary Edits

Tell the people only what is real. Let them feel your sincerity to helping them with some issues in life. There is nothing more sincere in telling the whole truth.

After the interview, if you think that there are too many words being said, make the necessary edits.

Eliminate those parts. Make sure that what the viewers are going to see and hear will mark in their hearts and minds.

Why You Need Video Testimonials for Your Business

A great testimonial video will give your website visitors the information they want and need in order to make a buying decision. And that is one very important thing to consider because you want real converts.

Also, these best customer testimonial videos also provide SEO value to your website. Therefore it can drive more traffic to your site. Which also means it will provide you with more potential leads.

Nothing Is Impossible

Your Business’s Succes

improve customer satisfactionTo succeed, credibility is a crucial factor. The use of a great video testimonial is a strategic and smart way to encourage target audience.

This will not only let them buy your product but it will also make them share what they have learned about your product and that is one very effective way of making your video trending worldwide.

Remember that the more online visibility and stronger reputation you have, the stronger your business will become. It is never impossible.

All you need is to possess the right conviction towards attaining your goal. It can guide and help you walk through the right path of a long-term success.


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