Powerful Video Marketing Campaign

Tactics for Constructing a Powerful Video Marketing Campaign

Creating a video is just the first part of a very long and competitive process. In every industry out there, you will encounter competition but the video marketing industry is on a totally different level.

It’s not just about creating a video and promoting it anymore. It’s about making a lasting impression and a powerful video marketing campaign.

Every modern viewer or consumer watches many videos every day. Furthermore, this is the result of our modernizing technology because almost everybody has smartphones access to computers now.

Even if you promote your video to all websites, there is a chance that they still won’t be able to reach anyone. As you know, videos on YouTube vary in viewers and followers, this is a good reflection of how harsh the competition is.

Making a lasting impression and stamping your brand to your viewers’ mind is necessary. That is if you really want to stand out and gain a great advantage over your competitors.

So how do you exactly do this? Constructing a powerful marketing campaign will be our focus for this article today. More on this later.

There are many popular brands out there that have already achieved a good brand position. And their main tool in reaching this goal are powerful videos that impact the minds of their viewers on a much higher level.

I’m sure that you have watched a video that can really relate to your problem and it has helped greatly in making your final decision as a consumer.

If you want to discover more about the topic, SocialMediaExaminer actually provided a good article that explained more about a successful online video marketing. You will some strategies there that can also be applied to this article and to your campaign as well.

Tactics for Constructing a Powerful Video Marketing Campaign

I will give you a list that can help you become powerful yourself. This means that your videos can be influential and it can really help you gain a good brand position.

Of course, the tactics for powerful video marketing I have listed here contain direct observations. These are observations from the top brands that have centered their marketing campaigns on videos.

Relate to your viewers.

If you really want to create a powerful video marketing campaign, then you have to relate to your viewers. Center your story around real life experiences from your past customers. Go back to square one and think why you started the business to help others. This will give you an idea about the problems and how you can solve them.

Once you have gained a good grasp of your main story, incorporate this on your video. You can show real life situations, this is a great strategy if you are setting problems as examples for your story. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and emulate the problems they have.

This will stamp an impression on your viewers’ minds that you know what they are going through. And the result is a really powerful video. Even if you look at the top brands now, you will see they have cited real life examples of where you can use their products.

Some of those top brands even created short stories just to amplify their rapport status for their customers. This strategy is overlooked by marketers especially for start-ups who are just beginning to look into video marketing.

Your main purpose in relating to your viewers is to convince them that you can help them more than your competitors. Secondary to your goal is to achieve a good brand status.

Whenever they have the same challenges, they will think of you first. So this is good for repeating customers and to push them to promote your brand. That is something every business solely needs.

Choose a powerful voice artist.

voice artist

Voice artists are the amplifiers of your story. They can significantly boost the impact of your message because this is the opposite of reading. Unlike reading, people can choose to just skip it.

But for voice narration, if they choose to watch the video, then they will surely hear the message you want to tell them.

Choosing the best voice artist for your story is critical if you really want to create a powerful video marketing campaign. Imagine Morgan Freeman is reading my article to you. It does make it a lot more impactful, right? I’m sure that right after imagining the great Morgan Freeman, you already understood why it’s important.

You must also remember that every story will have a better voice actor for it. You don’t want a deep and powerful voice to portray a child’s playtoy. And you don’t want a soft and calming voice to portray something manly. So you have to consult a professional, test the voices, and make sure it will the one for you.

Most business who offer video productions will have a diverse list of voice actors already. Like for us, we offer a lot of voice actors from different countries all over the world. This will make sure that our clients can choose whether local, international or even just a simple yet professional voice.

Along with the voice actor is the script as well, they are like bread and butter. One cannot exist without the other. So for clients who don’t want to put voice overs on the video, there won’t be a script.

But what I want to tell you is that these two cannot really work well without the other. For you to have a good voice over, you will have to create a top-notch script. One that can explain, showcase, and present your brand to the public.

Promote your video everywhere.

The impact or influence of your video will mean nothing if no one will be able to watch it. What you need to do is to promote and maximize the reach of your video. Share it everywhere including social media sites, forums, websites, blogs.

Contact blog and try to have your videos featured there. Although, you might need to pay or avail some advertising services for additional promotion. So it depends on your goals.

Some advertising strategies won’t cost you and the only investment needed is your time. Some, like Google AdWords or YouTube, might charge you to feature your videos and make them recommended depending on the video you want to show.

Since you are on this campaign, it’s best to collaborate and plan with your team. Produce some budget in creating the video as well as promoting it because these two are partners really.

Basically, the more people you can reach, the more chance you will get in influencing them with your video. Your reach is really a direct reflection of how powerful your video is.

Another thing you can do for this aspect is to perfect your SEO. Some even hire SEO managers because it really is a key factor for online businesses, especially for startups.

But you can study this as a marketer yourself and save some budget for your business. You have to create keywords, meta descriptions and other words that can be directly related to your video. This can boost your reach and you won’t even need to do anything else.

But of course, perfecting your SEO won’t take overnight. It might even take you months or years just to get a good ranking in Google. Just take your time, study it hard and never quit.

Show your strengths on the video.

strengths on the videoA powerful video marketing campaign needs to, of course, showcase your strengths as a business. This is exactly what you need to do when writing the script or even in the planning stage before you create the video. A perfect balance between an introduction, your main message or features, then a compelling call to action is what really makes a powerful video.

You can put your strengths in the main message or body of your video. This is where you show how unique you are, what features you have that your competitors don’t. This can really help your viewers in their final decision so it’s really important for you to make a good impression here.

Prove that you have helped people, you can give snips of your portfolio so people can base your work on the video.

You can also inform people of the challenges they will face and educate them clearly about the solution you will offer. This is where your compelling call to action will take over. Whether you would want to them to discover more, call you or just simply purchase a product, it’s up to you.

In summary, the main body of your video is where you will convince them or nurture them to become leads and customers. The call to action is the final stage where they either become customers or you just made a lasting impression. Either way, a powerful video marketing can reduce support inquiries and push them to become customers.

A Powerful Video Marketing Campaign

Video Marketing Campaign

A powerful video marketing campaign means that your video is influential and it stands out more than your competitors’ video. As you can see in this article, there are tons of benefits if you achieved this goal.

Ultimately, it will be how you planned the video and how you created it. So collaborate with your team and the company you availed the professional service from to create your video.

Take your time and don’t quit in your promotional stages. It will really take a lot of time but in the end, the return is great and it will overshadow all the effort you put into the campaign.

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